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Cop Maces Baby Squirrel, Schoolkids Scream

'Officer Davis, don't spray him,' kids beg on video

(Newser) - Don't spray him, bro! A Texas cop recently pepper-sprayed a tiny baby squirrel in front of a horrified crowd of yelling schoolchildren. Now the cop is a YouTube "star," thanks to a cell phone video of the confrontation. "Nooooo," cry kids as the tiny speck on...

Vt. Neighborhood Terrorized by ... Rogue Squirrel?

Residents scratched, bitten by renegade rodent

(Newser) - A rogue gray squirrel has been terrorizing a neighborhood in Vermont. One resident says he was shoveling snow when the squirrel jumped onto his back three separate times, scratching and clawing him before he finally managed to chase it away. At least two other people on the street have been...

Plague Fears Close California Campground

Squirrel tests positive, raising fears of outbreak

(Newser) - A campground northeast of Los Angeles will be closed until at least next week after a squirrel tested positive for plague, the LA Times reports. Officials are dusting squirrel burrows in the surrounding national forest in an attempt to kill fleas, which can transmit the disease to humans."It...

Conan Tops 400K Twitter Followers; Beard Has 144

Fans can also read thoughts of squirrel, monkey, Sharpie, freckles

(Newser) - Conan O’Brien’s breakout Twitter success—442,296 followers and counting—may be overshadowing the exploits of a coterie of related microbloggers. Conan’s beard (144 followers) has something to say, as do the squirrel who lives in his backyard (1,191), his freckles (14), and his Sharpie marker...

Climate Change Already Causing Evolution

(Newser) - Global warming is changing the face of the planet, and a key panel estimates that a quarter of the world's species will die out—but a few organisms are already evolving to survive in a hotter world. In the past few years Scottish sheep have become smaller, while species of...

Squirrel Infiltrates Philly PD
Squirrel Infiltrates
Philly PD

Squirrel Infiltrates Philly PD

Probe under way after costumed human ruffles feathers

(Newser) - Let this be a lesson, kids: Dressing up in a squirrel costume can have unintended consequences. The Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs division is wrapped up in a truly bizarre squirrel case, the Daily News reports, after an officer who caught sight of a colleague in full rodent gear...

Britons Eat Gray Squirrels to Save Beloved Reds

Curiosity, drive to save indigenous species creates thriving market for critter's meat

(Newser) - Squirrel is quickly becoming a part of the British palate, as curiosity—and devotion to a native icon—drives Britons to try something new, the New York Times reports. The trend can be traced in part to the surging population of gray squirrels, a North American import. The grays have...

Hot Mommas: Squirrels Use Heat to Scare off Snakes

Rattlers steer clear of hot pieces of tail

(Newser) - Squirrels aren't squirreling out of their ongoing battle with snakes, but they may be turning tail. California ground squirrels are able to intimidate rattlesnakes, researchers have found, by heating their tails 3 degrees; the rattlers perceive infrared waves, and back off. Even more surprising, the squirrels are savvy enough not...

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