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Couric Calls Lauer Scandal Devastating and Disgusting

Former Today Show host opened up on the show

(Newser) - Katie Couric is done with Matt Lauer. The former Today Show co-hosts have no relationship at all anymore, Couric told current Today host Savannah Guthrie. Not long after Lauer’s disgrace during the #MeToo movement in 2017, Couric defended him guardedly, saying he had always treated her well, and insisting...

Matt Lauer Debuts Arm Tattoo About Hatred

'Hatred corrodes the container it’s carried in'

(Newser) - Matt Lauer, perhaps emboldened by the act of going public with his long list of complaints about Ronan Farrow, on Wednesday let his new tattoo show. In a photo obtained by Us , the former Today co-anchor is seen driving in New York with the phrase "Hatred corrodes the container...

Matt Lauer Goes to Town on Ronan Farrow

Takes massive issue with Farrow's reporting about him in 'Catch and Kill'

(Newser) - In an extensive piece published on Mediaite , Matt Lauer says that yes, "Ronan Farrow Is Indeed Too Good to Be True." That headline references the headline of a recent New York Times piece criticizing Farrow's journalism, a piece with which Lauer, the subject of two chapters in...

In First Return to Fox, Megyn Kelly Slams NBC

Former 'Today' host calls for outside investigation over Matt Lauer

(Newser) - Megyn Kelly returned to her old network this week just long enough to tear into her other old network. In an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Kelly called for an outside investigation of NBC concerning the sexual misconduct allegations against former colleague Matt Lauer. "They investigated themselves," Kelly...

Another Explosive Matt Lauer Allegation

Ronan Farrow's book claims he exposed himself to a 'Today' producer

(Newser) - Another explosive Matt Lauer allegation from Ronan Farrow's new book is out: Catch and Kill, released Tuesday , includes an accusation regarding Melissa Lonner, who was a producer for Today in 2010 and allegedly told then-Today anchor Ann Curry that Lauer invited her to his office after a work event...

Lauer's Accuser Responds to His 1,400-Word Letter

'A case study in victim blaming,' says Brooke Nevils

(Newser) - Brooke Nevils says Matt Lauer's lengthy response to her going public with the rape allegation that led to his ouster from the Today show in 2017 was an attempt "to bully a former colleague into silence," but "I am not afraid of him now." In...

After Rape Claim, Lauer Releases 1,400-Word Letter

Brooke Nevils sat for interview with Ronan Farrow, provided full account of her allegations

(Newser) - Ronan Farrow's new book drops Tuesday, but an explosive allegation is out now. Variety obtained a copy of Catch and Kill and reports that in it, Farrow reveals the identity of the woman whose allegations against Matt Lauer led to his 2017 ouster from the Today show. Her name...

Matt Lauer's Wife Files for Divorce
Matt Lauer's Wife
Files for Divorce

Matt Lauer's Wife Files for Divorce

Annette Roque to reportedly receive $20M in assets

(Newser) - It’s splitsville for Matt Lauer and his wife, former Dutch model Annette Roque. Roque filed for divorce in a New York state court on Tuesday, nearly two years after Lauer was fired by NBC following sexual misconduct claims. The "uncontested" divorce is awaiting judicial review before it is...

Fox Doesn't Sound Thrilled on Idea of Megyn Kelly Returning

Host won't return to NBC show, and Fox is 'extremely happy' with its own lineup

(Newser) - NBC aired a rerun in the slot for Megyn Kelly Today for the second straight morning on Friday, and the writing on the wall became official in the afternoon: She won't return to her show, period, with the controversy over her blackface comments seen as the final straw. "...

Kiwis to Matt Lauer: You Can Keep the Ranch ... for Now

New Zealand couldn't find enough evidence to bar Lauer from lease under 'good character' test

(Newser) - He may have lost his job and his reputation —but Matt Lauer gets to keep his Kiwi ranch, at least for the moment. The New York Times reports that the ex-Today show co-host, who's accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, can retain the lease on the Hunter...

NBC News Investigation Weighs In on Lauer's Button

Finds no one in a position of authority was aware of Lauer's behavior

(Newser) - NBC News' internal investigation following Matt Lauer's firing says it doesn't believe there is a culture of sexual harassment at the division and that current management wasn't aware of Lauer's behavior until the complaint that doomed him, reports the AP . NBC Universal was criticized for turning...

Katie Couric: Matt Lauer's 'Button' Not What It Seemed

Couric says others have the same button, 'It's an executive perk'

(Newser) - That infamous privacy button that Matt Lauer had under his desk was an “executive perk” rather than a “nefarious thing” used to trap women in his office, Katie Couric told Wendy Williams on Williams' show Tuesday . “A lot of NBC executives have those buttons that open and...

Lauer Blasts 'Biased Sources' as Ann Curry Speaks Out
Matt Lauer
Breaks His

Matt Lauer Breaks His Silence

Former 'Today' host criticizes allegations against him as Ann Curry speaks out

(Newser) - Matt Lauer has broken five months of silence since allegations of sexual misconduct led to his ouster at NBC News to blast "many false stories from anonymous or biased sources that have been reported about me." In a statement to the Washington Post , Lauer says he "acted...

Ann Curry: Harassment Was Pervasive at NBC

She is 'not surprised' by the Matt Lauer allegations

(Newser) - Ann Curry for the first time addressed the sexual harassment scandal involving her former NBC co-host Matt Lauer, and one quote from her Wednesday interview on CBS This Morning is getting much attention: "I am not surprised by the allegations." Curry, while attempting to be tactful ("I'...

Matt Lauer's Replacement Is a Familiar Face

Hoda Kotb joins Savannah Guthrie, making all-female Today Show team

(Newser) - Hoda Kotb's morning just got a lot less leisurely. NBC News on Tuesday announced the 53-year-old would be replacing Matt Lauer as co-anchor of Today. She'll join Savannah Guthrie during the program's initial two hours and retain her slot with Kathie Lee Gifford during hour four. The...

Matt Lauer Made at Least One Company's Top 10 List

He's up there with Hurricane Irma on Google's annual ranking of favorite searches

(Newser) - Hurricane Irma and Matt Lauer were hot topics in 2017, Fast Company notes—hot enough to propel both to the top of Google's annual "Year in Search" results. Per the site, the results were culled "based on search terms that had a high spike in traffic in...

Sources Say NBC Won't Pay Settlement to Matt Lauer
Sources Say NBC Won't Pay
Settlement to Matt Lauer

Sources Say NBC Won't Pay Settlement to Matt Lauer

Network is refusing to budge

(Newser) - Matt Lauer has been fired for what NBC says was "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace"—but unlike other news anchors fired for sexual misconduct, the former Today host won't have a fat paycheck coming his way. Sources tell Variety that NBC staffers were told at a...

Matt Lauer: 'There Is Enough Truth in These Stories'

Fired NBC anchor issues statement apologizing as new complaints come out

(Newser) - Matt Lauer has broken his silence over the sexual misconduct scandal engulfing him. "There are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions," he says in a statement, per CNBC . "To the people I have hurt,...

Report: Matt Lauer Was 'Fixated on Women'

2-month investigation by 'Variety' reveals he exposed himself to employee, more

(Newser) - "For [Matt] Lauer, work and sex were intertwined," states Variety in an exclusive report that follows a two-month investigation into the co-host of NBC's Today, who was fired Wednesday over complaints of sexual misconduct during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Lauer "was fixated on women, especially...

NYT , Variety Both Working on Matt Lauer Exposes
NBC: Matt Lauer Misconduct
Happened at Sochi Olympics
the rundown

NBC: Matt Lauer Misconduct Happened at Sochi Olympics

'New York Times' and 'Variety' were working on investigative pieces before he was fired

(Newser) - The surprise announcement Wednesday morning that Matt Lauer had been fired effective immediately by NBC for "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace" will almost certainly not be the last damning story to emerge about him. Brian Stelter of CNN reports that the New York Times has been working on...

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