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Injuries Abound After Plane Drops 25K Feet in 5 Minutes

Nosebleeds, headaches reported amid cabin pressure drop on Korean Air Flight KE189

(Newser) - It was a terrifying descent for 125 passengers aboard a Korean Air flight that departed Incheon, South Korea, on Saturday, only to quickly return when the plane's pressurization system failed. A fault occurred less than an hour after takeoff as the plane bound for Taichung, Taiwan, was flying over...

There's a New Best Airline in the World

Qatar Airways comes in at No. 1 on AirlineRatings.com list

(Newser) - Air New Zealand has been dethroned. AirlineRatings.com is out with its annual list of the world's top airlines, and the new victor for 2024 is Qatar Airways. Thrillist notes that "the standards are high" to make it to the top of the list, put together by five...

Boeing's New Problem: Planes Are Cracking

Up to 50 737NG planes have been grounded

(Newser) - It's been a rough week for Boeing as its CEO was grilled by a Senate committee about deadly issues with the company's 737 Max jets and told to quit by the mother of a crash victim. And Thursday didn't make it any better: Boeing announced cracks had...

'Nut Rage' Heiress Is in New Brouhaha

Korean Air's Cho Hyun-ah is being investigated for hiring foreign housekeepers

(Newser) - A newly unemployed Korean Air heiress whose tantrum over nuts delayed a flight nearly four years ago is being investigated by South Korean immigration officials on suspicion she unlawfully hired housekeepers from the Philippines. Cho Hyun-ah on Thursday bowed and apologized for "causing troubles" before entering a Korea Immigration...

After Alleged Reign of Terror, Korean Air Sisters Resign

'Nut rage' exec Heather Cho, sister Emily Cho step down after high-profile incidents

(Newser) - People in South Korea are tiring of abusive bigwigs in the country's chaebol —family-run conglomerates often mired in corruption and scandal—and now the head of one of its most famous ones is taking action against his own daughters. Per the New York Times , Korean Air chief Cho...

'80s Ballad Singer Takes Down Unruly Korean Air Passenger

Richard Marx was right there waiting

(Newser) - Richard Marx is best known for soft '80s ballads like "Right Here Waiting," but he wasn't so mellow when an unruly passenger began attacking flight attendants on his flight from Vietnam to South Korea Tuesday. Marx's wife, former MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes, shared photos to...

'Nut Rage' Exec Freed Early
 'Nut Rage' Exec Freed Early 

'Nut Rage' Exec Freed Early

But she has to live under 'heavy criticism from society'

(Newser) - After spending nearly five months finding out how macadamia nuts are served in South Korean prisons, Heather Cho is a free woman. The former Korean Air executive was sentenced to a year in prison in February on charges stemming from her tantrum over how nuts were served in first class...

'Nut Rage' Exec Gets One Year in Prison

Heather Cho found guilty of obstructing aviation safety

(Newser) - Former Korean Air executive Heather Cho will spend a year behind bars over an epic case of "nut rage" that her sentencing judge said hurt the "national image" of South Korea. The daughter of the airline's chairman, Cho was found guilty of obstructing aviation safety after a...

Prosecutors Want 'Nut Rage' Exec Arrested

Officials say Heather Cho broke the law after she freaked over macadamias

(Newser) - Despite her tears and public apologies, former Korean Air exec Cho Hyun-ah is facing criminal charges from South Korean prosecutors over her meltdown on a Dec. 5 flight out of New York, the BBC reports. According to a government investigation, Cho (also known as Heather Cho) became enraged when a...

One 'Nut Rage' Spawns Another

Online retailers see macadamia sales surge in wake of Korean Air exec's tirade

(Newser) - When Korean Air Lines exec Cho Hyun-ah freaked out over how a flight attendant served her macadamia nuts, most South Koreans apparently thought, "huh, what's a macadamia nut?" As the AP reports, sales of the previously little-known nut have soared in the country: eBay's South Korean arm...

'Nut Rage' Airline Exec Resigns (Partially)

Heather Cho of Korean Air loses some of her duties

(Newser) - A Korean Air exec whose temper tantrum about macadamia nuts has become an international story resigned from some of her duties today, reports CNN . Heather Cho, daughter of the airline's CEO, will still be a VP of some sort, but she'll no longer oversee operations including cabin service....

Airline Chief's Daughter Delays Flight Over Nuts

Korean Air exec ordered crew member off plane

(Newser) - Korean Air Lines apologized today for inconveniencing passengers after the daughter of its chairman ordered a crew member off a flight for serving bagged nuts in the first-class cabin. According to the South Korean daily Segye Ilbo, the flight from New York City to Incheon, South Korea, returned to the...

US Fighter Jets Scrambled Over Korean Air Bomb Threat

Second warning in two days to same flight

(Newser) - A Korean Air flight from Vancouver to Seoul was forced to make an emergency landing at a Canadian Air Force base after someone called in a bomb threat yesterday, reports the CBC . The flight, which was carrying 134 passengers, was accompanied by American F-15 fighter jets as it rerouted to...

Airline Bars Dying Patient's Trip Home

Korean Air fears other flyers' 'trauma'

(Newser) - A Korean woman living in the US wants to spend her last months at home, but her chosen airline won’t let her on the plane. Breast cancer patient Crystal Kim has just 2 months to live; she wants to be "buried by my grandmother, because she raised me....

South Korea Slams North's 'Inhumane' Flight Threat

Pyongyang condemned for warning it can no longer guarantee safety for civilian aircraft

(Newser) - South Korea has called on North Korea to withdraw an apparent threat to passenger jets, the Times of London reports. Flights have had to be diverted since North Korea, enraged by upcoming US-South Korea military exercises, warned yesterday that it could no longer guarantee the safety of civilian aircraft—a...

Airline to Offer Internet Access
Airline to Offer Internet Access

Airline to Offer Internet Access

Alaska jet will have Wi-Fi hot spots for phones, laptops

(Newser) - Alaska Airlines will become the first US carrier to offer  satellite-based Wi-Fi internet access to passengers, reports AP. The airline will install the wireless service on one 737 jet next spring with a view to outfitting the entire 114-plane fleet. American Airlines announced plans for internet access on some of...

2 Airlines Fined $300M Each for Price Fixing

British Airways and Korean Air both cooperated with the Justice Department

(Newser) - A US judge has fined British Airways and Korean Air $300 million apiece for conspiring to fix prices. Both carriers had their fines reduced—British Airways could have faced a fine as high as $900 million—after pleading guilty and cooperating with the Justice Department investigation into a global price-fixing...

Airlines Plead Guilty of Price Fixing

British Airways and Korean Air socked with $300M fines in ongoing investigation

(Newser) - British Airways and Korean Air have agreed to plead guilty and pay $300 million each in criminal fines for engaging in massive conspiracies to fix the prices of passenger and cargo flights for the past six years, the US Justice Department said yesterday. BA will pony up another $247million fine...

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