Aliens or Bombs? Town Plagued by Mystery Booms

Geologist suspects the noise is reaching California all the way from Nevada
By Arden Dier,  Newser Staff
Posted Jul 21, 2016 8:48 AM CDT
Aliens or Bombs? Town Plagued by Mystery Booms
What's going on in Sonora?   (Wikimedia)

"You just hear these booms, they're very low, you know, you almost feel them." That's how one resident of Sonora, Calif., describes a resounding noise heard in the mountain town every summer weekday between 11am and 2pm, per the Inquisitr. What's going on? Well, no one seems to know for sure. Perhaps the ghosts of long-lost miners are still at work in the town, once a hub of the California gold rush, though some suspect aliens are simply alerting residents that it's time to break for lunch, reports ABC10. Others put the noise down to bombs and grenades. Local geologist Glen White suspects the sounds are coming from an Army depot, where old munitions are regularly detonated in the same hours that residents hear the booms. But it's more than a hundred miles away in Nevada.

An officer at the depot in Hawthorne doubts whether the explosions can be heard from such a distance. "It doesn't feel right that what we're doing here would be heard 200 miles away when there's a mountain range in between us," he tells ABC News. "My office is 27 miles from where they detonate the old munitions, I only hear it here maybe one time a month, and just barely." White admits it's odd that "people fairly close to the source of the energy, the explosions, aren't hearing it," but he says that doesn't disprove his theory. In fact, he says the detonations can also be heard 75 miles north of Sonora in Placerville, Calif. "I can't explain all the physics involved, but the atmosphere is bouncing in response to the energy and it's reflecting and bouncing [the sound] back down," he says. (This town is plagued by a mysterious hum.)

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