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'That Picture Hijacked My Life'
'That Picture
Hijacked My Life'

'That Picture Hijacked My Life'

Mary Ann Vecchio, the girl in famous Kent State photo, reflects 50 years later

(Newser) - You've seen the photo—a young woman kneeling over the body of Kent State student Jeffrey Miller, after he and three other students were fatally shot by National Guard troops on May 4, 1970. What may come as a surprise is that the young woman in the photo was...

A Letter About Their Embryos Sends Couple Into a Tailspin

Hospital allegedly knew for years Elaine Meyer and Barry Prizant's 2 embryos were missing

(Newser) - Over the decade beginning in 2010, a study determined that 133 lawsuits had been filed in connection with lost, discarded, or damaged frozen embryos. Dr. Elaine Meyer and Dr. Barry Prizant are engaged in one such lawsuit, and Katherine Rosman dives into their story for the New York Times . The...

This Is How to Right the Wrongs Done to Native Americans

David Treuer makes the case that our National Parks should be given to them

(Newser) - David Treuer's piece for the Atlantic is peppered with so many bold lines it's hard to whittle down which to share. But this is a strong one: "The American West began with war but concluded with parks." In his lengthy piece, Treuer, himself a Native American...

A Man Fell From a Plane, and a 'Befuddling' Case Began

Inside the effort to determine the identity of a stowaway from Kenya

(Newser) - It's a "suicidally dangerous thing to do": cramming your body into the wheel well of a passenger plane. In a lengthy piece for the Guardian , Sirin Kale makes clear that his statement is not hyperbole. Citing FAA data, of the 128 people known to have tried to stowaway...

The Hunters' Photos Were Wild. So Was the Probe Into the Kills

The 'Sacramento Bee' describes the lengths California wildlife officials went to

(Newser) - Depending on whom you ask, the case California wildlife officials made against two hunters over five months in 2019 was either ridiculously complex or not taken seriously. Writing for the Sacramento Bee , Ryan Sabalow has the story, which involves two bow-and-arrow hunters who were "on their way to social...

Case of Missing Ranger Was 'One That I Felt Was Solvable'

At 'Outside Online,' Brendan Borrell digs deep into the case of Paul Fugate

(Newser) - Paul Fugate is the only National Park Service ranger to vanish and never be found. It happened in January 1980, when the then-41-year-old Chiricahua National Monument ranger set out on one of the southeastern Arizona monument's trails and was never seen again. Writing for Outside Online , Brendan Borrell...

Heist Was Straight Out the Movies, Except for the Loot
The Heist Was Worth
Millions—in Books

The Heist Was Worth Millions—in Books

'Vanity Fair' recounts an unusual theft from a London warehouse

(Newser) - The crime was so unusual—so acrobatic—that police in London checked to see if the circus had been in town. That turned out to be a dead end, writes Marc Wortman in a lengthy Vanity Fair piece about the 2017 heist. Thieves had climbed to the roof of a...

In the Year Before Tony Hsieh's Death, an Unraveling

The 'Wall Street Journal' looks at the Zappos founder's life in Park City, Utah

(Newser) - By now, you've likely heard the grim story of Tony Hsieh, the Zappos founder who died of smoke inhalation after being pulled from an on-fire shed in a Connecticut yard in November. Relying on interviews, personal documents, public and court records, emails, and more, the Wall Street Journal digs...

His Sister Had Confused Episodes, Then Died. Now He Had Them

Inside the race to solve a medical mystery

(Newser) - If you're not familiar with rare metabolic diseases, you're not alone, and that fact is what drove one family's decision to share their story: of one tragedy, and one tragedy narrowly averted. As Dr. Lisa Sanders, author of Diagnosis: Solving the Most Baffling Medical Mysteries, writes for...

Family Doctor's Big Secret: $9K a Week Pushing Fentanyl

'Toronto Life' recounts the case of George Otto

(Newser) - About a decade ago, the province of Ontario, Canada, set up a monitoring system to prevent bogus opioid prescriptions, a system designed to flag shady doctors or pharmacists. "But what happens when a bad doctor meets a bad pharmacist?" writes Brett Popplewell in Toronto Life . "The system wasn’...

He Taught His Son About Guns. Then the Boy Shot Himself

An 11-year-old's death, and the subject of safe storage legislation

(Newser) - The night on which 11-year-old Tyler Paxton died in 2014 began in an unremarkable way. He had Taco Bell for dinner and watched YouTube videos, sharing one involving an otter with his mom. He told his parents he was going to watch cartoons in their room. Then came the gunshot....

15 Human Feet Washed Ashore. Science Explains Why
15 Human Feet
Washed Ashore.
Here's Why

15 Human Feet Washed Ashore. Here's Why

The mystery started in 2007

(Newser) - "Please don’t call them 'severed feet.'" So says forensic scientist Gail Anderson of Simon Fraser University, whose research involving dead pigs plays a big role in getting to the bottom of a mystery that flummoxed Canadian locals and police near the Salish Sea off British...

Father to Daughter: 'Do You Think I'm a Monster?'
Father to Daughter:
'Do You Think I'm a Monster?'

Father to Daughter: 'Do You Think I'm a Monster?'

Children of those who committed atrocities in Argentina cope with the legacy

(Newser) - The atrocities committed by the military regime that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983 have been well documented, with an estimated 30,000 people "disappeared" during the stretch that has come to be known as the Dirty War . Now, the children of that generation are increasingly speaking out to...

True-Crime Case Has Nearly Destroyed Best-Selling Author

'Water for Elephants' writer Sara Gruen became obsessed with proving a man's innocence

(Newser) - Sara Gruen became a best-selling author in 2006 with her novel Water for Elephants, which was later turned into a movie. Gruen has received tons of fan mail over the years, including a 2015 letter from convicted murderer Charles Murdoch, who is imprisoned in California. The letter struck a chord...

Very Wealthy Artist: 'Sweet Baby Jesus, This Is Ridiculous'

Mike Winklemann, aka Beeple, has stunned the art world with his $70M digital sale

(Newser) - Earlier this month, an artist named Mike Winklemann—aka Beeple—entered the upper echelons of the art world by selling a digital work for nearly $70 million at Christie's. So who is Winklemann? On the surface, a nondescript 39-year-old living in a nondescript home in Charleston, South Carolina, with...

How, Months Later, COVID Killed a Healthy 29-Year-Old

A deep dive into how COVID led to Audrey Ellis' March 2020 death

(Newser) - The final day and night Kelsey Ellis spent with her twin sister Audrey was their 29th birthday. Audrey had flown from Denver to Portland, Ore., to spend a few days together, but by their March 17, 2020, birthday, Kelsey noticed her sister's lips had turned purple. They went to...

Sell This 'Dangerous' Cheese and You Could Be Fined $60K

But in Sardinia, casu marzu is a way of life

(Newser) - Spotting maggots in your food is generally a sign that it needs to be tossed, quickly. When it comes to the Sardinian cheese casu marzu, it's a sign that everything is going as planned. At CNN , Agostino Petroni takes a deep dive into what Guinness World Records has called...

How Our Car Safety Ratings Went From Best to Worthless

Motherboard takes a look at the rise and stagnation of the NCAP

(Newser) - When it comes to car safety ratings, the US was a trailblazer. Not so much anymore. In a deep dive for Motherboard , Aaron Gordon traces the fairly recent history of these ratings, which were created in the final days of the Carter administration thanks to Joan Claybrook, then the head...

Threats Arrived for Years, Until Tormentor Was Revealed

Story at Medium recounts the 4-year ordeal of Ruth Finley in Kansas

(Newser) - The threatening letters baffled Wichita police for four years, from 1977 to 1981. As Corey Mead explains in an almost impossible-to-believe account at Medium , a letter writer who came to be dubbed "The Poet" sent regular letters to a woman named Ruth Finley threatening to kill her. Worse, his...

They Passed the Wine World's Most Brutal Test. Then It Fell Apart

Vice looks at the scandal that has followed the 2018 Master Sommelier test

(Newser) - For almost everyone on the planet, an email that simply read "PG" and "CndP" would be meaningless. For 24 sommeliers, it was devastating, and the start of a wine-world scandal that still has more questions that answers. Writing for Vice , Adam Elder has the story of the 2018...

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