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Trump Has a Strategy to Keep Influence on GOP

Save America PAC would give him money to back candidates whenever he leaves office

(Newser) - President Trump has settled on one way he'll try to keep a grip on Republican Party politics whenever he's out of office: He'll form a leadership political action committee. Controlling a PAC will provide money for Trump to use to influence candidates and issues, the Hill reports.... More »

Pence Makes Unusual Move to Advance Trump's Agenda

'Great America Committee' PAC will allow VP to support GOP candidates across US

(Newser) - Borrowing from his boss's now-famous slogan , Vice President Mike Pence has launched the "Great America Committee" PAC in advance of the 2018 and 2020 elections, NBC News reports. Pence will use money raised through the PAC to travel the country on Air Force Two and help stump for... More »

'Registered Genius' Says He's Made $1.1M Off Trump Fans

Donors are furious at PAC's apparent fundraising scheme

(Newser) - More than $1 million has been raised in the name of Donald Trump by a PAC—but zero dollars appear to have gone to help the GOP nominee, and donors are furious with the "registered genius" and "grape soda connoisseur" behind the setup, Politico reports. Ian Hawes is... More »

New PAC Targets Trump's 'Tiny' Hands

Founder wonders whether 'baby hands' can lift White House phone

(Newser) - "When a call comes into the White House at 3am, will Donald Trump's tiny baby hands be able to lift the phone receiver?" Henry Kraemer asks the Hill . "This is something Americans should know before voting." Kraemer, an Oregon resident, is the founder of the Trump... More »

Politicians Now Accepting Bitcoins

FEC approves their use for first time

(Newser) - Bitcoins just got into politics: The FEC said yesterday that people can use them to make political contributions. As far as the fine print goes, any PAC that accepts them must convert them into dollars before using the money, the Washington Post reports. Also, no anonymous donations will be allowed,... More »

Kochs Launch Group to Win Over Hispanics

Can outside money cure the GOP's demographic woes?

(Newser) - The Koch Brothers money machine is throwing itself at one of the party's long-standing goals: winning over Hispanic voters. The brothers have launched a group known as the Libre Initiative, Reuters reports, and it marks a bit of a departure from the duo's usual attack-ad-chucking tactics. While the... More »

How Lawmakers, Lobbyists Vacation Together—Legally

Lavish fundraisers offer chance to schmooze

(Newser) - In 2007, Congress passed measures largely barring lavish lobbyist-funded trips and gatherings. But what the New York Times calls "destination fundraisers" haven't stopped, and, indirectly, they're still funded by the lobbyists, who schmooze with lawmakers in places like Napa Valley, Las Vegas, and Bermuda. The money for... More »

Twitter Registers Lobbyist, Forms PAC

And yes, it has a hashtag in the name

(Newser) - DC's profound love for Twitter may be tested or cemented, with news the social media service is turning political. The company has announced it's forming its own PAC, to be named Twitter#PAC, and has registered its policy manager (and former Republican aide) William Carty as a lobbyist, the... More »

'Stop Hillary' PAC Plans to Kick Up a Fuss

'We’re supporting anything that is the opposite of Hillary'

(Newser) - Guess it's never too early. As speculation abounds about a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential run, conservatives are already gearing up against her. Case in point: a Stop Hillary PAC, incorporated in May. The organization is full of lower-level political figures, with Colorado state Sen. Ted Harvey in charge; a... More »

Rubio's Water Bottles Bring in $100K

More than 3K sold for his PAC

(Newser) - It looks like Marco Rubio's self-deprecating fundraiser is working. After weathering merciless teasing over his infamous swig during the State of the Union response, the Florida senator began offering water bottles to benefit his political action committee, Reclaim America. Supporters have snapped up more than 3,100 bottles (the... More »

Obama Will Take Corporate Cash for Inaugural Parties

It's a 'symbolic reversal' after 2009 festivities: Politico

(Newser) - One way President Obama's second inauguration will differ from his first: This time, he's accepting unlimited corporate funds for parties and receptions, a rep says. He still won't take money from PACs or lobbyists, the New York Times notes, and with the economy in mind, his inaugural... More »

Only 26% of Political Donations From Women

Figure has actually dipped in recent years: Survey

(Newser) - Less than a third of political donations come from women, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed the money given to candidates, political action committees, and party committees in 2010 and discovered that only 26% of federal contributions came from female donors, a dip from 31% in 2008, and 27%... More »

Facebook Starts a PAC

Social media firm aiming to buy some friends

(Newser) - Looks like the original social network is shopping for a political network: Facebook has filed paperwork to form a political action committee and it plans to use it to funnel donations to its favored candidates in upcoming elections, reports the New York Times . As debates about privacy and monopoly concerns... More »

FEC Approves Colbert's PAC

In a move that actually scares some activists

(Newser) - The FEC today approved Stephen Colbert’s request to form a Super PAC that can accept and spend unlimited quantities of money on the 2012 elections. The hearing, alas, was “devoid of anything beyond a gentle chuckle,” with Colbert attorney Trevor Potter doing all the talking, according to... More »

Gingrich's PAC Isn't Exactly Raking in Cash

It's pulled in just $53,000 this year

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich’s political action committee has raised a paltry $53,000 so far this year, according to the latest FEC numbers, and Politico sees that as a troubling sign for the would-be candidate. Sure, Gingrich’s 527 group American Solutions for Winning the Future has pulled in tens of... More »

Christine O'Donnell Starts a PAC

It's unclear what 'ChristinePAC' intends to do

(Newser) - Christine O’Donnell has taken her Sarah Palin mini-me act to its next logical level, filing paperwork to form a political action committee called ChristinePAC. The group will allow America’s favorite non-witch to remain involved in politics, much as SarahPAC does for Palin, the New York Times observes. It’... More »

Target Still Backing Anti-Gay Politicians

Money kept flowing after CEO's apology

(Newser) - Target continued to donate to anti-gay politicians after its CEO apologized for doing so and promised to investigate the retailer's political donation policy, an investigation by The Awl finds. A few politicians who support gay equality also received relatively small donations, but October filings with the Federal Election Commission show... More »

Sharron Angle Starts Tea Party PAC for 2012

Patriot Caucus plans offices in primary battlegrounds

(Newser) - Sharron Angle revealed a PAC this weekend aimed at spreading the Tea Party message for 2012, Politico reports. Tea Party heads in 15 states back the Patriot Caucus, which, she said, will “organize a ground game across most battleground states.” It aims to have offices in four early-primary... More »

Bailed-Out Companies Throw Cash to GOP

Even though Dems led push for TARP

(Newser) - Despite being bailed out by the government—and, in some cases, still owing money to the government—many companies are donating heavily to candidates. And many of those candidates are Republicans, even though it was mostly Democrats who supported the TARP program, the Washington Post reports. The 23 companies that... More »

Liberals Crank Up Heat on GOP Donors

They ask Justice Department, IRS to investigate

(Newser) - Democrats and liberal activist groups are launching a full-scale assault on the conservative groups that have been making it rain this election cycle. MoveOn.org and nonprofits like Public Citizen and Public Campaign are asking the Justice Department and the IRS to investigate these groups and their sources of funding,... More »

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