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Italy's Quest to Protect Its Art Compared to 'a Land Grab'

Cultural code enforcement targets reproductions of iconic works in the public domain

(Newser) - For years, German toy maker Ravensburger has been decorating puzzles with Leonardo Da Vinci's iconic Vitruvian Man drawing. Under European law, copyright protections extend 70 years after the death of an artist, meaning Vitruvian Man has been in the public domain for centuries since Da Vinci's 1519 death....

Sneaky Artist Hangs His Art Among Dali, Picasso, Loses Job

German artist lost his museum job, is being investigated for property damage

(Newser) - A museum employee fulfilled his wish of seeing his own art hanging among celebrated works from world-famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, though it meant he lost his job—which might not be the end of it. The German man, formerly employed in technical service at Munich's...

He Was an Art-Selling Wunderkind. And a Fraudster
He Was an
And a Fraudster

He Was an Art-Selling Wunderkind. And a Fraudster

'Vanity Fair' has the story of Inigo Philbrick

(Newser) - He was handed a seven-year prison sentence for what the FBI characterized as the largest art-based fraud scheme the US has ever seen. In late January 2024, after serving less than four years, Inigo Philbrick was released to home confinement. Writing for Vanity Fair , Mark Seal has the now-36-year-old's...

An Unprecedented Exhibition May Have Solved an Art Mystery

New clues arise regarding missing central panel of the Augustinian Altarpiece

(Newser) - An unprecedented exhibition opening Wednesday at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan reunites for the first time in over 450 years eight surviving panels of the Augustinian Altarpiece by the early Italian Renaissance master Piero della Francesca—while possibly solving one of its enduring mysteries. Museums have tried and failed...

Activists Toss Soup on Glass-Covered Mona Lisa

Protest at the Louvre in Paris was over sustainable farming

(Newser) - Two climate activists hurled soup Sunday at the glass protecting the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum in Paris and shouted slogans advocating for a sustainable food system, per the AP . The stunt—the latest in a series of similar actions —came amid protests by French farmers over several...

AI 'Finishes' Famous Painting, Missing the Point

Keith Haring's 'Unfinished Painting' is a commentary on the AIDS epidemic

(Newser) - AI has seen great advances in the last several years, but reading the room isn't one of them. After an X user posted an AI-generated rendering claiming to "finish" a painting by the late pop artist Keith Haring, critics are once again questioning the ethical boundaries the technology...

A Find Like This Comes 'Once in a Generation'
A Find Like This Comes
'Once in a Generation'
in case you missed it

A Find Like This Comes 'Once in a Generation'

Long-lost work by old master Artemisia Gentileschi rediscovered in palace storage

(Newser) - England's King Charles I owned seven paintings by Artemisia Gentileschi, a 17th-century Italian artist born to a father who associated with the famous realist painter Caravaggio. She is now considered "one of the finest artists of her era, up there with Caravaggio," per ARTNews , but unfortunately for...

Want Your Own Bob Ross? Prepare to Shell Out Millions

His first creation from 'The Joy of Painting' is now on offer in a rare sale

(Newser) - It was the very first time Bob Ross stood at his easel and taught the world how to paint. On the January 1983 premiere episode of The Joy of Painting, he crafted a woodland scene in autumn, a mix of warm browns and yellows. A Walk in the Woods, as...

'Take the Money and Run' Artist Told to Bring Back the Money

Jens Haaning ordered to return money to museum after he produced blank canvases

(Newser) - The Danish artist who took the money and ran—specifically, he took the money Denmark's Kunsten Museum of Modern Art gave him to reproduce two of his prior works, but instead of recreating them he simply gave the museum two blank canvases he called "Take the Money and...

$4 Thrift Store Find Could Fetch $250K
$4 Thrift Store Find
Could Fetch $250K

$4 Thrift Store Find Could Fetch $250K

Bonhams Skinner to auction painting by NC Wyeth that has been lost for 80 years

(Newser) - If you've been paying attention to the news , you know not to overlook art for sale at thrift stores. Now we have one more reason to go rummaging: As the Washington Post reports, a New Hampshire woman looking for frames to reuse at a thrift store in Manchester ended...

Museum Pays Homage to Rembrandt With Tattoos

Dutch tattoo artist Henk Schiffmaker calls the project 'highbrow to lowbrow'

(Newser) - Henk Schiffmaker's needle whirrs as he tattoos the familiar lines of an elephant on Lilian Rachmaran's back. “Highbrow to lowbrow” is how the famous Dutch tattoo artist describes his latest project, per the AP —inking sketches by Rembrandt van Rijn onto the skin of visitors to...

Misidentified Painting Sold for $40K Could Now Fetch $8M

Sotheby's to sell original work by old master Peter Paul Rubens, featuring St. Sebastian

(Newser) - A painting that sold at auction for $40,000 in 2008 is expected to fetch at least $5 million when it goes under the hammer next month—and you can't entirely blame inflation. Last time around, St. Sebastian Tended by Two Angels was attributed to the French Baroque painter...

Judge Weighs In on Legal Fight Over Banana Art

Joe Morford fails to show Maurizio Cattelan's 'Comedian' copied his earlier creation

(Newser) - The Italian artist who stuck a banana to a wall with duct tape wasn't copying the work of a contemporary who taped a banana and an orange to two panels and called it art years earlier. A US district judge for the Southern District of Florida ruled against California-based...

These Rembrandts Have Been Concealed for 200 Years

Artist's last known portraits held in private collection to be sold at auction in July

(Newser) - For the first time in 200 years, the public is getting a look at two "extraordinary" portraits painted by the Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn. British auctioneer Henry Pettifer rediscovered the small 1635 portraits—depicting a wealthy couple from the artist's hometown of Leiden, whose son had married...

Historian Claims to Have Solved a Mona Lisa Mystery

Bridge above subject's shoulder still stands in Tuscany, says Silvano Vinceti

(Newser) - Few eyes gazing upon Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa likely notice the tiny bridge painted just above the subject's left shoulder, on the right side of the painting. But that piece of architecture stood out to Italian historian Silvano Vinceti, who believes he's identified it as a...

Student Eats Banana Taped to Wall as Art

The act was also a form of art, the South Korean man says

(Newser) - An art student in South Korea visited a museum in Seoul, took down a banana that had been taped to the wall as a work of art, and ate it. When authorities at the Leeum Museum of Art asked why, the student reportedly told them he was hungry, reports USA ...

Fake Basquiats Took as Little as 5 Minutes to Create

California man admits involvement in art fraud scheme that embarrassed Orlando art museum

(Newser) - Most of the 25 paintings displayed in the Orlando Museum of Art's Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit were actually created by a 45-year-old auctioneer from California, whose name appeared on a shipping label on the back of one of the cardboard canvases, authorities say. Prosecutors announced they'd reached a plea...

True Masterpiece Hung in Family's TV Room as a Joke
True Masterpiece Hung in
Family's TV Room as a Joke

True Masterpiece Hung in Family's TV Room as a Joke

400-year-old work by Pieter Bruegel the Younger surfaces, sells for $845K

(Newser) - An auctioneer was assessing the value of art and artifacts at a home in northern France last fall when a canvas caked in dust caught his eye. Partially concealed by a door in a darkened TV room, the painting looked to be a masterpiece but was in fact a fake,...

Banksy Competes for Wall Space With 'Ukrainian Banksy'

As actual artist makes his mark in war-torn nation, local Gamlet Zinkivskyi also inspires

(Newser) - Banksy has made his mark in Ukraine during the yearlong Russian invasion, but the UK artist has some current competition in the war-torn nation. Gamlet Zinkivskyi , a 36-year-old known as the "Ukrainian Banksy" for his black-and-white contemporary artwork, has put his burgeoning international career on hold to instead paint...

Raid Turns Up What Could Be a Precious Painting

If the unknown Jackson Pollock work is authentic, it could be worth $54M

(Newser) - A previously unknown painting by Jackson Pollock, worth upwards of $54 million, has been found during a raid on alleged international art smugglers. The painting turned up in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia during an operation targeting an organized criminal group known to operate across Greece, per Art News . Five...

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