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It's a 'Massive Backyard Rabbit Hoarding Disaster'

Bunny World Foundation estimates 300 in California yard

(Newser) - When Joe Torcello first spotted a rabbit hanging around his Los Angeles home, he was smitten. "I fell in love with her," he tells NBC News of the rabbit he named Belzer. As more and more rabbits appeared, he thought he was doing them a favor by not...

Florida's Latest Invasive Species Is Very Fuzzy
Now Florida Has
a Bunny Problem

Now Florida Has a Bunny Problem

Domestic lionhead rabbits have taken over community of Jenada Isles

(Newser) - When Alicia Griggs steps outside her suburban Fort Lauderdale home, Florida's latest invasive species comes a-hoppin' down the street: lionhead rabbits. The bunnies, which sport an impressive flowing mane around their heads, want the food Griggs carries. But she also represents their best chance of survival and moving where...

UK Quietly Does 180 on Animal Testing of Makeup

Government apparently reversed its stance in 2019, after decades-long ban

(Newser) - The UK government had banned the testing of makeup ingredients on animals for more than two decades when it quietly reversed its stance in 2019. It began issuing licenses for animal testing of cosmetic ingredients in line with European Union rules, which don't allow animal testing to determine whether...

National Park Service: Don't Touch Dead Rabbits

Deadly rabbit virus has been detected in Dinosaur National Monument

(Newser) - A rabbit disease nicknamed "bunny Ebola" has hit Dinosaur National Monument, and the National Park Service is urging visitors to stay well away from dead rabbits. The NPS says rabbit hemorrhagic disease—RHDV2 —has been detected in wild cottontail rabbits in the park, which covers 328 square miles...

Gay Icon Marlon Bundo, Mike Pence's Bunny, Has Died

John Oliver released a book about a 'very special boy bunny'

(Newser) - One of the most famous rabbits in American political history has died, almost four years after he featured in two very different books. In 2018, Marlon Bundo was the main character in "Marlon Bundo's A Day in the Life of the Vice President" and other children's books...

Hotel Guest Brought 3 Rabbits, and They Multiplied Quickly
Woman Had
47 Rabbits in
Hotel Room

Woman Had 47 Rabbits in Hotel Room

She started out last year with 3, rescue workers say

(Newser) - Early last year, a woman living in a long-stay hotel in a Chicago suburb had three rabbits, one neutered and an unneutered male and female, animal rescue workers say. What happened next was entirely predictable. Some 47 rabbits, some of them pregnant, were removed from the room after the woman...

Reward Offered in Theft of World's Longest Rabbit

Darius, a continental giant rabbit, was stolen in England over the weekend

(Newser) - Darius the continental giant rabbit has the Guinness World Record for being the longest living rabbit in the world, at more than 4 feet long. He also apparently has some admirers. The massive rabbit was reportedly stolen from his owners' yard in Worcestershire, England, on Saturday. "We are appealing...

A Deadly Rabbit Disease Is Spreading
A Deadly Rabbit
Disease Is Spreading

A Deadly Rabbit Disease Is Spreading

It's mostly in the western US, but isolated case turns up among domesticated rabbits in NYC

(Newser) - The year 2020 has been a rough one not just for humans but for rabbits, with the appearance of a deadly and highly contagious disease in North America. Now it appears that the spread of rabbit hemorrhagic disease is getting worse here. Last week, wildlife officials in Utah announced that...

Rabbits Have Their Own Virus to Worry About
Rabbits Dropping
Dead From
Sturdy' Disease
in case you missed it

Rabbits Dropping Dead From 'Extraordinarily Sturdy' Disease

Strain of rabbit hemorrhagic disease is killing bunnies off in western North America

(Newser) - As humanity contends with the coronavirus, rabbits have a disease of their own to worry about. Earlier this month, California's Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed a "highly contagious and lethal" sickness in its wild rabbit population—and that's not the only state that's getting hit....

100 Dead Rabbits and a 'Village Gripped by Fear'

Who's killing the bunnies in Minihy-Treguier?

(Newser) - A French town is being terrorized by a serial killer—but humans aren't the target. The Telegraph reports that someone in the village of Minihy-Treguier has so far slaughtered more than 100 rabbits, slipping into residents' yards, yanking rabbits out of their hutches, and either stomping them to death...

27 Rabbits Abandoned at Train Station

Officials in Long Island are eager to know who did this

(Newser) - Officials in Long Island, New York are offering a reward for information leading to the person or people responsible for dumping 27 rabbits by a Suffolk County train station, per the AP. The Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says it was notified on Sunday that...

You Can Buy Mike Pence's Bunny Book. Or You Can Buy John Oliver's

'Last Week Tonight' is trolling the VP, for a couple of good causes

(Newser) - John Oliver did a segment on Mike Pence during Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight, focusing mostly on all the positions the vice president holds that Oliver finds distasteful—among them his opposition to women in the military, abortion rights, and LGBT rights. But Oliver promised Pence supporters he'...

SPCA Needs Help After Cops Find 286 Rabbits at One Home

That's 284 over the city limit in Sacramento

(Newser) - A Sacramento animal shelter is seeking supplies and cash donations to care for nearly 300 rabbits taken from a single property. FOX40 reports the bunnies are of varying ages and not available for adoption, at least not yet, because they're part of an investigation. Folsom Police Department Det. Donald...

Who Poisoned the Bunnies of Las Vegas?

Dozens are dead, and volunteers are angry at the state

(Newser) - Volunteers who showed up at a state mental health facility in Las Vegas over the weekend to help care for wild rabbits that roam the grounds came across a disturbing sight: about 50 dead rabbits, reports the A P. The volunteers also found vegetables they suspect were coated in antifreeze,...

Against an Inferno, Man Rescues the Smallest Creature

Wild rabbit saved

(Newser) - Whether you consider it brave or foolish, it's tough not to consider it incredible. NBC News has video of a driver who pulled over on California's Highway 1 near La Conchita to save a wild rabbit from the blazing wildfire that's painting the backdrop orange. As the...

Wild Rabbits Surf on Sheep to Flee New Zealand Flood

'The rabbits had a jolly good try at staying on'

(Newser) - It was a woolly ride, but three wild rabbits managed to escape rising floodwaters in New Zealand by clambering aboard sheep and surfing to safety on their backs, the AP reports. Ferg Horne, 64, says he's been farming since he left school at age 15 and has never seen...

Your Pet Is Fleecing You
Your Pet Is Fleecing You
in case you missed it

Your Pet Is Fleecing You

Survey finds that we grossly underestimate the tens of thousands our pets cost us

(Newser) - You might want to drop man's best friend a bill: It turns out that not only is your dog chewing holes in your socks, he's eating a hole in your wallet—a much bigger one than you think, reports CNBC . According to a survey of pet owners by...

Suspiciously Playful Bunny Is Pot Grower's Undoing

Pinpon unwittingly led authorities straight to the marijuana plants

(Newser) - One girl's pet bunny in Huaura, Peru, apparently had a hard time playing it cool when he stumbled onto a secret marijuana stash in a neighboring home; he seemed suspiciously frisky every time he returned from his recurring escape. So she took it upon herself to follow her little...

'Traumatizing' Rabbit Classic Getting a Remake

Ben Kingsley, John Boyega to star in 'Watership Down'

(Newser) - Ben Kingsley has played Gandhi, Sweeney Todd, and now … a rabbit? The esteemed English actor will team up with John Boyega (Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens) to star in an animated remake of what Indiewire calls "everyone's favorite traumatizing book for children": Richard Adams' 1972...

US Cases of Dangerous 'Rabbit Fever' Are Spiking

It's spread to people through contact with infected animals, ticks

(Newser) - A disease thought to have the potential for use in biological warfare is on the rise in the US. The CDC warns that the rare bacterial disease "rabbit fever," or tularemia—spread by ticks and rabbits—has turned up in 100 people across four states as of Sept....

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