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Ocasio-Cortez is earning praise for raising new information during the hearing
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Posted Feb 28, 2019 8:19 AM CST

  • Ramifications: AOC "was the first to hammer home on possible tax fraud by Trump," writes Galen Druke of FiveThirtyEight. "That is potentially being investigated by the Southern District of New York and the state of New York. Various legal experts believe that investigations out of those jurisdictions are more of a legal threat to Trump than Mueller's is."
  • Tax returns: AOC also seemed to lay a path for Democrats to subpoena Trump's tax returns, per Quartz. "Do you think we need to review his financial statements and his tax returns in order to compare them?" she asked Cohen in regard to allegations that Trump lied about his assets. At another point: "Would it help for the committee to obtain federal and state tax returns from the president and his company to address that discrepancy?" Cohen agreed it would.
  • Bartending helped: Amid widespread praise for her questions, AOC tweeted: "Thanks! Bartending + waitressing (especially in NYC) means you talk to 1000s of people over the years. Forces you to get great at reading people + hones a razor-sharp BS detector. Just goes to show that what some consider to be 'unskilled labor' can actually be anything but."
  • Beating the hype: Yes, AOC is going to get attention no matter what she does, writes Ed Kilgore at New York, and he's been skeptical about all the hype. But on Wednesday, near the end of a long hearing, AOC was "crisp, succinct, and very focused on raising some previously undiscussed potential criminal liability issues for Trump that Cohen’s testimony suggested (e.g, insurance fraud), including several where the hot-button issue of Trump’s missing tax returns might be germane."
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