Chuck Norris

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6 Stars Who've Served in the Military

Including some who may surprise you

(Newser) - Veterans Day is coming up on Wednesday, and in a nod to it, Parade lists 13 celebrities who've served in the military. Here are 6 standouts, along with some details from about their service:
  1. Chuck Norris: Air Force, 1958-1962. The champion martial artist was first exposed to
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Putin's Latest 'Feat': He's Tougher Than Chuck Norris

Russian prez's taekwondo black belt outranks Walker, Texas Ranger

(Newser) - Somehow, despite all the time he spends shooting whales , catching humongous fish , drunkenly arm wrestling , beating hockey legends on the ice , dressing up like a bird and flying through the skies , and, of course, painting , Vladimir Putin still found time to achieve the highest possible rank in taekwondo. The Russian... More »

10 'Love Children' of the Stars

Extramarital affairs in Hollywood are not a new thing

(Newser) - Did ex-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher father a love child with a music reporter ? The story is a convoluted mess (Gallagher is suing the New York Post over its article), but one thing is certain: If he did, he certainly wouldn't be the first. The Huffington Post rounds up... More »

27 Celebs' Real Names

Does Vincent Damon Furnier sound like a rocker's name?

(Newser) - Alice Cooper wasn't actually born with his female-sounding name; his parents dubbed him Vincent Damon Furnier. Radar lists the real names of 26 more stars:
  • Chuck Norris: Carlos Ray
  • Sting: Gordon Sumner
  • Kirk Douglas: Issur Danielovitch
  • Jodie Foster: Alicia Christian Foster
  • Hulk Hogan: Terry Jean Bollette
  • George Michael: Georgios
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10 Celebrities and Their Sometimes Weird Hobbies

David Arquette really likes ... to knit?

(Newser) - How to unwind after a tough day of attending awards ceremonies and movie premieres? Well, if you're Tom Cruise, by fencing. That's the sport Tom enjoys along with Will Smith and David Beckham, the Huffington Post notes in its list of 10 celebrity leisure activities:
  • David Arquette: The
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Meet Hollywood's Republicans

Adam Sandler, Jessica Simpson, even 50 Cent make the list

(Newser) - Hollywood may be seemingly rife with outspoken liberals, but Chuck Norris (who is currently backing Newt Gingrich) is far from the only Republican celebrity. A sampling of those who lean right, courtesy of E! and the Atlantic :
  • Jessica Simpson: She endorsed George W. Bush in 2004, and her dad said
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Slovaks Set to Walk on Top of Chuck Norris

Action hero leading ballot to name new pedestrian bridge in Slovakia

(Newser) - There won't be anything pedestrian about this pedestrian bridge across the Morava River from Slovakia to Austria—not once it's named after awesome action star Chuck Norris. Norris is the runaway leader of an Internet ballot to select the new bridge's name, taking in 74% of votes... More »

17 Truly Terrible Celeb Ads From Abroad

The money must be really good

(Newser) - There was a time when celebrities could do super-embarrassing commercials overseas, rake in the dough, and never worry very much that the ads would find an American audience. Thanks to YouTube, that time no longer exists. The Telegraph rounds up 17 pretty spectacular foreign commercials starring everyone from Chuck Norris... More »

Chuck Norris to Become Real* Texas Ranger

*Real honorary Texas ranger

(Newser) - Walker, Texas Ranger, will soon be a "real" Texas ranger. Gov. Rick Perry will make Chuck Norris and his younger brother, Aaron, honorary rangers today, the AP reports. The ceremony will take place at a real-life rangers' office in Dallas. In addition to his on-screen adventures, Norris is known... More »

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's a Cowboy; Obama's a Pansy

Chuck Norris himself tackles illegal immigration

(Newser) - Who better to talk about securing our borders than Walker, Texas Ranger? In an essay for World Net Daily , Walker—er, Chuck Norris—calls Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer a “lone ranger” and says he agrees with Sarah Palin that President Obama " lacks 'the cojones' to deal with illegal... More »

Dear Conservatives, Stop Hating on Hollywood

At least the liberal actors don't have political aspirations

(Newser) - The Best Picture winner is unknown, but one thing is certain on Oscar weekend: “Talk radio hosts and conservative columnists will trot out their annual complaints about Hollywood,” and that whole shtick is getting old. First of all, writes Bill Maher in Variety , “You never see Hollywood... More »

Who Will Be the Next Chuck Norris?

The new decade needs a new Chuck-like legend

(Newser) - Chunk Norris is more than a legend—he's a meme, a man who can kill other men just by looking at them, and a conservative who helped Mike Huckabee lose an election, writes Drew Grant for Urlesque . But it's a new decade, which means it's time for a new Chuck.... More »

Chuck Norris Jabs Obama for Birthers

(Newser) - Butt-of-hipster-jokes Chuck Norris has leaped into the birther movement, challenging  President Obama to cough up his "long form" birth certificate. Norris wishes Obama happy birthday on, then not-so-subtly sequés into: "Speaking of birthdays," why do "you refuse to reveal your original birth certificate?"... More »

Feds Push More Truth in Advertising

(Newser) - Maybe Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley did get those bods from that exercise equipment, but fears that consumers don’t really understand “results may vary” has the Federal Trade Commission looking to tighten its rules, Advertising Age reports. Advertisers would have to show that consumers would see similar results,... More »

Election's Media Winners, Losers

The best and worst in a season about image

(Newser) - This election has been all about image—not just for the candidates, but for media personalities who have jumped into the fray. Scott Collins chooses its biggest success stories and failures in the Los Angeles Times:
  • Rachel Maddow, MSNBC's new commentator, is brainy, funny, and capable.
  • John King, CNN’s
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Top 10 Movie Cameos

These small parts left a big impression

(Newser) - Neil Patrick Harris just about stole Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle with a cameo, and he's not alone. runs down its top 10 movie cameos, including a stealth visit from Cate Blanchett in a hazmat suit.
  1. Bob Barker, Happy Gilmore
  2. Will Ferrell, Wedding Crashers
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Huckabee Sets Sights on Texas, Newly Relevant

Sidekick Norris calls McCain too old to be president

(Newser) - The odds are increasingly good that despite Super Tuesday's upgrade to "Duper," no obvious winner in either party will emerge by February 5. That means the March 4 Texas primary, largely written off earlier, may play a critical role in deciding nominees for both parties. Huckabee hosted the... More »

Dems Vie for Stars' Support

Obama, Clinton seek star power, cash

(Newser) - Democratic frontrunners Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are actively recruiting an army of Hollywood stars to help on the campaign trail. The LA Times runs down the supporting casts: Besides Oprah Winfrey, Obama has the support of George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Will Smith, Jennifer Aniston, and Halle Berry. Clinton's star... More »

Huck, Chuck Make Hot Ticket

Norris doesn't just endorse candidate

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee already seems to have a running mate: Chuck Norris. Huck and Chuck, as they’ve been dubbed, are inseparable on the campaign trail, the Chicago Tribune reports. The aging action star speaks at all of Huckabee’s events, often for longer than the candidate himself. “You elect... More »

Norris Credited With Huck Boost

Action star a multi-generational icon, but also a true Christian conservative

(Newser) - Like the last shrewd Arkansas politician before him, Mike Huckabee isn't discounting the punch of star power—particularly when it's coming from martial arts tough guy Chuck Norris. Seriously, says Newsweek’s Howard Fineman. Not only did the action hero provide needed publicity, but he’s a known born-again Christian... More »

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