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Someone Has Come Very Close to His Buried Treasure

The hunt for Forrest Fenn's buried chest goes on in the American West

(Newser) - A real-life treasure hunt continues to unfold in the American West, and Money checks in on how things are going in the sometimes deadly search for Forrest Fenn's loot. The takeaway: The buried chest with an estimated $5 million in gold, jewels, and other riches remains undiscovered, though Fenn... More »

He Had a New Scoop on R. Kelly. One Problem

Jim DeRogatis describes the long and winding path to BuzzFeed

(Newser) - When it comes to major scoops, Jim DeRogatis has had a few. The music critic famously received a fax in November 2000 that made a detailed but anonymous allegation: "Robert’s problem is young girls." Robert, in this case, was R. Kelly, and the story the Chicago Sun-Times... More »

Detective-Pastor: We Must Arrest, Kill All Gay People

DA in Tennessee is now reviewing all pending cases involving Grayson Fritts

(Newser) - The pastor of a small Baptist church in Tennessee delivered a sermon earlier this month that likely would have made headlines under any circumstances. Grayson Fritts told his congregation that police should arrest gay people ("freaks" and "animals") so they can be tried and executed, reports the... More »

He Drew a Smiley Face, Got $45. It's Now Worth Way, Way More

Inside the $500M-a-year business

(Newser) - There is such a thing as the Smiley Company, and as Zachary Crockett explains in a piece for the Hustle , it is just as yellow and icon-filled as you'd expect: "Smiley paintings line the walls. Smiley pillows adorn the couches. There are smiley backpacks, smiley t-shirts, smiley exercise... More »

11 Years Later, Full Scope of a Music Disaster Is Revealed

NYT Magazine reports on Universal Studios fire that wiped out priceless master recordings

(Newser) - Some of history's most important music recordings were destroyed a decade ago. That's according to New York Times Magazine , which reports that a 2008 blaze at Universal Studios Hollywood was far more devastating than previously reported. Flames didn't just destroy movies and TV shows already copied to... More »

Blind US Tourist Vanishes. Her Family Won't Give Up

Michigan's Carla Valpeoz disappeared 6 months ago in Peru, and her dad is looking for her there

(Newser) - Six months ago, an unusual missing-person case made national headlines—unusual in that the missing person was a 35-year-old Michigan woman who is legally blind. Carla Valpeoz vanished while traveling alone in Peru, attempting to fulfill a goal of visiting the ancient site of Machu Picchu. The case may have... More »

The Sperm Donor Was Carefully Chosen. Decades Later, a Shock

'NYT' looks at cases in which women learned they got the wrong sperm

(Newser) - There are no firm numbers on how often this is happening, just anecdotes—and they're "piling up," writes Jacqueline Mroz for the New York Times in a look at what some families are learning about donated sperm in the age of easy access to DNA testing. Namely,... More »

She Beat Him at Poker, but the Story Got Much Darker

'GQ' goes inside the story of two nuns who allegedly stole from a California school

(Newser) - The news made national headlines: Two nuns who worked at St. James Catholic School in Torrance, California, were accused of stealing at least $500,000 from the school and blowing at least some of it in Las Vegas. In a lengthy piece for GQ , Sean Flynn picks up the story—... More »

He Survived a Mass Shooting. Now He's Being Poisoned

Bullet fragments can wreak havoc

(Newser) - Colin Goddard was shot multiple times during the Virginia Tech massacre , but doctors assured him he would eventually be "fine." Twelve years later, the now-33-year-old has discovered that's far from the case, and the reason is an unexpected one: The dozens of bullet fragments left in his... More »

For White Men Out West, the New Plague Is Suicide

'Rolling Stone' writer digs into the 'epidemic' among middle-aged men

(Newser) - Movie lore has long depicted the West as a tough place to survive, and a story by Stephen Rodrick at Rolling Stone explores a relatively recent twist in why that remains true: Rising suicide rates. More specifically, rising suicide rates among isolated, white, middle-aged men. For some stark stats, consider... More »

He's 43 Years Old. He Looks and Feels Like He's 80

Nobuaki Nagashima has Werner syndrome, a rare aging disorder Erika Hayasaki examines for Digg

(Newser) - For Nobuaki Nagashima, whose body started deteriorating when he was in his mid-20s, there's one question that's always at the top of his mind: "Why do I have this disease?" The disease in question is Werner syndrome , or "adult progeria," a rare disorder that causes... More »

She Gave Birth to Her Son, Then Lost Her Hands, Feet

'I would do this all over again to have him'

(Newser) - Two days after giving birth to her son Myles in early 2017, Lindsey Hubley went home. The 33-year-old first-time mom wouldn't be there long. Hubley's perineum had torn during delivery, and the infection that subsequently developed was a ruinous one: necrotizing fasciitis. The flesh-eating disease traveled to her... More »

He Thought He'd Die, So He Began a Con. He Didn't Die

Mark Olmsted, who was HIV-positive, assumed identity of his dead brother Luke

(Newser) - It seemed like it would be quite a way to go after getting diagnosed with a likely fatal illness: become a con man and live your remaining days out like a king. Except, as Nathaniel Penn notes in a fascinating profile for GQ : "What the hell happens if you... More »

You Know About Antibiotics and Meat. How About Oranges?

Two antibiotics are being sprayed on some of America's orange, grapefruit trees

(Newser) - We hear a lot about antibiotics used to produce our meat. Oranges, not so much. But that's the reality, reports Andrew Jacobs for the New York Times . It's all due to citrus greening disease, which is caused by a bacteria that is spread to orange and grapefruit trees... More »

How My 13-Year-Old Son Was Sucked In by the Alt-Right

After an accusation at school, things spiraled for young teen: essay

(Newser) - It all started at the beginning of 8th grade, when a fellow student overheard 13-year-old "Sam" laughing at an inside joke with a friend, misunderstood and thought they were making a sexual reference, and reported the comment as sexual harassment. Administrators and the school resource officer reprimanded Sam and... More »

When Someone Dies Alone, They Don Hazmats, Go In

The story of 2 public administrators, Eugene Brown, and his millions

(Newser) - "The Mystery of the Millionaire Hermit" is a story with three main sets of characters: the man who died alone in his 90s in his Corning, Calif., home in 2015; the two public administrators tasked with tracking down his will and heirs; and the heir-finding company that got in... More »

'The Taser Failed': Report Digs Into a Troubling Phrase

Investigative piece finds police Tasers don't work nearly half the time

(Newser) - Look closely at reports on fatal police shootings, and you may see a phrase more often than you think: "The Taser failed." That's one of the observations from an investigative piece by American Public Media on police Tasers. Manufacturer Axon Enterprise, which has a monopoly on the... More »

Key to Assad's Reign: Network of Torture Prisons

'New York Times' looks at the brutality in Syria

(Newser) - Reports of torture and deaths in Syria's prisons have been surfacing for years, but leader Bashar al-Assad has dismissed them as the exaggerations of opponents or as aberrations that occur in every country during a time of war. The New York Times , however, takes a deep dive into the... More »

A Dad Moved Into Their Dorm. They Soon Fell Under His Sway

'The Cut' dives in to a bizarre tale involving a group of Sarah Lawrence students

(Newser) - It started out innocuously enough: In September 2010, Larry Ray came to stay with his daughter at Sarah Lawrence College. Sophomore Talia Ray lived with seven housemates in a campus dorm called the Slonim Woods 9, and the 50-year-old became the de facto house dad. Then he began "counseling"... More »

What the Egg Donor Brochures Don't Say

It's lucrative for donors, but the side effects can be painful and downplayed by clinics

(Newser) - Stories about egg donations for couples who can't conceive typically focus on the couples. A story at Wired takes a look from the perspective of the donors—think healthy women in their 20s, often college students who are tight on cash. As it turns out, the pay can be... More »

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