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Yes, This Is a Cow in a VR Headset

Russian initiative says VR headsets reduce bovine anxiety, may boost milk production

(Newser) - We imagine when cows dream, they must dream of lazily idling in sunny green pastures. On one Russian farm, a virtual reality experiment is being conducted in the hopes that such visions can help cows pump out more milk. The Moscow Times reports that a regional agricultural administration has fitted... More »

Nation's Biggest Milk Company Declares Bankruptcy

People aren't drinking nearly as much milk as they used to

(Newser) - Got milk? Increasingly, Americans don't, and that led the nation's biggest milk producer to file for bankruptcy Tuesday. Dean Foods blamed a decadeslong drop in milk consumption that has seen people turn to alternatives like soda, juice and almond milk. The Dallas company said it may sell itself... More »

Almond Milk Recalled for Possibly Having Milk in It

Blue Diamond's Vanilla Almond Breeze may have been tainted in production 'failure'

(Newser) - Many people who drink almond milk do so to avoid drinking cow's milk, which is why the FDA has been forced to issue a recall on more than 145,000 half-gallon cartons of "potentially compromised product," per Gizmodo . The affected product from HP Hood: Blue Diamond Vanilla... More »

Survey of US Teens Shows Big Change in Milk Drinkers

Less than a third drink a glass a day, down from about half 25 years ago

(Newser) - Fewer US teens are smoking, having sex, and doing drugs these days. Oh, and they're drinking less milk, too. Less than one-third of high school students drink a glass of milk a day, according to a large government survey released Thursday. About two decades ago, it was nearly half.... More »

Smithsonian Gets Shipped Aardvark Milk Each Week

The milking itself is tricky business

(Newser) - An aardvark in Cincinnati is sharing his mother's milk—with scientists in Washington. Ali the aardvark is mother to Winsol, who in late December became the zoo's first healthy aardvark newborn since 1994. Cincinnati Zoo staffers draw milk samples from the 13-year-old mom every Friday, then send them... More »

Researcher: Radioactive Milk Killed Hordes of Americans

Keith Meyers argues the scale is like that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

(Newser) - One estimate puts the number of American thyroid cancer deaths tied to our decade-plus of above-ground nuclear testing at 49,000. University of Arizona economist Keith Meyers argues the number of deaths could be 14 times higher. Quartz shares the results of his study , which revolves around milk: specifically, the... More »

17 Dead After Woman Allegedly Poisons Husband's Milk

Police say she wanted to 'avenge' her forced marriage

(Newser) - A 21-year-old woman in Pakistan has been charged with murder after police say she poisoned her husband's milk and ended up inadvertently killing 17 people, the AP reports. According to the Independent , Asiya Bibi (also reported as Aasia Bibi) was forced to marry a 25-year-old man against her will... More »

48% of US Adults Aren't Sure Where Chocolate Milk Comes From

According to a recent survey

(Newser) - Today in mind-blowing statistics: A full 7% of American adults think chocolate milk comes from brown cows, Food & Wine reports. That figure comes from an Innovation Center for US Dairy survey of more than 1,000 people conducted in April. When extrapolated, it means approximately 16.4 million Americans—... More »

This Type of Milk May Make Kids Taller

Cow's milk is the winner; higher protein and fat likely the reason

(Newser) - Does drinking milk make kids taller? If the milk comes from a cow, the answer may be yes, CBC News reports. A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that 3-year-olds who drank 3 cups of an alternative to cow's milk, such as soy, almond, or... More »

There's a Major Misconception About Dairy

It's not linked to increase in cardiovascular disease: study

(Newser) - Gouda news for cheese lovers: Despite claims that the fatty treat does damage to your cardiovascular health, a review of 29 studies has found no evidence that full-fat dairy products like cheese and milk boost one's risk of death, heart attack, or stroke. While many dairy products are high... More »

Vegan Restaurant Bans Bottle-Feeding Cow's Milk

Customers react after sign on door asks parents to leave milk bottles at home

(Newser) - A vegan restaurant in Spain has caused quite a ruckus by posting this on its door: “We like mothers, of all species. That’s why we don’t like bottle feeds based on cow’s milk. Please don’t use them in the restaurant.” According to El Paí... More »

Florida Has a Beef With Creamery's 'Skim Milk'

Court rules skim milk is still skim milk without added vitamins

(Newser) - A small, all-natural dairy isn't being deceptive when it calls its skim milk "skim milk," a federal appeals court ruled Monday in a victory for the creamery that's fighting the state's demand to label the product "imitation" because vitamins aren't added to it,... More »

Bought Milk? You Could Be Due a Refund

Class-action suit charged dairy producers killed 500K cows to boost prices

(Newser) - If you live in one of 15 states and you buy milk, you could be entitled to some cash back. USA Today reports that some people who bought dairy products since 2003 are due refunds as part of a $52 million settlement spun out of the alleged mass slaughter of... More »

FDA: Sorry, Camel Milk Is No Miracle Cure

California company gets a warning to tone down claims

(Newser) - One of the latest, pricey health fads is camel milk, and the FDA has made clear that it's none too pleased. That's because California company Desert Farms has been boasting that its product can cure (or at least mitigate) all kinds of ailments, from allergies to Crohn's... More »

Lawmakers Want to Outlaw 'Almond Milk' and 'Soy Milk'

They say milk comes from cows and only cows

(Newser) - Twenty-five bipartisan members of Congress say if it's from soybeans, almonds, or rice, it should not be labeled as milk. Vermont Rep. Peter Welch and Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson, leading the charge against "fake milk," signed a letter along with other Congressional members, asking the FDA to... More »

Got Milk? Yep, Way Too Much of It

US dairy farmers have dumped 43M gallons in just the first 8 months of 2016

(Newser) - There's way too much cheese in America, so it's logical there's also too much of the milk used to make it. Now US dairy farmers are remedying this by dumping their excess, to the tune of more than 43 million gallons in just the first eight months... More »

Pee for Profit: Cow Urine Can Outsell Milk in India

There are about 30 different ways to prepare the golden 'elixir'

(Newser) - Hindus revere cows as a symbol of life, including the liquid nourishment they provide—and not just the milk. Distilled urine from female cows has become a hot commodity in India, Bloomberg reports, said to bring in at least as much cash as the other kind of cow juice. And... More »

New Dairy Alternative: Pea Milk

It's coming to stores soon

(Newser) - A new alternative to cow milk comes from a source you wouldn't expect: peas. Ripple Foods is about to roll out the product nationally, first at Whole Foods and then at Target, reports . "It's creamy, sweet, and—don't worry—tastes nothing like peas,"... More »

Judge: Florida Can Label Skim Milk as 'Imitation Milk'

Unless there are added vitamins

(Newser) - Vindication for all the skim-milk haters out there: A federal judge ruled Florida is justified in labeling skim milk as "imitation milk product" if no vitamins are added to it, Consumerist reports. In 2012, the Florida Department of Agriculture told Ocheesee Creamery it had to start labeling its skim... More »

Lawmaker Insists His Raw Milk Isn't What Made Colleagues Sick

West Virginia officials are investigating

(Newser) - Some West Virginia lawmakers are dealing with a tough double-whammy: Not only are they recovering from a nasty flu-like illness, they're bearing the brunt of some serious Internet ridicule. A headline at Consumerist sums up why: "WV Lawmakers Legalize Raw Milk, Drink Raw Milk, Get Mysterious Stomach Bug.... More »

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