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The Inside of Your Amazon Box Looks Different Now

Those plastic air pillows are (mostly) a thing of the past

(Newser) - If you've long enjoyed the satisfying sound of popping the air pillows that come in your Amazon box, you'll have to settle for a crinkling noise instead. The company on Thursday announced it has made major strides in its effort to eliminate plastic packaging material from its boxes...

Cat Slips Into Amazon Returns Box, Takes 600-Mile Trip

Galena is now back with her owners after making an unintentional journey from Utah to California

(Newser) - A cat from Utah is back safe with its owners after a frightening journey to California in an Amazon returns package. Carrie Clark says their indoor kitty Galena vanished from their home on April 10, and a frantic search ensued throughout their neighborhood for the next week, reports KSL . "...

Amazon Drivers Are Pretty Torqued at 'Wayne.' And 'Jimmy'

Employees create scapegoats that allow them to gripe about work without fear

(Newser) - If you happen to stumble upon a thread on Reddit that features Amazon drivers griping about a mystery supervisor named Wayne, it's likely not a real person they're complaining about, but an amalgam of all the horrible bosses that exist at the retail giant. That's per 404...

So Much for Amazon's 'Just Walk Out' Grocery Checkout

Company pulls the plug on it

(Newser) - It was a futuristic concept that, as it turns out, was too good to be true: Walk into an Amazon Fresh grocery store and, instead of going through the whole tedious checkout process, just walk out of the store and you'll be automatically charged for what you bought. As...

Amazon Increases Big Bet on AI Startup

It now has $4B stake in Anthropic

(Newser) - Claude just got a lot more money from Amazon. The company has invested another $2.75 billion in artificial-intelligence startup Anthropic, bringing its total stake in a deal announced six months ago to $4 billion. The startup's model Claude competes with OpenAI's ChatGPT, NBC News reports. Anthropic, founded...

Amazon Just Made It to the Big Time on Wall Street

E-commerce giant joins Dow's blue chips, bumps Walgreens ahead of Walmart stock split

(Newser) - Amazon is joining the ranks of one of Wall Street's oldest and most exclusive stock indexes: the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The e-commerce pioneer will officially take its position in the 30-company Dow before the open of trading Monday, replacing drugstore operator Walgreens Boots Alliance, per the AP . S&...

Big Layoffs at Roomba After Amazon Deal Falls Through

Companies say the planned acquisition is off

(Newser) - Amazon and Roomba won't be getting together after all. The retail giant and vacuum maker iRobot said Monday that Amazon's planned acquisition is off, reports the Wall Street Journal . The deal had faced big regulatory hurdles in Europe and the US. Amazon will pay the Massachusetts company a...

Tolkien Estate, Amazon Win LOTR Copyright Lawsuits

Fan fiction writer claimed Amazon series infringed on copyright of his sequel

(Newser) - A Lord of the Rings fan fiction author who sued JRR Tolkien's estate and Amazon after publishing an unauthorized sequel has lost his lawsuit and those filed against him. According to District Court of California documents issued last week, Demetrious Polychron's lawsuit was thrown out after Judge Stephen...

Spied-Upon Woman Fighting to Hold Amazon Accountable

Judge allows lawsuit proceed, scoffs at company's 'shock' over illicit use

(Newser) - Spy cams that boast about how easily they can peep in on someone's private moments are easy to find on Amazon, reports the BBC , and a young woman who says she was victimized is now fighting to hold the company accountable. The woman is a Brazilian foreign exchange student...

Report: Amazon Is Now the Biggest US Delivery Business

'WSJ' reports online giant has moved ahead of UPS, FedEx

(Newser) - Almost a decade after its efforts to build its own delivery network were mocked by rivals FedEx and UPS, Amazon has surpassed them both to become America's biggest delivery business, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal, citing "internal Amazon data and people familiar with the matter,...

Amazon Stays Tough as Nails on Return to Office Mandate

Company says workers who don't comply may lose out on promotions

(Newser) - Amazon has been fairly unyielding with its return-to-office mandate, and a new report from CNBC indicates that stance isn't softening. Per posts on the company's internal site viewed by CNBC, staffers who don't work from the office at least three days a week—as they have been...

Your Prescriptions Could Soon Fall Out of the Sky

Amazon is testing 1-hour drone deliveries for meds in College Station, Texas

(Newser) - Amazon will soon make prescription drugs fall from the sky when the e-commerce giant becomes the latest company to test drone deliveries for medications. The company said Wednesday that customers in College Station, Texas, can now get prescriptions delivered by a drone within an hour of placing their order, reports...

Her 2017 Academic Paper Previewed Big Amazon Fight
Her Academic Paper Set
Stage for Epic Amazon Fight
the rundown

Her Academic Paper Set Stage for Epic Amazon Fight

FTC chief Lina Khan is going after Jeff Bezos' company as a monopoly

(Newser) - The feds and 17 states are going after Amazon in a long-anticipated legal fight that could take years to play out. And for Federal Trade Commission chief Lina Khan, the fight is a long time coming. As the New York Times notes, she first came to national attention as a...

Amazon Prime Caves, Will Run Ads on Films, Shows

Prime members who don't want such interruptions can fork over an extra $2.99 per month

(Newser) - Amazon Prime Video will include advertising during shows and movies starting early next year, joining other streaming services that have added different tiers of subscriptions. Members of Amazon Prime can pay $2.99 per month in the US to keep their service ad-free, the company said Friday, per the AP...

Amazon Driver Dropped the Box. The Snake Struck

She was bitten on the back of her leg while delivering a package

(Newser) - An Amazon driver encountered something worse than a porch pirate on Monday. As Monet Robinson was delivering a package to a home in Palm City, Florida, she was bitten in the back of her leg, just above the knee, by an eastern diamondback rattlesnake that had been coiled by the...

Author Discovers AI Fakes Selling Under Her Name

Jane Friedman says Amazon removed them, but only after a public fight

(Newser) - The dawn of easy self-publishing has been great for select independent authors, but colliding with the explosion of AI-aided (and AI-created) writing has resulted in a new set of problems—like the one encountered by author Jane Friedman, when she learned there were several books on Amazon under her name...

Amazon Delivers to Bottom of Grand Canyon, in a Unique Way

Company can't use its vans to reach workers at Phantom Ranch, but mules do the trick

(Newser) - You may be accustomed to seeing those ubiquitous dark-blue vans with the Amazon logo puttering around your town, especially around the holidays when package deliveries are at a peak. In the northwest corner of Arizona, however, a different mode of transport is employed: mules, saddled up with sealed boxes as...

Amazon Gives Remote Workers a Choice. One Option Is to Move

Company wants some employees to relocate near a large office

(Newser) - In an escalation of the tension between Amazon and its remote workers over returning to the office, the company has told some employees they'll have to move. Amazon wants more of them working in one of the main offices in large cities, the Wall Street Journal reports, including Seattle,...

Amazon: This Prime Day Was Our Biggest Yet

Company doesn't reveal numbers, but it appears that online shopping was way up in general

(Newser) - Amazon said Thursday it had its biggest Prime day event ever this year. The e-commerce company, as in past years, did not reveal how much money it earned during the two-day sales event, which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday and offered a plethora of deals on electronics, home goods,...

FTC: 'Manipulative' Amazon Tricked Millions Into Prime

Company 'knowingly complicated the cancellation process,' to boot, agency says

(Newser) - The FTC isn't letting up on Amazon , alleging in a new lawsuit that the world's largest online retailer knowingly tricked "millions of consumers" into signing up for its paid Prime service, then made them jump through hoops in order to cancel . The company "trapped people into...

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