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Lights, Action, Tears

Lights, Action, Tears

Rachael Handler at 'Vulture' investigates how actors manage to cry on cue

(Newser) - They're called tear sticks. In a pinch, an actor called upon to cry for a scene might grab one of these menthol wax sticks, apply it to their eyes, and voila, instant tears. Some acting purists frown upon them, while others view them as a perfectly acceptable tool of...

A Father's 26-Year Fight to Prove His Innocence
Father Fought for 26 Years
to Prove His Innocence

Father Fought for 26 Years to Prove His Innocence

'Esquire' looks into the death of 3-year-old Christina McNeil in 1998

(Newser) - On the morning of June 16, 1998, 3-year-old Christina McNeil was found dead in her bed in Bloomington, Illinois. Today, her now 65-year-old father, Barton McNeil, is serving a life sentence after being convicted of her murder. Beyond those two facts, the story of Christina's death is anything but...

Trump Jr. Has a Glossy Side Hustle
Trump Jr.
Has a Glossy
Side Hustle

Trump Jr. Has a Glossy Side Hustle

'Field Ethos' is a magazine dedicated to outdoor living, but with a decidedly 'anti-woke' slant

(Newser) - Field Ethos bills itself as the "premier lifestyle publication for the unapologetic man," and there are few men less apologetic than its founder, Donald Trump Jr. Writing for Politico , Rosie Gray takes a deep dive into the hunting and outdoors magazine launched in 2021 by former President...

'Mini Constitution of the Internet' May Be Crumbling

The Verge explores the surprisingly vital robots.txt file

(Newser) - Unless you're a technophile, you may never have heard of something called robots.txt. As David Pierce explains at the Verge , this simple plain-text file has for the last 30 years performed a not-so-simple mission: It has "kept the internet from chaos." He describes it as a...

'Danger and Desperation' Grow on This Arizona Ranch

The 'NYT' looks at how the border crisis is impacting Jim Chilton's Arizona cattle ranch

(Newser) - "Nobody should be out here," says Jim Chilton, 84, after spying a campfire in the distance on his remote Arivaca, Arizona, ranch. His cattle-grazing land is three times bigger than Manhattan, and 5.5 miles of his property run along the US-Mexico border. As Eli Saslow writes in...

When Planes Crash, We Don't Place Blame. Here's Why

How the 'blameless postmortem' has made air travel safer in the US

(Newser) - Robin Lee Wascher was working as an air traffic controller at LAX in February 1991 when she made a simple mistake—one anyone could have made—and USAir flight 1493 collided with a commuter plane on the runway when it landed, killing all 12 people on the smaller plane and...

Their Son Was Killed at Parkland. They've Grieved in Isolation

The 'NYT' shares the story of Peter Wang's parents, who do not speak fluent English

(Newser) - Valentine's Day marked six years of unbearable grief for the families of the 14 students and three staff members killed in the shooting massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Peter Wang was one of the murdered students, and in a lengthy piece for the New York Times , Amy...

Financial Advice Columnist: How I Was Scammed Out of $50K

'If someone is trying to get you to be compliant, they do it incrementally, in a series of small steps'

(Newser) - Charlotte Cowles is the financial advice columnist for the Cut; she used to have a weekly column in the New York Times' business section. She's someone people describe as levelheaded; her best friend and her brother are lawyers. All of this makes it particularly shocking that she was scammed...

'The Lab of Last Resort' Helped Take Down a Serial Killer

A nuclear weapons lab's work was key to getting justice for Efren Saldivar's victims

(Newser) - Police had a suspect, dead bodies, a confession—but what they didn't have was evidence. In a piece for Undark , Sarah Scoles dives into the case of Efren Saldivar, a California respiratory therapist whose treatment of terminally ill patients at Glendale Adventist Medical Center had raised some concerns, enough...

Into the Wild Bus Has a New Purpose Now
Into the Wild Bus Has
Been Repurposed

Into the Wild Bus Has Been Repurposed

It's now a museum exhibit in Alaska, and 'Outside' magazine thinks it works

(Newser) - Most know it as the Into the Wild bus—the abandoned vehicle in the Alaskan wilderness that served as the shelter for Christopher McCandless before the 24-year-old died in 1992. Those a bit more familiar with the story, made famous in a book and movie , might know it as Bus...

He May Be Tesla's First Fatality in 'Full Self-Driving'
He May Be Tesla's First
Death in 'Full Self-Driving'

He May Be Tesla's First Death in 'Full Self-Driving'

'Washington Post' links Tesla employee's death to the advanced feature

(Newser) - The Washington Post may have uncovered the first fatality linked to Tesla's most advanced driver-assistance software, Full Self-Driving. The newspaper's investigation suggests that Hans von Ohain—a Tesla employee—was using FSD on a curvy road in Evergreen, Colorado, in 2022 when the car veered into a tree...

They Insisted They Were Framed. Now, Vindication
They Insisted They Were
Framed. Now, Vindication

They Insisted They Were Framed. Now, Vindication

Derek Ridgewell, deemed 'Britain's most corrupt cop,' is at center of cases of wrongly convicted men in UK

(Newser) - Nearly a dozen convictions in the UK have been overturned over the past few years, with one common denominator: They were all tied to arrests made by police officer Derek Ridgewell, dubbed "Britain's most corrupt cop" by Simon Hattenstone in the Guardian . The article centers on the convictions...

Investigating the 'Awful' Science Behind Diabetes Management
Expert: We're
Managing Diabetes
Completely Wrong

Expert: We're Managing Diabetes Completely Wrong

According to Gary Taubes, low-carb diets should be the norm for patients with diabetes

(Newser) - Insulin was a game-changer when doctors started giving it to patients with Type 1 diabetes in the 1920s. At the time, science journalist Gary Taubes explains to the Guardian , most people with the disease died. Insulin not only saved lives, but offered patients the ability to eat basically as they...

Did Walmart's Work Culture Turn Fatal for 38-Year-Old?
Inside the
Death of a
Walmart Worker

Inside the Death of a 38-Year-Old Walmart Worker

Janikka Perry was allegedly told to pull it together, suffered fatal heart attack at work

(Newser) - On January 16, 2022, Janikka Perry started to feel faint during her shift at a Walmart bakery in Arkansas. The 38-year-old, who rarely missed a shift or left work early despite having heart problems and diabetes, told management she felt unwell, but was told she needed to continue working because...

Teen's Double Life Emerged Only After His Death
Teen's Double Life Emerged
Only After His Death

Teen's Double Life Emerged Only After His Death

'New Yorker' explores the convoluted circumstances surrounding the death of Zac Brettler in London

(Newser) - CCTV captured images of 19-year-old Zac Brettler jumping from a fifth-floor apartment balcony overlooking the River Thames at 2:24am on November 28, 2019. The images were blurry, but Brettler appeared to be alone and thus London police were inclined to label it a suicide when his body was found...

It's Breaking Bad Meets the Mennonites
It's Breaking Bad
Meets the Mennonites

It's Breaking Bad Meets the Mennonites

'Los Angeles Times' tells the story of a pious farmer accused of becoming a drug smuggler

(Newser) - In some respects, the story isn't so unusual: The Los Angeles Times tells the tale of a 40-year-old man sitting in a maximum-security prison in Mexico, accused of becoming a ruthless associate of the Sinaloa drug cartel. In another way, the story is a strange one to fathom: The...

NYT Anoints 'Least Trusted Man' in DC
Team Trump
Is Worried
About Mark

Team Trump Is Worried About Mark Meadows

'NYT' reports that the 'least trusted man' in DC may have spilled secrets to Trump prosecutors

(Newser) - Did Mark Meadows turn rat on Donald Trump? The former president himself has said he isn't sure whether his former chief of staff might have done so, and the Trump camp in general is "sharply divided" on the question, writes Robert Draper in a (very) lengthy profile of...

The Apple Vision Pro Is Truly Unreal. That's a Problem

Writing for 'Vanity Fair,' Nick Bilton can see it making us crave augmented reality

(Newser) - The $3,500 Apple Vision Pro hit stores last Friday, and despite hearing nothing but rave reviews from those who had gotten an early look ("I would say my experience was religious," director James Cameron told him), Nick Bilton had zero interest in giving the VR headset a...

On the Quest to Preserve the Mason-Dixon Line
Finding What's Left
of the Mason-Dixon Line

Finding What's Left of the Mason-Dixon Line

Volunteers puzzle over maps and hike through fields to find stones marking a scientific feat

(Newser) - To many Americans, the Mason-Dixon Line serves as a cultural dividing point between the North and South. But its storied past has both physical and symbolic meaning in the US, and Popular Mechanics' Ashley Stimpson takes a look at both in a fascinating stroll through its history. The literal Mason-Dixon...

Sorry, Folks, Aliens Don't Exist
Sorry, Folks,
Little Green Men Don't Exist

Sorry, Folks, Little Green Men Don't Exist

Nicholson Baker dissects how 'sensible-seeming' people have bought into UFOs

(Newser) - "There has never been a worse time to be a UFO skeptic," writes Nicholson Baker at Intelligencer . He ticks off some of the factors in recent years: front-page stories in the New York Times , the congressional testimony of a purported whistleblower who asserts the US has retrieved UFOs...

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