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Tiny Island Has Innovative Plan to Protect the Ocean

Pacific island Niue wants people to sponsor oceans

(Newser) - The tiny Pacific island nation of Niue has come up with a novel plan to protect its vast and pristine territorial waters—it will get sponsors to pay. Under the plan, launched by Niue's Prime Minister Dalton Tagelagi on Tuesday in New York, individuals or companies can pay $148...

Island Shuts Schools Amid 'Very Explosive' COVID Riots

French territory of Guadeloupe trashed during days of protests turned violent

(Newser) - Schools closed across the French Caribbean territory of Guadeloupe on Monday, and France's president warned of a "very explosive" situation in the island territory, after protests against COVID-19 rules and vaccinations descended into days of rioting and looting. France's central government sent in police special forces to...

Scientists Stumble Upon World's Northernmost Island

They thought they were on Oodaaq Island, discovered they were further north

(Newser) - Scientists who thought they were on Oodaaq Island, an Arctic island off the coast of Greenland, checked their position and found they were actually 2,625 feet further north. That means they likely discovered the planet's northernmost island, the point of land closest to the North Pole, the BBC...

Tribe Buys Back Maine Island Stolen 160 Years Ago
A Treaty Gave Them the Island
in 1794. They Now Have It Back
in case you missed it

A Treaty Gave Them the Island in 1794. They Now Have It Back

'It's been every chief's goal ever since to return it,' says William Nicholas

(Newser) - Members of the Passamaquoddy tribe frequented Maine's Pine Island (Kuwesuwi Monihq) for millennia before the arrival of white settlers, who brought deadly diseases. Graves of tribal members who died of smallpox remain on the island, but prior to March, they hadn't been visited by members in more than...

Island's Lone Resident Leaving After 3 Decades
Lone Resident
Leaving After
3 Decades
in case you missed it

Island's Lone Resident Leaving After 3 Decades

Mauro Morandi, 81, has been caretaker of Italy's Budelli since 1989

(Newser) - Mauro Morandi is known as Italy's Robinson Crusoe, for good reason. As the BBC explains, the 81-year-old came across the Italian island of Budelli while at sea in 1989—and he never left. That's about to change, however. Morandi is decamping against his will after being the island'...

Only Home on This Island Can Be Yours, With a Fitting Address

Rhode Island's 0 Patience Way is on the market for $400K

(Newser) - Zero patience for the company of others? Anyone who's ever wanted their own private island getaway now has a chance, and it might be less expensive than you'd think, per the AP . The only house on a small island in Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay has hit the...

15-Month Mission Saves Giraffes on Sinking Island

9 endangered Rothschild giraffes transported on custom-made barge to mainland Kenya

(Newser) - For more than a year, multiple groups have worked together to rescue nine endangered giraffes from a sinking island in a Kenyan lake. On Monday, the final two animals made the milelong journey from their flooded habitat to their new home on the mainland, thanks to the rescuers' patience and...

Residents of 'Space Island' Tell Elon Musk to Stay Away

Biak Island elder says supporting Indonesian spaceport would mean 'sponsoring' genocide

(Newser) - Residents of a small island in Indonesia aren't too pleased to learn that their government has offered up their land to SpaceX boss Elon Musk. Indonesia President Joko Widodo has been encouraging Musk to build a rocket launch site in his country for months, per AFP . Biak's location,...

Quiet Island Has a Mystery on Its Hands

Italy's Capraia, with just 400 residents, has been hit by wave of thefts

(Newser) - It's like "having a thief in the family," says the deputy mayor of the tiny Italian island of Capraia. As the Guardian reports, he's referring to dozens of thefts on the island over the winter, a time when only about 400 residents live there. Unfortunately, the...

Trio Rescued After 5 Weeks on Deserted Island

They had a lovely bunch of coconuts, at least

(Newser) - US Coast Guard officials were conducting a routine air patrol on Monday when they noticed movement on what should've been a deserted island in the Bahamas. It turns out a trio had been living on Anguilla Cay, a tiny chain of islands between the Bahamas and Cuba, since swimming...

100 People, 2 Helicopters Hunt for Very Special Dog

Flint, a rat-sniffer, got lost on an uninhabited island near New Zealand

(Newser) - If Flint ever wondered, he can't now: People love the heck out of him. The Jack Russell-fox terrier got lost Wednesday on an island between New Zealand and Antarctica and triggered two rescue missions—one lasting seven hours, the AP reports. The rat-sniffing canine, aged about 5, was on...

Australia's 'Last Unspoilt Paradise' Is Anything But

Researchers find 414M pieces of plastic debris on remote islands

(Newser) - Study after study has illustrated the insane amount of plastic clogging up our planet. But a new one focusing on Australia's Cocos Islands suggests we still may have greatly underestimated the problem. Researchers surveyed 88% of the total landmass of the remote islands considered "Australia's last...

He Just Bought a Private Island. Cops Say He Stole From Kmart

Andrew Lippi faces grand theft charges, accused of stealing $300 worth of items

(Newser) - Andrew Lippi owns a resort that's been used in MTV's Real World and a private island in the Florida Keys that he purchased for $8 million last week. He was also just accused of trying to steal about $300 worth of items from Kmart. ABC News and the...

One of the World's Newest Islands Has a Mystery

NASA visitors 'baffled' by mud on land mass near Tonga

(Newser) - An underwater volcano burped up a land mass near Tonga about four years ago, and NASA researchers who visited the new island for the first time got a surprise. The South Pacific island informally called Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai has "very sticky" clay mud, says scientist Dan Slayback in...

For Sale: One of the Falkland Islands
For Sale: One of
the Falkland Islands

For Sale: One of the Falkland Islands

Name your price, because the sellers aren't sure

(Newser) - Have a huge affinity for penguins? A family in Wales is accepting offers on one of the Falkland Islands, where tens of thousands of penguins from five species run amuck. An Important Bird and Biodiversity Area, as well as the third largest offshore island in the archipelago at 20 miles...

US Missionary Meets Grisly End at Hands of Vicious Tribe

Fishermen arrested after 'adventure tourist' reportedly killed by Sentinelese with arrows

(Newser) - The Sentinelese aren't exactly known to be welcoming to visitors, and they've once more lived up to that reputation. The AP and BBC report that the isolated indigenous tribe located on India's North Sentinel Island has apparently killed an American "adventure tourist," with local media...

Sign of 'What the Future Could Look Like' in Remote Hawaii
Sign of 'What the Future Could
Look Like' in Remote Hawaii
in case you missed it

Sign of 'What the Future Could Look Like' in Remote Hawaii

East Island disappears beneath Pacific waves

(Newser) - Hawaii might've grown a peninsula this year, but it's now lost a whole 11-acre island, and perhaps endangered seals and turtles along with it. East Island, the second-largest islet in the French Frigate Shoals atoll, a few hundred miles northwest of the Hawaiian island chain, has disappeared since...

Baby Born on Island That Has 'Ban' on Childbirth

Fernando de Noronha island is some 230 miles off Brazil's coast

(Newser) - It lies 230 miles off the coast of Brazil, making Fernando de Noronha a fairly isolated island—so much so that women who become pregnant there are told to go to the mainland to give birth. So amidst what the BBC terms a "ban" on childbirth comes a surprise:...

Man Vows to Defend Island From National Park Service 'Invaders'

But the island doesn't appear to even exist anymore

(Newser) - A man prepared to defend in court his claim of ownership of a tiny island off the coast of North Carolina remains undeterred despite said island having, by all appearances, ceased to exist, the Charlotte Observer reports. "My land will always be there," says Ken Barlow of Virginia,...

Island Was to Disappear in Months. It's Now Been 3 Years

NASA hopes it will give insights into Martian volcanoes

(Newser) - When an ash island formed in the Pacific Ocean following an underwater volcanic eruption in late 2014, scientists predicted it would soon disappear. Over the next six months, the island nestled between two others of the Tonga nation experienced heavy erosion, but "then it leveled off," NASA scientist...

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