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Investigation Calls Sex Abuse 'Open Secret' Among Amish

But women are beginning to come forward

(Newser) - It is not the typical image that comes to mind in regard to bucolic Amish communities. But a story by Type Investigations and Cosmopolitan reports that sexual abuse, including incest, is an "open secret spanning generations" among the Amish. The investigation cites a slew of factors that lead to... More »

Jury Would Have 'Given Her Death Penalty in a Heartbeat'

A deep dive into the case of Emile Weaver

(Newser) - "After we tried that case, I think they'd have given her a death penalty in a heartbeat. That’s the effect she had on the jury." So say the Muskingum County prosecutors involved in the case of Emile Weaver, a Delta Gamma Theta sorority sister at Muskingum... More »

The 9 Were Found Dead. We Still Don't Know Why

Revisiting the Dyatlov Pass Incident

(Newser) - In 2019, Russian prosecutors announced they would be reinvestigating what's known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident : A 60-year mystery involving nine students who mysteriously died while on a skiing trip in Russia's Ural Mountains. Though scores of theories have been put forth over the years, the government is... More »

How Psychic Scammers Pull Off the Long Con

Vulnerable clients get suckered into years-long cons, explains story at 'GQ'

(Newser) - It's only 5 bucks, right? That's how much a psychic reading might go for, so even skeptics figure it can't hurt. But for some—usually someone in a particularly vulnerable state, looking for hope—that $5 is the entry point to financial ruin. A story by Sylvia... More »

Mississippi System Likened to Modern Debtors' Prison

Marshall Project takes a critical look at state's court-ordered restitution program

(Newser) - Debtors' prison may sound like a concept from another century. But the Marshall Project asserts that Mississippi is running a court-ordered restitution program that is essentially the same thing. The investigation found that judges sentence hundreds of people a year to one of four "restitution centers" around the state.... More »

Inside the Dentist's Murder That Rattled Uptown Dallas

Brenda Delgado orchestrated the killing of her ex's new love

(Newser) - In 2015, a gunman fatally shot 35-year-old pediatric dentist Kendra Hatcher in a Dallas parking garage and took her purse. The murder and robbery shook the Uptown neighborhood where Hatcher had lived among other well-to-do young adults, writes Skip Hollandsworth at Texas Monthly . Young women were suddenly leery about strolling... More »

His Epic Hack Paralyzed a Nation. He's About to Go Free

Daniel Kaye took down Liberia's internet as part of a corporate plot

(Newser) - In November of 2016, a friend sent Daniel Kaye a message asking him how things were going. "I have broken the Internet and am dead afraid but otherwise everything’s hunky dory," wrote Kaye in response. As a story at Bloomberg explains, the British 29-year-old wasn't exaggerating... More »

How Not to Die in an Avalanche

Heidi Julavits went to avalanche school

(Newser) - Heidi Julavits went to avalanche school and lived to tell the tale. That certainly wasn't a sure thing. After wrapping up the three-day Level 1 course in the Eastern Sierra, she read an article about an avalanche death that happened that very day—during an advanced avalanche safety course... More »

A Prolific Assassin in Mexico Tells All to Police

The 'sicario' betrayed his cartel to avoid a life in prison

(Newser) - He was an assassin for a Mexican drug cartel who estimates taking part in more than 100 murders before age 23. But in an unorthodox arrangement with police, the "sicario" confessed all, including the inner workings of cartel life, in exchange for his freedom when he was arrested, reports... More »

How Expert Jewel Thieves Got Taken Down—Twice

A retired Florida police detective realized the men were back at it ... again

(Newser) - The crimes were nearly perfect: Over six years beginning in 2011, small-town jewelry stores in Florida, generally located in strip malls, were hit. Their alarm systems were taken out with an electronic jamming device, the stores were accessed by cutting a "door" through the wall of a neighboring store'... More »

Heroin Killed the Cheerleader. Then Came an 'Unusual Charge'

Inside the looming trial in connection with the death of a Tampa 17-year-old

(Newser) - Katie Golden was a fan of Titan Goodson, but she seemed to mostly be alone in that department. The Florida 17-year-old's parents disliked him, writing him off as a bad influence on the college-bound cheerleader. The grandparents he lived with thought he might be doing drugs and planned to... More »

It Was All a Scam. It Seemed So Real He Killed Himself

Inside the death of 24-year-old US Army vet Jared Johns

(Newser) - The riskiest part of their exchange wasn't the photo she sent him that revealed a bit of her bra. It was that it happened at all. In a lengthy piece for Wired , Vince Beiser shares the story of Jared Johns, a Army vet living in South Carolina who seemed... More »

Report: Highly Touted Rikers Project 'Rigged' From Start

ProPublica says NYC spent millions on program that didn't work

(Newser) - New York City is shutting down the Rikers Island jail complex, long plagued with guard and inmate violence. Now, an investigative piece by the journalism organization ProPublica adds one more black eye to the mix. The story recounts how New York City, desperate to fend off bad publicity or federal... More »

They Drove Across the US in 27 Hours

It's a 'Cannonball' record, and a highly illegal one at that

(Newser) - They got into their car in Manhattan just before 1am on November 10. They pulled into a hotel parking lot in Los Angeles the following morning. More specifically, Arne Toman, Doug Tabbutt, and Berkeley Chadwick completed their cross-country road trip in an astonishing 27 hours and 25 minutes, reports Road ... More »

His Quest to Own a URL Took an Insane Turn

The weird tale of www.DoItForState.com

(Newser) - On Tuesday, Rossi Adams was sentenced to 14 years in prison. In a piece for One Zero delving into the backstory of his crime, Ian Frisch writes that Adams was undone by a thoroughly 21st-century "Achilles' heel": his desire to own a URL. The domain name in question is... More »

Is the Solution to the Student Debt Crisis Hiding in Kentucky?

Berea College has taken a novel approach for more than a century

(Newser) - Could the answer to our student-debt woes be hiding rural Kentucky? Maybe, writes Holly Honderich for the BBC . And if it is, it's an answer that was arrived at in 1892. That's the year Berea College, which was founded nearly four decades prior, ceased charging tuition. Honderich explains... More »

The Horror of Herpes? It's Way Overblown

Writer at Slate explains how the 'generally harmless skin condition' became stigmatized

(Newser) - Genital herpes is a common ailment, a fact that wouldn't surprise most people. But in a story on the STD at Slate , LV Anderson lays out another fact that might: "It is, for the vast majority of people, no big deal." And yet, herpes simplex virus 2,... More »

Hidden Danger of Dating Apps: Sex Offenders

Investigation reveals how easy it is for predators to meet their victims on popular sites

(Newser) - Women looking to meet a partner on a dating site would be well advised to read a new investigative piece with a disturbing takeaway: It's surprisingly easy for sex offenders—even those on criminal registries—to set up profiles and meet new victims. Anyone who relies on these sites... More »

Video of Migrant Teen's Last Hours Raises Questions

An ailing Carlos Vasquez died in a holding cell and was not spotted for hours

(Newser) - In the early morning hours of May 20, 16-year-old Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez died in his Border Patrol holding cell in Texas. Now, the journalism organization ProPublica has obtained video from his final hours, and it raises questions about the treatment and supervision of the sick Guatemalan teenager. Be warned:... More »

'Oh, Jesus—What Are They Doing' on Everest?

Inside the perilous ascents and descents over 2 days in May

(Newser) - "Oh, Jesus—what are they doing here?" It's a thought that repeated itself in Reinhard Grubhofer's mind as he summited Everest on May 23 and kept encountering climbers not physically and mentally up for the challenge. He was part of the horde who attempted to make it... More »

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