Woman Uncovers Unbelievable Story About Her OB-GYN

Morgan Hellquist alleges Dr. Morris Wortman is her biological father
By Kate Seamons,  Newser Staff
Posted Feb 26, 2022 6:00 AM CST
He Was Her OB-GYN—and Something More 'Demented'
   (Getty Images)

When a police officer pulled Morgan Hellquist over for erratic driving, he immediately recognized she was upset and asked what was the matter. "Even if I tell you what's wrong, you're never going to believe me," she recalls saying. In a piece for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Gary Craig calls the source of her distress "a story even too demented for a dark and unlikely soap opera": Hellquist said she had just gotten DNA confirmation that her gynecologist—the man who had given her breast and pelvic exams for the past five years—was her biological father. Hellquist is suing Dr. Morris Wortman, the man who treated Hellquist's mother in the early '80s when she and her husband sought fertility treatment, alleging he used his own sperm when inseminating her mother. He denies it.

According to Hellquist, who was born in 1985, her parents were told the donor sperm came from a University of Rochester medical student; she says she grew up hearing her parents speak about Wortman adoringly. After dealing with some persistent gynecological issues, Hellquist started seeing Wortman in 2012; she says her medical records make clear his office was aware of her family's history with Wortman. Four years later, after the death of her father, Hellquist says she took a genetic test in hopes of learning more about that University of Rochester donor. She ended up uncovering six half-siblings, some of whom resembled Wortman. They started asking questions, and ultimately reached out to Wortman's biological daughter. A DNA test said there was a 99.99% chance she was their sibling. (Read the full story, which alleges Wortman made some inappropriate comments to Hellquist in an April 2021 appointment.)

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