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110-Year-Old Nebraska Man's Tip for Longevity: Beer

A can a day at 3pm, to be precise
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted May 20, 2015 5:25 PM CDT
110-Year-Old Nebraska Man's Tip for Longevity: Beer

Mark Behrends of Nebraska celebrated a milestone rare among men this week—he turned 110, qualifying him for supercentenarian status. The majority of people who reach that mark are women, notes As for that inevitable question about the secret to his longevity, Behrends has a pretty good answer: beer. “He always told everybody the reason he has lived so long is drinking one can of beer, every day at 3pm,” says daughter Lois. He favors Miller but would be happy with "whatever kind was around."

Behrends is Nebraska's oldest living resident and quite possibly the oldest man in the nation, notes the website. That part's a little unclear, however, because a California man claims to be 116 and an Illinois man 112, though their age records, unlike those of Behrends, cannot be verified by the national Gerontology Research Group. Behrends lived his first 60 years on a farm, raising seven kids with wife Irene, before moving to the city, reports the Lincoln Journal Star. He was still driving his pickup until a few years ago and, technically, his driver's license doesn't expire until his next birthday. (This supercentenarian's secret? Raw eggs and no men.)

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