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Big Lawsuit Emerges Over Fatality in Vintage Tank

Shell explosion in Oregon killed Steve Preston, young assistant

(Newser) - Oregon's Steve Preston died in 2015 while doing one of his favorite things: firing old shells from a World War II-era tank on a firing range. His death came when one of those shells misfired, and now his family is seeking almost $13 million in a lawsuit from the... More »

Man Drives Tank Into Store, Steals Bottle of Wine

Witnesses note he seemed drunk

(Newser) - On Wednesday morning in a Russian town just south of the Arctic Circle, a tank rumbled through the snowy streets before crashing into a convenience store, the Independent reports. Reuters notes that witnesses at the scene "did not seem particularly disturbed by the incident." It all started when... More »

WWII Tank Crushes Man at Jelly Belly Chief's Home

Herman Rowland's son-in-law had permission to drive tank

(Newser) - A 54-year-old man was killed after being run over by a World War II-era tank over the weekend, but he wasn't on any kind of battlefield. Kevin Wright was attending a family reunion at the Fairfield, Calif., home of Jelly Belly Chairman Herman Rowland Sr. on Saturday when he... More »

WWII Tank Was Stashed in 78-Year-Old's Cellar

Prosecutors previously found stolen Nazi art in the pensioner's villa

(Newser) - It took 20 soldiers almost nine hours to remove a World War II "Panther" tank from a pensioner's cellar in a wealthy community in northern Germany—and that's in spite of the fact that the German army sent in modern recovery tanks to help confiscate the vintage... More »

New Russian Tank May Work on Its Own One Day

One designer says the Armata drives and feels like a modern SUV

(Newser) - Russia's new tank, the Armata, is expected to form the backbone of the nation's armed forces for years to come. Its designers say the new machine may evolve into a fully robotic vehicle that could operate autonomously on the battlefield. Here's a look at some of the... More »

Pro-Russia Civilians Confront Ukrainian Troops

NATO pledges heightened preparation

(Newser) - Ukraine continues its descent into chaos and confusion: With tanks and troops entering the Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk , the BBC reports that Ukrainian forces have run right into resistance from pro-Russia civilians. An officer noted that he would never attack his "own people"; another soldier said locals have been... More »

Shots Fired as Ukraine Says It Has Retaken Airport

Tanks spotted, but so far no action reported

(Newser) - Ukraine appears to have at last followed through on its threats to use military force against separatists in the east. Heavy gunfire rang out inside Kramatorsk air base today, Sky News reports. Interim Ukrainian President Oleksander Turchinov announced that Ukrainian troops had retaken the base, driving out the pro-Russian militiamen... More »

Britain: We'll Boost Support for Syria Rebels

Regime's arsenal looks shaky

(Newser) - With Kofi Annan stepping down from his diplomatic post, Britain is trying to pick up the slack in Syria. Foreign Secretary William Hague today promised more "practical but non-lethal support to the opposition," citing "communications" as an example, Reuters reports. "We don't give up on... More »

Tank Crushes Minnesota House (on Purpose)

It was set for demolition anyway

(Newser) - A Minnesota house was due to be demolished—so locals figured they might as well plow through it with a tank. The 150-year-old home in Kasota went out with a bang thanks to a company called "Drive a Tank." The firm offers civilians the chance to, well, drive... More »

Saudi King Condemns Syrian Violence

Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia withdraw ambassadors

(Newser) - With tanks continuing an onslaught against Syria’s uprising, Saudi Arabia’s king voiced harsh criticism of the crackdown and withdrew his ambassador to the country. “What is happening in Syria is not acceptable for Saudi Arabia,” King Abdullah said in a televised statement, calling on authorities to... More »

Cops Seize Tank From Mexican Drug Gang

Home-made tank captured after shootout

(Newser) - The arms race between rival Mexican drug cartels is showing no signs of slowing down. Police have seized the second "narcotank" in a month from the Zetas cartel, CNN reports. The home-made tank—a Ford truck with steel plating, gun ports, a rotating turret, and a battering ram—was... More »

NATO Won't Apologize for Bombing Rebel Tanks

Four killed in airstrike yesterday

(Newser) - A NATO airstrike hit a rebel tank convoy yesterday, killing at least four people and, according to one driver in the convoy, damaging or destroying eight tanks. Gen. Abdul Fattah Younes demanded an apology, telling the New York Times that his forces gave NATO plenty of advance warning that their... More »

US Sending Tanks to Afghanistan for First Time

The 68-ton machines have a main gun that can destroy a home a mile away

(Newser) - The US military is deploying a company of heavily armored tanks to Afghanistan for the first time in the nine-year war, in response to the ever-more intense opposition NATO is encountering from the Taliban. Marines in the southwest will get a batch of M1 Abrams tanks, which will allow them... More »

Chávez in Russia for Military Spending Spree

Venezuela recognizes breakaway republics ahead of arms deal talks

(Newser) - Hugo Chávez arrived in Moscow today, where the Venezuelan president is reportedly ready for an arms "shopping spree." Chávez is ready to buy at least 100 tanks for $500 million, reports the Times of London, and a Kremlin aide said Venezuela may get loans for helicopters,... More »

Troops in Iraq Face Final Challenge: Moving Out

US military prepares to remove equipment from Iraq

(Newser) - As the US military reduces its presence in Iraq, it faces the logistical challenge of moving all the equipment it brought to the country during the nearly six-year war effort, the Los Angeles Times reports. Unlike personnel, much of the equipment used in Iraq will remain in the region, stored... More »

Joyriding UK Soldier Crashes 2 Tanks

(Newser) - A few drinks apparently inspired a British soldier to go joyriding and crash two tanks today, the Guardian reports. The unnamed Desert Rat, stationed at the Bergen-Hohne army base in Germany, hopped in an armored vehicle and promptly drove it off the road. Undaunted, he walked back and commandeered another... More »

Israel Renews Attacks on Gaza

Air strikes, border closing follow Israeli soldier's border death

(Newser) - In the worst violence since both sides declared ceasefires, Israel today launched new air attacks and sent tanks and bulldozers into Gaza following a border explosion that killed an Israeli soldier, the BBC reports. There has been intense fighting in the south and a Palestinian farmer was killed. Israel closed... More »

Israel Warns Attacks Will Intensify

(Newser) - Israel dropped leaflets on the Gaza strip today warning inhabitants of an escalation in the 2-week offensive against Hamas militants, the BBC reports. The leaflets assured civilians that the action was against “Hamas and the terrorists only” and urged people to stay away from military targets. The development could... More »

Peace Team Rushes to Gaza as Toll Tops 520

Sarkozy to meet with Israeli leaders today

(Newser) - A European peace and humanitarian team and French President Nicolas Sarkozy headed to the region today as Israeli ground-assault tanks pushed further into Palestinian territory, and edged the death toll close to 530, Reuters reports. Hamas militants have retaliated by firing rocket-propelled grenades at tanks in eastern Gaza, and at... More »

Bush Sends Aid, Rice to Georgia

Role of Russian military in Georgia unclear

(Newser) - President Bush announced that the US would send humanitarian aid into Georgia today as hostilities threatened to overwhelm the fragile peace agreement, the New York Times reports. In announcing that he was dispatching Condoleezza Rice to mediate the dispute, Bush said that the US “stands with the democratically elected... More »

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