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Bezos' $500K Donation Met With Groans

Baby2Baby donation from world's second-richest man fell flat: Page Six

(Newser) - Celebrities including Jeff Bezos raised $8.5 million for Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that provides diapers and other necessities to children living in poverty, at its 10th annual gala in Los Angeles on Saturday, per Vanity Fair . But if Bezos was expecting a pat on the back for his $500,000...

Jessica Alba's Company May Have a $1B Buyer

Unilever is in talks to acquire Honest Co.

(Newser) - Big whispers in both the celebrity and business realms: Unilever is considering the acquisition of Jessica Alba's Honest Co. for more than $1 billion, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . Those sources say discussions regarding a deal are happening; the Journal notes that the amount being discussed is "...

Jessica Alba's Honest Company Maybe Not So Honest

Detergent found to contain ingredient Honest said it didn't use

(Newser) - Perhaps Jessica Alba should change the name of her business to the Not-So-Honest Company? As the Wall Street Journal reports, the Honest Company purports to sell cleaning supplies and other products that don't contain the "toxic" chemicals that more mainstream products do. One such ingredient: sodium lauryl sulfate...

Consumers: We Were Burned by Jessica Alba's Sunscreen

'Honest Company' gets some searing complaints

(Newser) - The Honest Company founded by Jessica Alba has become a $1 billion business selling all-natural products, but some customers say the firm is being less than honest about its sunscreen's ability to protect people from the sun. Many customers have taken to social media to complain that the "...

5 Female Celebs With Their Own Businesses

Including lines exclusively sold at Target, Walmart

(Newser) - Business ownership is the latest must-have among women on the A-list. Five female celebs who are cashing in on their star power:
  • Halle Berry, Scandale Paris : The Oscar winner's line of $7 panties and $18 bras went on sale at Target stores in October. It's doing well, and

11 On-Set Hollywood Romances

The onscreen chemistry was real

(Newser) - Some might say it's a bad idea to date a co-worker, but these 30 famous couples rounded up by HLN apparently disagreed. All of them met on set:
  • Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper: They met in 2012 while filming The Words, and dated on and off for a year.

5 Celebs Whose First Time Was With Another Celeb

At least, according to the gossip mill

(Newser) - Some people dream about losing their virginity to a superstar, but for celebrities, that dream can easily become reality. The Stir rounds up eight celebs whose first time was allegedly with a fellow star:
  • Rumor has it Taylor Swift lost her virginity to Jake Gyllenhaal after three months of dating.

10 Stars Who Got Married at City Hall

It's more common than you might think

(Newser) - Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard quietly got married recently, but rather than throw a typical, huge wedding, they headed to City Hall and let a justice of the peace do the honors. Turns out it's not entirely uncommon among the stars. The Frisky rounds up nine more celebrity couples...

10 Celebrity Couples You Never Knew About

Really? Charlie Sheen dated Robin Wright?

(Newser) - "Really? They were together?" That'll probably be your reaction to these celebrity couples rounded up by ETOnline . A sampling:
  • Not only did Charlie Sheen date Winona Ryder, he says he picked her stage name. She was born Winona Horowitz, but while listening to "Riders on the Storm"

Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 8 With ... Jessica Alba?

Microsoft touts phone's customization features

(Newser) - Microsoft officially unveiled Windows Phone 8 yesterday, and it did so with a special celebrity guest: Jessica Alba. Microsoft invited the actress to tout the phone's "Kid's Corner" feature, which allows parents to control what apps kids have access to, touting her as a "great example...

12 Celebs Who Battled Eating Disorders

Two of them got down to just 70 pounds

(Newser) - Katie Couric revealed last week that she struggled with bulimia in her early 20s—and sadly, she's far from the only celebrity to have battled an eating disorder. The Huffington Post rounds up a dozen:
  • Jessica Alba: She once said that she had trouble adjusting to "a woman'

World's Best Dressed Woman: Gwyneth Paltrow
 World's Best
 Dressed Woman:  
 Gwyneth Paltrow 
'people' says

World's Best Dressed Woman: Gwyneth Paltrow

'People' honors the queens of fashion

(Newser) - And the best dressed woman in the world is ... Gwyneth Paltrow. People awarded the star, who turns 40 this month, its top fashion honor. "She has a uniform: It's simple, not overdone," her stylist tells the magazine, as per USA Today . "She goes, 'I'm...

Dems Look to Michelle as DNC Kicks Off
 T-1 Day Til Dems' Convention 

T-1 Day Til Dems' Convention

Team Romney looks to steal some thunder from Charlotte convention

(Newser) - Counting the minutes til the Democratic National Convention begins? Here's what has been happening in advance of tomorrow's kickoff, and what you can expect when the Democrats' big shebang begins:
  • Yesterday saw weaker-than-expected protests: Some 800 protesters took to the streets in Charlotte to slam big banks, lax

9 Actresses Who Think They're Just Too Hot

It's tough out there for a hottie

(Newser) - Poor, poor Scarlett Johansson: She's so attractive, her looks have actually kept her from certain roles, she said recently. "That has happened to me before," she said. "That’s always an unfortunate thing." And she's not the only one with this terribly sad problem:...

10 Celebs Who Burst Into Business

Jessica Alba, Sammy Hagar branch out

(Newser) - Celebs are excellent at promoting themselves, so why not move into other products? Here are 10 stars who were bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, courtesy of the Street .

14 Secret Celeb Weddings
 14 Secret Celeb Weddings 

14 Secret Celeb Weddings

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied aren't the only ones

(Newser) - Natalie Portman got secretly married to Benjamin Millepied—at least, according to her jeweler —but it turns out she's not the only one in Tinseltown who can keep her mouth shut and her wedding private. The Frisky rounds up 13 more secret Hollywood marriages:
  • Daniel Craig and Rachel

14 Most Bizarre Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings

Bananas and ketchup ... yum?

(Newser) - More proof celebrities are just like us: They get weird pregnancy food cravings, too. The Sun reports that Beyonce is already hankering for some pretty weird combinations, which, perhaps too predictably, include pickles. "She's snacking on Oreo biscuits and gherkins," says a source. Also, "Bounty ice...

Jessica Alba Names Baby No. 2...

...Haven Garner Warren, actress announces on Facebook

(Newser) - Jessica Alba is a mommy again, announcing via Facebook that her newborn daughter's name is ... Haven Garner Warren, reports the Daily Mail . Weighing in at seven pounds and measuring 19 inches long, Haven is the second daughter of Alba and hubby Cash Warren, along with 3-year-old Honor Marie. "...

At Fashion's 'Oscars,' Gaga Was ... Nervous

Naomi Watts, Kanye West, Jessica Alba present CFDA awards

(Newser) - On stage to accept an award as the year's top style icon, a soft-spoken, maybe even teary-eyed Lady Gaga said she was nervous. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and actress Naomi Watts also agreed: The crowd at yesterday evening’s Council of Fashion Designers of America awards felt pretty intimidating....

Most of Us Want to Cheat With...
 Celebs We Want to Cheat With 

Celebs We Want to Cheat With

Jessica Alba, Johnny Depp, survey shows

(Newser) - Dating site, where you can go in search of an extramarital affair, recently surveyed its members to find out which celebrities they'd most like to cheat with. Fox News reports on the findings from 30,000 US members. The women:
  1. Jessica Alba: Fifteen percent of the males

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