So Much More Than Doughnuts: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week

Including an amazing dog rescue and reunion
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted Jul 3, 2016 5:17 AM CDT
So Much More Than Doughnuts: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week
Chauncy White just wanted some doughnuts.   (YouTube)

A hungry teen's grocery store request and an incredibly honest war refugee make the list:

  • Hungry Teen Asks for Doughnuts, Gets a New Life: Matt White was grocery shopping in Memphis, when 16-year-old Chauncy Jones asked if he could carry White's groceries in exchange for doughnuts. Little did Chauncy know that he was about to change his life. When White learned the full scope of Chauncy's situation—including that of his disabled mom—he launched a GoFundMe page to get him a $250 lawnmower. The response has been astonishing.
  • Modern Hero: The Syrian, the Riches and the Wardrobe: When a Syrian known as Muhannad M. was granted asylum in Germany in October, he had to rely on donations to furnish his new apartment. He just didn't expect someone to give him a wardrobe with $55,000 hidden inside. It would have been easy, much-needed cash to keep, but the 25-year-old had other ideas.
  • 120 Kids' Suicide Notes Lead to This Musician's Inked Arm: Robb Nash and his band are known for not only playing concerts in schools and detention centers across Canada, but also for digging deep with teens about mental illness. After he performs, Nash is often approached and handed suicide notes by young listeners who relate to his message. Nash decided he wanted to honor youngsters brave enough to share their stories, which explains the 120 names tattooed on his right arm. One such honoree explains why the gesture means so much to her.

  • Facebook Reunites Lost-at-Sea Pup With Family: Clare Shaw and her family were out on their boat when Ryder, their 8-month-old dog, broke free of his harness and plunged into the water. The Connecticut family feared he was gone for good, until their desperation Facebook post yielded what they call a miracle. A horse vet helped, too.
  • IBM's Watson to Help 10K Vets: IBM will donate its Watson supercomputer technology to Veterans Affairs hospitals and doctors' offices in a bid to help 10,000 veterans with cancer over the next two years. See how Watson hopes to use its data-crunching power to zero in on the best treatments.
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