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One Way Animals Keep Cool: Splooting
One Way Animals
Keep Cool: Splooting

One Way Animals Keep Cool: Splooting

Twitter learns the DoggoLingo term for heat dumping

(Newser) - Dogs sploot . Cats sploot . Bears sploot . Squirrels sploot . And on a hot day, you might just catch one in the act, as New Yorkers learned this week. "If you see a squirrel lying down like this, don't worry; it's just fine," NYC Parks tweeted Tuesday alongside...

Squirrel That Menaced Town Meets Unfortunate End

Stripe allegedly bit 18 people in the Welsh town

(Newser) - A squirrel that apparently terrorized a town in Wales has been put down, and the Guardian has the odd story. The animal dubbed Stripe—a nod to the creature of the same name in the movie Gremlins—had initially been fed by a 65-year-old local. But what began as a...

'This Was an MMA Cage Match, and I Lost!'

A squirrel is attacking people in Queens

(Newser) - Residents of a Queens neighborhood are dealing with a squirrely threat, the AP reports. Denizens of the New York City borough's Rego Park neighborhood say an aggressive squirrel has jumped on them and bitten them in the past several weeks, WCBS reported Wednesday. Micheline Frederick pointed to a bruise...

2020's Latest Gift: a Drunk Squirrel
2020's Latest Gift:
a Drunk Squirrel

2020's Latest Gift: a Drunk Squirrel

His name is Lil Red

(Newser) - It's 2020, so of course drunks squirrels are a thing. Specifically in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, where Katy Morlok filmed an extremely dazed-looking squirrel repeatedly lean waaaaaay back and then jerk forward, as if to catch his balance. The animal's condition was all Morlok's fault. She tells...

Colorado Squirrel Tests Positive for Plague
The Black Death
Surfaces in Colorado

The Black Death Surfaces in Colorado

Squirrel tests positive in Jefferson County

(Newser) - A squirrel in Colorado tested positive for the bubonic plague, Jefferson County officials announced. The Black Death, which started in the 1300s, was the deadliest pandemic in human history, but today a human's chance of contracting the plague is quite low, ABC News reports. Even so, the WHO has...

Owners of Trashed Home: Why Couldn't It Have Been a Raccoon?

Georgia couple's insurance doesn't cover squirrel damage

(Newser) - A Georgia couple returned from vacation late last month to find an intruder had visited nearly every room in the home they'd inhabited for only a week. That intruder—responsible for a running faucet, feces on the furniture, and wood chips across the floor—turned out to be a...

Her Car Wasn't Acting Right. Then: 'My Jaw Hit the Floor'

Squirrels hid hundreds of walnuts under hood of woman's car, did a number on hubby's truck

(Newser) - When nuts fall off a tree, they usually accumulate in piles at the tree's base—which is why Chris Persic found it odd that underneath the black walnut tree in the yard of his Pittsburgh home, there were very few walnuts. CBS Pittsburgh reports that mystery was solved this...

Men's Anti-Vegan Stunt Had Them Eating Raw Squirrels

They have been convicted and fined over the London incident

(Newser) - There were the vegans who "terrorized" the butchers . Now, the meat eaters who tried to terrorize the vegans. The BBC reports a macabre scene in London on March 30 earned two men disorderly conduct convictions and fines on Monday. Gatis Lagzdins, 29; and Deonisy Khlebnikov, 22, stationed themselves in...

Deputies Encounter ‘Attack Squirrel’ During Bust
'Attack Squirrel'
Awaited Deputies

'Attack Squirrel' Awaited Deputies

Suspect reportedly fed the animal meth

(Newser) - Sheriff's deputies say they rescued an "attack squirrel" during a raid Monday in Alabama. Investigators said they were told before the raid that the man they were looking for kept a squirrel in his apartment and fed it meth "to keep it aggressive." A squirrel was...

Fliers Cheer as Woman, Squirrel Are Kicked Off Plane
Fliers Cheer as Woman,
Squirrel Are Kicked Off Plane

Fliers Cheer as Woman, Squirrel Are Kicked Off Plane

The rodents aren't permitted on Frontier flights as emotional support animals

(Newser) - If you're wondering how on earth a squirrel managed to get onto a plane at the Orlando airport, here's the answer: A woman walked right on board with it Tuesday. USA Today reports the passenger had told Frontier Airlines in advance that she would be bringing an "...

Contractor Claims He Was Attacked, Injured by Pet Squirrel

Now he's suing

(Newser) - A contractor is suing a Virginia couple for $90,000 for injuries he says were caused when their pet squirrel attacked, the AP reports. According to the Virginian-Pilot , Daniel Felice says he was doing contract work this summer when Deborah and Paul Desjardin's squirrel bit and scratched his leg...

Lawmaker Railed Against Squirrels. One Fought Back

'It was like a suicide bomber, getting revenge'

(Newser) - At a city council meeting in October, Chicago Alderman Howard Brookins Jr. gave a heated speech about "aggressive squirrels" chewing through garbage bins at a big expense to the city, reported the Chicago Sun-Times —and perhaps the animals caught wind of it. On Nov. 13, Brookins was riding...

Squirrel Dinner Could Cost Woman $2M

It probably wasn't worth it

(Newser) - Would you pay $2 million for an elegant dish of blowtorch-seared squirrel? Barbara Pellow might not have a choice. According to a Michigan Court of Appeals ruling last week, Pellow's boyfriend, Khek Chanthalavong, was using a blowtorch to burn fur off a squirrel he planned to eat when he...

Squirrel Hunters Cause Lockdown at Ark. School

Teacher saw men with guns

(Newser) - A report of armed men near an Arkansas elementary school led to a campus lockdown before police confirmed the three were actually pest control employees chasing squirrels. A teacher at Gardner STEM Magnet School in Hot Springs saw the men about 8am Wednesday and notified administrators. According to a statement...

Deadly New Virus Jumped From Squirrels to People

Mystery of exotic pet breeders' deaths solved

(Newser) - Squirrel breeding is a real job—and apparently a very dangerous one if you're dealing with the wrong kind of squirrel. After the mysterious deaths of three German men who all worked as breeders of variegated squirrels—a kind of squirrel native to Central America that's sometimes kept...

Mammals Have Been Around Way Longer Than We Thought

Squirrel-like Jurassic creatures tell story: researchers

(Newser) - A squirrel-like animal in the tree branches above would have been a familiar sight to some dinosaurs, researchers have learned. Newly discovered fossils indicate that mammals have been around since "at least" the late Triassic period, an expert says, though he acknowledges that his claim—which suggests mammals appeared...

Squirrel Causes $300K in Damage

Indiana community center hasn't even opened yet

(Newser) - Officials say a wayward squirrel caused about $300,000 in damage to an eastern Indiana community center set to open in June. Fort Wayne Parks Department officials say the squirrel got into the electrical equipment of the building in McMillen Park last week, causing a power surge that damaged the...

Plague-Infected Squirrel Closes Calif. Campgrounds

Experts fear spread via fleas

(Newser) - A plague threat has shut down campgrounds around Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times reports. A ground squirrel in the area was found to have the plague, which can be transmitted to humans through fleas, a health official says. "It is important for the public to know that there...

Zoo Loses 30 Squirrels, Recaptures ... 38

Tokyo zoo checking rodents for chips

(Newser) - After 30 squirrels made a break for freedom from a Japanese zoo, workers assigned to recapture them were a little too successful. After a few days spent trying to recover the squirrels, which escaped from Tokyo's Inokashira Park Zoo after a typhoon-toppled tree sliced through netting, workers ended up...

Crust Eaters, Squirrel Fans Among Weird College Clubs

There's a society for every taste

(Newser) - Looking to meet like-minded people as the new school year begins? Never fear—these days, there’s a club for everybody, the Detroit Free Press reports. A few of the oddest:
  • Squirrel clubs. Both the University of Michigan and Western Michigan University offer societies aimed at interacting with our bushy-tailed

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