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It Was Bound for Haiti, Turned Into a Ghost Ship

'Wired' takes a look at the MV Alta

(Newser) - The MV Alta washed up on an Irish shore in February after some 18 months adrift at sea. In a piece for Wired , Matt Burgess explains that the category of people to have seen the ghost ship over that time is a remarkably narrow one: "It was only spotted... More »

The Note Said They Were Dead, Had Hidden Their Own Bodies

Eva Holland delves into the story of Eric and Pam Bealer for 'Outside Online'

(Newser) - Eric and Pam Bealer met in the early 1980s and never looked back. They loved the wilderness and ended up settling on four acres outside the small Alaskan fishing village of Pelican. They collected their own water, raised animals, canned the vegetables they grew, made their own clothes, foraged for... More »

He Went Missing, but Friends Didn't Buy Family's Story

'The Atlantic' looks at a murder in small-town Colorado

(Newser) - Jake Millison disappeared in May 2015, and it made no sense to the 29-year-old's friends in the small town of Gunnison, Colo. His mother, Deb, told them he'd dropped his phone in an irrigation ditch, which is why he wasn't answering. When police came around, she told... More »

One of Her 4 Daughters Was Murdered. Another Killed Her

The tragic story of Mari Gilbert, who inspired Netflix movie 'Lost Girls'

(Newser) - Mari Gilbert's four daughters didn't have easy childhoods. Shannan, the oldest, was in foster care when middle sisters Sherre and Sarra were molested by Gilbert's boyfriend. Sarra went on to get an abortion at 14, drop out of school at 16, and have a baby with her... More »

Inside an 8th Grader's Murder of an Austin Teacher

'Texas Monthly' delves into the 1978 killing of Rod Grayson

(Newser) - A wrong number led, 20 years later, to Robert Draper's extensive Texas Monthly piece on "the school shooting that Austin forgot." It was 1999 when John Ray was trying to find an old classmate named Rob Draper and instead got in touch with Robert Draper, an Austin... More »

His Grisly Death Couldn't Have Been Accidental. What Was It?

The 'Cincinnati Enquirer' reviews the 1984 death of David Bocks

(Newser) - "There was no plausible way for a worker to accidentally fall into the vat." So writes Amber Hunt for the Cincinnati Enquirer in a lengthy piece about the 1984 death of David Bocks. He worked—and died—at Ohio's Fernald Feed Materials Productions Center, whose bland name... More »

The Tragedy of Tessa Majors' Murder

'New York' examines 2019 slaying of Barnard freshman

(Newser) - The details of the crime itself aren't in much dispute: Police say three boys, ages 13 and 14, robbed 18-year-old Tessa Majors in New York City's Morningside Park on the evening of December 11, 2019, and one of them fatally stabbed her when she put up a struggle.... More »

He Got Addicted at West Point, Now Owes the US $330K

Football player Jared Rogers' opioid story raises larger questions about Army views on addiction

(Newser) - The temperature was around zero when the West Point football team took to the practice field early on the morning of March 4, 2014. So cold that defensive back Jared Rogers ended up with frostbite in his fingers. After a few days in the hospital, medical records show he left... More »

Homeless Man Lived Secret Life Underground

Dominic Van Allen built himself a bunker beneath a London park, but rangers finally found it

(Newser) - In pricey London, Dominic Van Allen had found a sweet spot to live. "You had the train station, you had a cafe, you had a Starbucks, you had the hospital, you had the 168 bus, the 24, the 46," he recounts. "It was bloody brilliant." Even... More »

How the 'Hottest Boy' in Town Became a Serial Killer

'Philadelphia Magazine' takes a deep dive into Cosmo DiNardo's downward spiral

(Newser) - On July 6, 2017, Cosmo DiNardo met with his psychiatrist at the University of Pennsylvania. Christian Kohler had been treating the 20-year-old since November and had gradually been decreasing the anti-psychotic drugs the Bucks County man took for the bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and schizophrenia that he had only recently... More »

Cause of One of Worst US Boat Tragedies Is Still a Mystery

34 people on diving excursion were killed off the California coast last year

(Newser) - "Mayday, mayday, mayday." Those three words sent at 3:14am on Sept. 2 were the first inkling of the tragedy unfolding aboard a boat anchored near Santa Cruz Island off the California coast. As a story at Outside recounts, 34 people would die after fire broke out aboard... More »

After Gamer's Shocking Confession, 4 Bodies Found

'Toronto Life' pieces together the story of a young man's alleged massacre of his family

(Newser) - His fellow gamers thought he was joking. “I killed mom and granny so far, waiting for sister in 5 minutes and dad in 1 hour,” wrote 23-year-old Menhaz Zaman on the Discord app last year. Later, came, "I’ve just slaughtered my entire family," followed by... More »

He Believed Her Story About the Rich Relative—for 4 Years

Mair Smyth's con was a long one

(Newser) - To American Ninja Warrior producer Johnathan Walton, Mair Smyth seemed to be what she said she was. She would show him texts sent by friends Ashley Judd and Jennifer Aniston. She opened up about her Irish family, and the great-uncle whose recent death meant she'd be getting a slice... More »

Lori Vallow's Dead Husband Claimed She Said Odd Things

Like that she 'cannot taste death'

(Newser) - The case of Lori Vallow's missing kids has made headlines for months—and the Idaho mom's gallivanting around Hawaii with current husband Chad Daybell has grabbed press in recent days. They're the couple who fled Idaho in November as police began asking questions about Lori's 7-year-old... More »

CIA Dosed Whitey Bulger With LSD More Than 50 Times

One of his jurors says she now regrets convicting him for murder

(Newser) - The notorious crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger terrorized Boston from the 1970s into the 1990s with a campaign of murder, extortion, and drug trafficking, then spent 16 years on the lam before being captured. In 2013, Janet Uhlar was one of 12 jurors who found Bulger guilty in a... More »

JFK's Pulitzer May Say a Lot About His Character

But not in a flattering way, according to a new book

(Newser) - It's common knowledge these days that John F. Kennedy wasn't the primary author of the book for which he won the 1957 Pulitzer in biography, Profiles in Courage. Instead, the young senator's speechwriter, Ted Sorensen, wrote it almost in entirety, with minor contributions from Kennedy, writes Craig... More »

CIA Had an Incredibly Easy Way to Spy on Nations

Agency secretly owned a tech firm that stored governments' secrets

(Newser) - A fascinating story in the Washington Post sounds like the far-fetched plot of a spy thriller. But it's all true: The piece details how the CIA, with help from West Germany, was able to read the secret communications of other nations with surprising ease for more than 50 years.... More »

One Key to Buttigieg's Success: This Young Adviser

'New York' profiles Lis Smith

(Newser) - Compared to most of the others in the race, Pete Buttigieg is just a kid at 38. But one key to his surprisingly successful campaign to date is that he has an even younger adviser—37-year-old Lis Smith. In a profile at New York , Clare Malone profiles Smith and the... More »

She Scored a Hit for a Friend. Then Came the Text

A lengthy look at overdose-homicide prosecutions

(Newser) - Jamie Maynard has been clean for three years, a feat she credits in part to having gone to prison, where she got off heroin. But in a lengthy piece for the New Yorker , Paige Williams makes the case that she should have never been behind bars. The Ohio woman was... More »

Utah Wooed Tourists, and Boy, Did They Swarm

'Outside' magazine looks at the resulting congestion in parks

(Newser) - The ad was a "masterpiece," writes Mark Sundeen at Outside magazine. The 60-second spot in 2013 commissioned by Utah's Office of Tourism extolled the beauty of the "Mighty 5"—referring to the five national parks within the state's borders. Those would be Zion, Bryce... More »

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