Amazon's Funniest Fake Product Reviews

Uranium, horse masks, lady pens, and more
By Ruth Brown,  Newser Staff
Posted Aug 17, 2013 1:58 PM CDT
Amazon's Funniest Fake Product Reviews
Accoutrements Horse Head Mask   (

Satirical Amazon product reviews have become a long-running meme and an unintended drawcard of the site (remember all those hilarious Mitt Romney-inspired binder reviews?). Now Amazon itself has embraced the phenomenon by posting a collection of its own favorites. Some highlights:

  • BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen: "I don't use it for vulgar endeavors like math or filling out a voter application, but BIC Cristal for Her is a lovely little writing utensil all the same. Ask your husband for some extra pocket money so you can buy one today!"
  • Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk: "It's OK Iguess, but the bumpy road majkes it hard to type. And theree's a lot of pedeestrians and traffic that keep distracting me fromm my computer."

  • Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 gal: "Do you have any idea where this stuff comes from? It's excreted by squeezing the wobbly thingie on the UNDERSIDE OF A COW! That's hardly made clear anywhere on the label."
  • Uranium Ore: "I was very disappointed to have my uranium confiscated at the airport. It was a gift for my son for his birthday. Also, I'm in prison now, so that's not good either."
  • Accoutrements Horse Head Mask: "It is day 87 and the horses have accepted me as one of their own. I have grown to understand and respect their gentle ways."
Click to read Amazon's full list or read some of Newser's favorites. (More Amazon stories.)

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