Grandpa's Class Act Done for the Grandkids

This week, we also got the best goat-burro reunion ever
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 1, 2014 5:14 AM CDT
Grandpa's Class Act Done for the Grandkids

A grandfather's decision to do the right thing, and a POW's reaction to freedom are on the week's list of the most uplifting stories:

  • Man Returns $125K, Thinking of His Grandkids: Joe Cornell was volunteering at a Salvation Army in Fresno when he noticed a big, orange bag in the road after a Brinks truck had gone by. As Cornell—who says he's so poor he had just $1 to pay for lunch that day—picked it up, he discovered it was packed with $125,000 in cash. He asked himself, "What type of man do I want my grandkids to think I am?" and acted accordingly.
  • How Bowe Bergdahl Learned He Was Free: When newly freed American POW Bowe Bergdahl was ushered into a helicopter during the transfer, it was too loud to talk, so Bergdahl found a paper plate and wrote "SF?" on the back of it. He wanted to know if, at long last, he was in the company of US Special Forces. When they replied in the affirmative, Bergdahl broke into tears.

  • Rescued Goat Overjoyed at Reunion With Burro: The good news is the goat got rescued from a place of squalor. The bad news is he got separated from his lifelong friend, a burro. The memorable news is how he reacted when the reunion took place.
  • How 50 Kids Were Saved From Hitler—by a US Couple: They're a little like the American version of Oskar Schindler, but most probably haven't heard of Eleanor and Gilbert Kraus. Steven Pressman is out to change that with a new book whose full title provides a sense of what the Philadelphia couple accomplished in 1939: 50 Children: One Ordinary American Couple’s Extraordinary Rescue Mission into the Heart of Nazi Germany.
  • Barred From Plane, Violinist Plays Bach on Tarmac: When US Airways wouldn't let a classically trained violinist bring his violin aboard a plane, he responded in appropriate fashion: He played Bach on the tarmac in protest.
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