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Report: Mark Cuban Looking to Unload Dallas Mavericks
Casino Family Confirms
Dallas Mavericks Buy

Casino Family Confirms Dallas Mavericks Buy

Mark Cuban is selling majority stake to Miriam Adelson

(Newser) - Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has entered into an agreement to sell a majority stake in the NBA franchise to the family that runs the Las Vegas Sands casino company, it was announced Wednesday. The company controlled by Miriam Adelson, widow of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, announced earlier Tuesday it...

Nuggets' New 3-Point Line Was a Little Funky
There Was a Reason
Dallas Star's 3-Pointers
Weren't Hitting in Denver

There Was a Reason Dallas Star's 3-Pointers Weren't Hitting in Denver

Nuggets had court repainted for new in-season tournament, and 3-point line was a bit off

(Newser) - The 3-point shot of Dallas forward Grant Williams felt slightly off all morning in practice on the new, brightly painted Denver Nuggets court. Turns out, it wasn't his shot at all that was the issue. It was a wrongly measured 3-point line. The line's curvature was painted too...

NBA Investigates Team for Sitting Players in Loss

Suspicion is Mavericks were shooting for a better draft pick

(Newser) - It's not unusual for fans to argue a team's decisions about whom to play and whom to bench, but now the NBA has those questions for the Dallas Mavericks. The team lost by 3 points on Friday night—115-112—while holding several of its top players, including All-Star...

Young NBA Draft Pick Retires: 'Darkest Times of My Life'

Tyrell Terry, 22, 2020 draft pick for Mavericks, says severe anxiety made him lose his love of the game

(Newser) - In 2020, Tyrell Terry was drafted by the NBA's Dallas Mavericks with the 31st overall pick, after playing one year for the Stanford Cardinal team as a guard. Now, following just two years in the pros, the young basketball player is retiring, saying he's lost his love of...

Another Ugly Incident Between Rival Fans, an NBA Player

Chris Paul of Phoenix Suns says mother was touched, wife was shoved in Dallas

(Newser) - This year's NBA playoffs have seen some high-profile nastiness between an NBA player and rival fans. But an incident during Sunday's game between the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks might top that, because it involves a player's family. The Mavericks removed a fan for what it called...

Former NBA Star Shawn Bradley Was Paralyzed While Cycling

Dallas Mavericks announce accident that took place 8 weeks ago

(Newser) - On January 20, former NBA center Shawn Bradley was riding his bike just a block from his Utah home when a car hit him from behind, causing a traumatic spinal cord injury. The 48-year-old was paralyzed, his former team, the Dallas Mavericks, announced in a statement Wednesday. He's been...

NBA to Require Playing Anthem Before Games

'We are good with it,' Mark Cuban says

(Newser) - A day after Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban confirmed that he made the call to stop playing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the team’s home games, the NBA announced that it will require all teams to play the national anthem ahead of games.The move to require the...

NBA Team Drops the National Anthem
NBA Team Drops
the National Anthem

NBA Team Drops the National Anthem

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban ordered the change at beginning of season

(Newser) - The Dallas Mavericks have played 13 preseason and regular-season games at home this NBA season, and not once has the national anthem played. It was absent even as a limited audience of 1,500 fans took in Monday's game at American Airlines Center, and it's not likely to...

Mark Cuban's Errand at Dallas Gas Station Was No Regular One

Dallas Mavericks owner picked up troubled ex-player Delonte West, with hopes to help get him to rehab

(Newser) - It started out last week with a distressing scene: former NBA player Delonte West standing in the rain on the side of a Dallas street, holding up a sign asking for help. Someone snapped a pic, and concerned parties started trying to track the 37-year-old down. This week, a big...

Mark Cuban 'Embarrassed' by Damning Exposé of Team

'Sports Illustrated' alleges sexual harassment under former president Terdema Ussery

(Newser) - "It was a real life Animal House." That quote from a former employee of the Dallas Mavericks pretty much sums up the corporate culture of the NBA team as depicted in a new investigative piece by Sports Illustrated . The story pins much of the blame on former team...

NBA Player's Family Escapes Puerto Rico on Team Plane

Mark Cuban approved JJ Barea's request to send aid, pick up his family

(Newser) - It usually carries very tall men from city to city across the continental US, but the Dallas Mavericks team plane made an important detour to Puerto Rico ahead of the team's first day of training camp Tuesday. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban gave the thumbs up for the plane to...

Jeremy Lin Mops Up Floor With Mavericks

104-97 win takes out last year's champs

(Newser) - Linsanity just got a little crazier. Super star Jeremy Lin helped the Knicks bounce last year's NBA champs in a 104-97 face-off yesterday, ending the Dallas Mavericks' six-game winning streak. The point guard only made 28 points and a career-high 14 assists, notes AP . "This is helpful to...

LeBron: I Know I'm 'Not Superior'

Miami star clarifies his post-game comments

(Newser) - LeBron James was not a happy camper after the Dallas Maverick's win over the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA finals, and he let everyone know about it . In a clarification today, James said the humanity-dissing comments he made may have been misunderstood, and that when it...

Herald Runs Ad Praising NBA Champs: Miami Heat!

Unfortunately, the team lost the NBA finals to the Dallas Mavericks

(Newser) - At least Miami Heat fans have one positive newspaper clipping for the scrapbook. The morning after the Heat lost the NBA finals to the Dallas Mavericks, the Miami Herald mistakenly ran a nearly full-page Macy's ad congratulating the Heat on its "win" and offering championship T-shirts and hats....

Mavericks Beat LeBron's Heat, Win NBA Title

Dirk Nowitzki takes MVP honors for Dallas

(Newser) - For Dirk Nowitzki, the resume is complete. He's an NBA champion. For LeBron James, the agonizing wait continues for at least one more year. Avenging what happened five years ago in perfect turnabout style, the Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA title by winning Game 6 of these finals...

NBA Scores Through Social Media

With more than 117M followers, the league brings fans close to the action

(Newser) - While the NFL tortures its fans with a lockout , the NBA is increasingly bringing fans closer to the action with an aggressive and sophisticated social media campaign. In the midst of a marquee finals match-up between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks, the league consistently beats traditional news services to...

Why I'm Rooting for LeBron
 Why I'm Rooting 
 for LeBron 

Why I'm Rooting for LeBron

He and Miami Heat don't deserve their bad rap: Robert Weintraub

(Newser) - LeBron James and the Miami Heat aren't evil. They're just committed to winning, like any professional sports team, and it's OK to like them. Take it from Robert Weintraub, who defends the honor of the NBA's concocted villain in Slate . "Time for a confession,"...

PATRICK REQUEST Is Facebook the new internet and how soon before Microsoft tries to buy it ? « blog maverick
Facebook Has a Bullseye
on Its Back
Mark Cuban

Facebook Has a Bullseye on Its Back

Google and Apple will try to kill it, Microsoft to buy it

(Newser) - Mark Cuban has some good news and some bad news for Facebook. Good news: It's the “new internet,” our go-to place for at-work entertainment. “Everything that the net was 5 or more years ago, Facebook is today,” the entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks' owner writes on his...

At 0-18, Nets Set Futility Mark
 At 0-18, Nets Set Futility Mark 

At 0-18, Nets Set Futility Mark

But take heart, fans: NJ not yet threatening all-time skid of 24

(Newser) - The New Jersey Nets were pounded into NBA infamy tonight, falling 117-101 to the Dallas Mavericks for their 18th consecutive loss to start the season. The Nets passed the 1988-89 Miami Heat and 1999 Los Angeles Clippers, who both dropped their first 17 games. New Jersey's next chance to end...

Mark Cuban Takes His Ref Gripes to Twitter

Favoritism for JR Smith? Read all about it on Mavs owner's feed

(Newser) - When Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has disagreed with referees in the past, he's tended to gripe, shout, or bellow—and pay the resulting fines. But now he's also tweeting, notes Chris Matyszczyk on Cnet.com. Cuban posted a complaint about a no-call on a Nuggets player: "how...

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