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He Climbed Everest to Try to Solve Its Biggest Mystery

Mark Synnott goes in search of Sandy Irvine's remains

(Newser) - Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first to summit Everest. Unless they weren't. In a lengthy piece for National Geographic , longtime climber and professional guide Mark Synnott explains what took him to Everest, a mountain he had long had no interest in climbing, "turned off by stories... More »

It Was a Major COVID Study. Now, Something Fishy?

The 'Guardian' calls into question the data supplied by Surgisphere

(Newser) - The US-based company Surgisphere touts that it aggregates and analyzes health records from hospitals around the world—including, apparently, significant amounts of coronavirus-related data. This though it apparently has "a science fiction writer and an adult-content model" on its small roster of employees. So reports the Guardian , which dug... More »

Farmer's Killing Was 'Incomprehensible'—Until Now

Elmer Yuill was murdered on his farm back in 1991. Now, a suspect emerges

(Newser) - Elmer Yuill's killing made no sense at all. The gentle farmer liked doting on his younger sisters and kept his barnyard so clean that drivers pulled over for photos. Yet early one morning in 1991, the 77-year-old was found dead, two bullets in the back—execution style—on that... More »

Pandemic Made StubHub Buy the 'Worst Deal in History'

Co-founder bought company back just in time for business to collapse

(Newser) - People who balked at paying inflated ticket prices for concerts and sporting events before the pandemic might find some schadenfreude in Eric Baker's tale of woe. Noah Kirsch at Forbes takes a look at how Baker's triumphant acquisition of StubHub turned sour with dizzying speed. Baker co-founded the... More »

Steve Buscemi Has 'Seen It All'

Gabriella Paiella profiles the iconic actor a year after the death of his wife

(Newser) - Most of us know Steve Buscemi from the likes of Fargo, The Sopranos, and Boardwalk Empire. But do we really know him? The iconic actor has pretty much "seen it all," writes Gabriella Paiella in a revealing profile for GQ . That includes Buscemi (who pronounces his last name... More »

The Python Hunters Barely Make a Dent. That's OK

Inside the annual hunt for the invasive species

(Newser) - If you assume the alligator is the king of the heap when it comes to Everglades predators, you could be wrong at this point. "I found alligators in them," says Donna Kalil. The 57-year-old python elimination specialist for the South Florida Water Management District is talking about Burmese... More »

Principal Messaged Girl About Spanking—and Kept His Job

Propublica and Alaska media outlets look at the case

(Newser) - Even after his arrest by the FBI on charges of possession of child pornography, attempted coercion of a child, and sexual abuse of a minor, Gladys Jung Elementary Principal Christopher Carmichael was depicted in a positive light—by the head of the Alaska school district that had employed him. "... More »

Case of Shipwrecked Boys Was Nothing Like Lord of the Flies

Historian Rutger Bregman tells the amazing story of 6 boys stranded more than a year

(Newser) - Chances are you're familiar with Lord of the Flies, either in novel or movie form. It's the story by William Golding about a group of British schoolboys shipwrecked on an island, a tale that descends into brutality and imparts a bleak message about human nature. But in an... More »

They Knew Risks, but No One Thought Volcano Would Blow

'GQ' has the story of White Island's eruption in New Zealand in 2019

(Newser) - When the volcanic White Island of New Zealand erupted in December , it was a "shock but not a surprise," writes Joshua Hammer at GQ . Volcanologists had been taking note of increased activity for a while, and the four-stage threat level had been raised from 1 to 2. But... More »

Here, a 'Staggering' Number of Virus Cases

The CBC goes inside a Cargill meat-packing plant

(Newser) - "We need a public inquiry and we need a criminal investigation and we need them now." The words were uttered by the head of the Calgary and District Labour Council after the death of Hiep Bui. The 67-year-old Canadian woman lost her life to COVID-19—after contracting the... More »

For Years, This Was One of Modern Sports' Biggest Secrets

Drag racing legend Bob Muravez raced under a fake name for years, with help from reporters

(Newser) - In certain circles, 82-year-old Bob Muravez is a legend. The Californian won more than 600 sanctioned drag-racing events in the 1960s and 1970s and became one of his sport's biggest names. But as a story at SB Nation explains, when Muravez is asked for an autograph these days, he... More »

He Said a Pit Bull Mauled Him. The Truth Was Much Stranger

A look back at the 'Tiger King of Harlem'

(Newser) - Years from now, millions of Americans' recollection of the pandemic will also include a memory of binge-watching Netflix's Tiger King. With that show high on everyone's current watchlist, in a piece for Mel Magazine Zaron Burnett III introduces us to another tiger king: one that, nearly 17 years... More »

What It's Like to Close Your Restaurant Amid Pandemic

Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune in Manhattan wonders whether she'll reopen again

(Newser) - Gabrielle Hamilton has shuttered her Manhattan restaurant, Prune, amid the pandemic, but the doors will reopen when things are back to normal, right? We'll see. In a first-person account in the New York Times Magazine (where she is an Eat columnist), Hamilton takes readers through every wrenching step of... More »

He Was a Coding Wonder. Then His Brain Changed

Inside Cloudflare co-founder Lee Holloway's diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia

(Newser) - As Sandra Upson describes him, Lee Holloway was a wonder. The engineer took "a literal sketch on a napkin" and programmed it into Cloudflare, an internet security company that launched in 2009 and "now handles more than 10% of all internet requests and blocks billions of cyberthreats per... More »

He Had 5 Towels in His Throat. Could It Have Been an Accident?

Many, including 5 judges, think Rosa Jimenez was wrongfully convicted of murder

(Newser) - On Jan. 30, 2003, 20-year-old Rosa Jimenez was watching 21-month-old Bryan Gutierrez, as she did a few times a week, at her Texas apartment when things went horribly wrong. Jimenez stepped away from Bryan and her own daughter so that she could make lunch as the little ones played and... More »

He Broke the 2-Hour Marathon 'Barrier.' How? There's No Secret

Eliud Kipchoge did what many believed couldn't be done

(Newser) - For decades, it was believed to be impossible to run a marathon in less than two hours. Then, in October, Eliud Kipchoge became the first person to do it. How? Knox Robinson spent time with Kipchoge at his rural training camp in Kenya, and in an extensive piece for GQ... More »

He Said He Faked Insanity, Got Released. Then, Murder

Inside the strange case of Anthony Montwheeler

(Newser) - In December 2016, Anthony Montwheeler, a patient at Oregon State Hospital, went before a state review board and claimed he had faked insanity in 1996, after kidnapping his wife and son at gunpoint, in order to avoid prison. It worked: Rather than being incarcerated, he was sentenced to remain under... More »

The Note Said They Were Dead, Had Hidden Their Own Bodies

Eva Holland delves into the story of Eric and Pam Bealer for 'Outside Online'

(Newser) - Eric and Pam Bealer met in the early 1980s and never looked back. They loved the wilderness and ended up settling on four acres outside the small Alaskan fishing village of Pelican. They collected their own water, raised animals, canned the vegetables they grew, made their own clothes, foraged for... More »

He Went Missing, but Friends Didn't Buy Family's Story

'The Atlantic' looks at a murder in small-town Colorado

(Newser) - Jake Millison disappeared in May 2015, and it made no sense to the 29-year-old's friends in the small town of Gunnison, Colo. His mother, Deb, told them he'd dropped his phone in an irrigation ditch, which is why he wasn't answering. When police came around, she told... More »

It Was Bound for Haiti, Turned Into a Ghost Ship

'Wired' takes a look at the MV Alta

(Newser) - The MV Alta washed up on an Irish shore in February after some 18 months adrift at sea. In a piece for Wired , Matt Burgess explains that the category of people to have seen the ghost ship over that time is a remarkably narrow one: "It was only spotted... More »

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