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Report: Swift Doles Out Big Surprise to Tour Truckers

Singer is said to have paid each trucker on Eras Tour a $100K bonus

(Newser) - Taylor Swift isn't only having a seismic effect on the cities she performs in—she's also having an earthshaking impact on the wallets of truckers hauling her gear for her Eras Tour. The 33-year-old star performed at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, on Saturday, and TMZ...

In Miami Beach, Spring Break Sees a Hard Crackdown

City sets curfew, declares state of emergency after 2 die in weekend gun violence

(Newser) - A fatal shooting took place in Miami Beach on Friday night, then another early Sunday, and now city officials are taking measures to curb the violence that's marred spring break in the South Florida city. Per a press release , a state of emergency has been declared in the city...

In Ecuador, a 'Declaration of Open War'

Murders of 5 police officers on Tuesday attributed to criminal gangs

(Newser) - Five police officers were killed in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil on Tuesday, including two shot dead in their patrol car, in what some say is evidence of "criminal rule," per the Guardian . Officials described nine attacks in the city in apparent response to the transfer of hundreds...

Thanks to Spring Breakers, Miami Beach Declares Emergency

Midnight curfew will be in effect this weekend following shootings

(Newser) - For the second year in a row, Miami Beach is instituting a curfew in response to spring break violence. Five people were injured in two shootings over the weekend while four of 371 police officers tasked with patrolling the crowds were injured in "a pair of accidents involving golf...

She Proposed Curfew for Men, Says Uproar Proves Her Point

British baroness' suggestion made in connection with Sarah Everard case

(Newser) - A British baroness has responded to police suggesting that women not go out alone at night with a different proposal: that men not be allowed out after 6pm. Metropolitan Police warned residents, including women, "not to go out alone" following the disappearance of 33-year-old Sarah Everard in London, British...

3 Nights of Curfew, and the Riots Are Getting Worse

Netherlands police stretched thin as authorities blame violent people for hijacking protests

(Newser) - The Netherlands put a coronavirus curfew into effect on Saturday, and police have had their hands full with rioters for three consecutive nights now, reports the Guardian . Nearly 200 were arrested in cities large and small Monday night, though authorities say the demonstrations have become more about young people causing...

To Skirt COVID Curfew, She Put Partner on Leash
To Skirt COVID Curfew,
She Put Partner on Leash
in case you missed it

To Skirt COVID Curfew, She Put Partner on Leash

Effort was unsuccessful—and, ultimately, expensive

(Newser) - Quebec police issued 750 tickets over the weekend as an 8pm curfew, the first of its kind in Canada, went into effect. Two of those tickets went to a couple who got creative in trying to skirt the new coronavirus restriction. As residents are allowed to be out on the...

In This Country, a COVID Curfew, Reimposed Booze Ban

South Africa's president says steps are needed to fight the 'coronavirus storm'

(Newser) - South Africa has seen more than 12,000 new COVID-19 cases daily over the past few days, trailing only the US, Brazil, and India on that figure, and health officials are now issuing warnings that shortages of hospital beds and oxygen are looming. That was the dire message delivered Sunday...

NYC Ends Its Curfew
NYC Can Go Out After Dark Now

NYC Can Go Out After Dark Now

De Blasio ends 8pm curfew early

(Newser) - New York City is lifting its curfew spurred by protests against police brutality ahead of schedule, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Sunday morning. The 8pm citywide curfew, which the AP reports is New York's first in decades, had been set to remain in effect through at least Sunday, with...

NYC Mayor Says He Won't Call in National Guard

8pm curfew has been extended all week

(Newser) - New York City extended an 8pm curfew all week and said it would prohibit many types of nighttime traffic in Manhattan as officials struggled Tuesday to stanch destruction and growing complaints that the nation's biggest city was reeling out of control night by night. After chaos erupted again overnight...

Here's the Curfew Situation
Here's the Curfew Situation

Here's the Curfew Situation

Curfews are extended in cities across the country

(Newser) - Cities are reimposing curfews as they prepare for another round of "I Can't Breathe" protests, NBC News reports. CNN notes that over 20 cities have established curfews and roughly 5,000 National Guard members have been activated in 15 states and Washington, DC. Texas and Virginia have also...

Town Uses Purge Siren to Mark Coronavirus Curfew

Chief says he wasn't aware of horror movie

(Newser) - In The Purge and its sequels, a siren marks the start of a 12-hour period in which all crimes, including murder, are legal. Police in a Louisiana town apparently hadn't seen the movies. A siren just like the Purge one was used in recent days to signal the start...

Milwaukee Teens Get 10pm Curfew
Milwaukee Teens
Get 10pm Curfew

Milwaukee Teens Get 10pm Curfew

As unrest continues in city

(Newser) - Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood has seen two nights of unrest after the fatal shooting Saturday night of a black suspect by a black police officer , and on Monday, Mayor Tom Barrett announced a 10pm curfew for teenagers in the neighborhood. In addition, Sherman Park will close at 6pm each...

LA Will Pay Up to $30M to Help Gang Members

The city was sued for enforcing curfews on suspected gang members

(Newser) - Los Angeles will have to pay up to $30 million to provide gang members with job training, tattoo removal, and more after settling a class-action lawsuit this week, the Los Angeles Times reports. The city was sued in 2011 for enforcing curfews—part of the city's widespread gang injunctions—...

Baltimore Lifts Curfew
 Baltimore Lifts Curfew 

Baltimore Lifts Curfew

Mayor announces its end a day ahead of schedule

(Newser) - Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake today lifted the 10pm-to-5am curfew that had been enforced in the city since Tuesday night, reports the New York Times . "Effective immediately, I have rescinded my order instituting a citywide curfew," Rawlings-Blake said in a statement. "My goal has always been to not...

After Shaky Start, Baltimore Curfew Holds

10 arrests made overnight after protest dispersed

(Newser) - Baltimore streets previously rocked by riots were eerily quiet early today as residents obeyed an all-night curfew enforced by 3,000 police and National Guardsmen. The curfew, which went into effect at 10pm, got off to a not-so-promising start, however, as about 200 protesters initially ignored the warnings of police...

After a Decade, Baghdad Curfew Gets Lifted

But violence continues, with bombs killing at least 40 today

(Newser) - Baghdad's decade-old nightly curfew ended after midnight local time, hours after bombs exploded in and around the Iraqi capital, killing at least 40 people in a stark warning of the dangers still ahead in this country under attack by ISIS. The deadliest of today's bombings happened in the...

State of Emergency, Curfew Declared in Ferguson

Jay Nixon institutes measures after more riots related to Michael Brown

(Newser) - Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency today and imposed a curfew in the St. Louis suburb where a black teenager was shot to death by a white police officer a week ago. Nixon said that though many protesters were making themselves heard peacefully, the state would not...

Egypt Tumult Rages a 5th Day
 Egypt Tumult Rages a 5th Day 

Egypt Tumult Rages a 5th Day

Opposition rejects Morsi's call for a dialogue

(Newser) - Despite President Mohamed Morsi declaring a state of emergency yesterday, protests are raging in Cairo and other parts of Egypt for a fifth consecutive day today, the New York Times reports. Marchers in Port Said, one of three provinces where Morsi declared a curfew, said they no longer recognize his...

US Serviceman Breaks Into Home, Punches Teen: Japan

Pentagon has another Okinawa controversy

(Newser) - In yet another incident unlikely to endear the people of Okinawa to the US presence there, a drunken US serviceman broke into an apartment building on the island and punched a 13-year-old boy in the face in the wee hours this morning, Japanese authorities alleged today. Police say the man...

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