There's Something Off-Putting About This Denny's Mascot

And the internet knows what it is
By Michael Harthorne,  Newser Staff
Posted Sep 13, 2017 2:54 PM CDT
Is This Denny's Mascot a Piece of Poo?
The internet thinks this Denny's mascot looks like poop.   (Twitter)

When it comes to creating a new mascot for your restaurant, maybe brown and log-shaped isn't the way to go. USA Today reports Denny's debuted its anthropomorphized sausage character "Sausage" back in 2014. But the internet wasn't going to ignore a restaurant mascot that looks like poop forever, and it finally took notice this week. Let's see what online observers had to say about our new friend Sausage:

  • AmericanPropagandist: "The Dennys turd is here with lunch."
  • Kira Bindrim: "Denny's new mascot looks like an extremely scared poop that's been forced to wear accessories."
  • John DeBella: "I don't know what demographic they're trying to reach, but I'm pretty sure I'm not in it."
  • Amy: "I'm not a pro, but I can guarantee I would come up with something better than a turd wearing a hat."
  • Orphan J: "Looks like Mr. Hanky got a new gig as the Denny's mascot!"
  • The Wrap: "Rather than making a splash, the fedora-wearing cartoon sausage only stunk up the room."
  • Mashable: "[It] seems more like it's welcoming us to the bathroom than a restaurant."

Despite all the potty humor, Denny's doesn't seem to be sweating it. "We do not have any plans to change how Sausage looks because, well, he looks exactly how a breakfast sausage should look," Denny's chief marketing officer tells USA Today, adding, "While this unflattering comparison was never in his plan, he won’t let it stop him from enjoying his 15 minutes of fame." (More poop stories.)

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