A Most Unusual Jail Break: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week

Including a runner who routinely finishes last
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted Jul 10, 2016 5:19 AM CDT
A Most Unusual Jail Break: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week

A jail break you've likely never come across in the movies and a runner who inspires make the list:

  • Inmates Bust Out of Cell to Save Jailer: Eight inmates in Parker County, Texas, busted out of a holding cell to save the life of the guy who put them there. Inmate Nick Kelton says after the guard at the District Courts building keeled over from an apparent heart attack, the prisoners shouted for help and then broke out of their cell and banged on doors until more guards arrived—to find inmates surrounding their unconscious colleague. Those precious minutes saved likely saved his life.
  • Runner Always Finishes Last, Is Winning Anyway: When Jamie Watts turned 33, she vowed to compete in 34 races before her next birthday. She did, and finished dead last in every one. The word "lost" doesn't seem to apply here, though, given the ailment Watts has coped with since she was a child. In fact, she's become a local inspiration around DC.

  • Twin Sisters Give Birth on Same Day and Time: "It's that magical twin connection, I suppose," says Sarah Mariuz. She and her twin sister, Leah Rodgers, gave birth to their first children at the exact same time. And, no, they didn't plan on starting families at the same time. It just kind of happened.
  • Veteran Saves a Bald Eagle Officials Left for Dead: A military vet in Minnesota used his sharpshooting skills to free a bald eagle, over the Fourth of July weekend, no less. The bird had been entangled in rope in a tree for more than two days when Jason Galvin decided to shoot it free. He cleared the plan with state officials after the police and fire departments told him there was nothing to do but leave the bird to die. The eagle even has an especially fitting new name.
  • Cabbie Returns $187K in Cash: A man who left about $187,000 cash in a Boston taxi has been reunited with his money thanks to an honest cabbie. Raymond "Buzzy" MacCausland, a driver for the Independent Taxi Operators Association, picked up a fare who left behind a bag, and MacCausland went to authorities after he looked inside. Still, he wasn't exactly thrilled with his reward.
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