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Russia Tests New Super-Weapon in Arctic

Bases and troops are being strengthened, and the US and NATO have made countermoves

(Newser) - Taking advantage of warmer conditions brought by climate change, Russia is strengthening its military presence in the Arctic and testing new, more powerful weapons. Satellite images show bases being built up along Russia's Arctic coastline, CNN reports, including Cold War-era installations that are being refitted. The area close to...

What World Leaders Are Saying About DC Violence

'Disgraceful,' 'shocking,' and 'concerning'

(Newser) - “Disgraceful." That’s Boris Johnson’s take on images of Trump supporters storming the US Capitol on Wednesday, according to the Guardian . “The United States stands for democracy around the world and it is now vital that there should be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power,...

Trump: Troops to Be Moved From Germany to Poland

Others now in Germany will be going home, he says

(Newser) - President Trump said Wednesday that some of the 10,000 American troops he’s pulling out of Germany will be moved to Poland on NATO's eastern flank against Russian aggression, the AP reports. "We’re going to be reducing our forces in Germany," Trump said in the...

Trump: Troops to Be Pulled From 'Delinquent' Germany

President confirms cut to 25K troops

(Newser) - President Trump said Monday he is ordering a major reduction in US troop strength in Germany, a move widely criticized by members of his own party as a gift to Russia and a threat to US national security. "We're putting the number down to 25,000 soldiers,”...

Trump Had a Hot Mic Moment of His Own

'That was funny when I said the guy is two-faced,' he's overheard saying

(Newser) - Canada's Justin Trudeau will apparently not be apologizing to President Trump over the video in which he and other world leaders are overheard laughing about Trump's impromptu Q&A with reporters at the NATO summit. CNN reports via sources that Trudeau on Wednesday personally spoke to Trump about...

Trudeau, Macron Caught on Video Laughing at Trump
Trump Cancels NATO Presser
in Wake of Mocking Video
the rundown

Trump Cancels NATO Presser in Wake of Mocking Video

Trump calls Trudeau 'two-faced'

(Newser) - The first day of the NATO summit was contentious . The second is no different, thanks to video Tuesday night that appears to show a group of world leaders mocking President Trump, though he was never mentioned by name. The candid moment at the summit reception at Buckingham Palace was caught...

Trump to Macron: 'Would You Like Some Nice ISIS Fighters?'

The two meet one-on-one after sparring earlier in the day

(Newser) - There was no love lost between President Trump and Emmanuel Macron at the start of Day 1 of the NATO 70th-anniversary summit in London, with the two publicly clashing over the alliance. Hours later came a pre-scheduled one-on-one that the Hill calls "tense" but the Washington Post sees as...

Trump Slams Macron's Comments as 'Very Nasty'

French leader criticized NATO, and US president called him 'very disrespectful' for it

(Newser) - President Trump has been one of NATO's biggest critics over the years, but on Tuesday he came to the alliance's defense when a fellow leader bashed it. Trump took exception to French leader Emmanuel Macron's assertion that NATO was experiencing "brain death," in part because...

Prisoner Swap Includes MH17 Crash Suspect

Film director is among the 70 traded by Russia, Ukraine

(Newser) - In a step toward easing tensions between the two countries, Russia and Ukraine traded a total of 70 prisoners Saturday. Each country flew 35 prisoners to the other country. Greeting the released Ukrainians at the airport, the country's president said, "We have to do all the steps to...

US Is Kicking Turkey Out of F-35 Program

NATO ally has bought Russian defense system

(Newser) - In a major break with a longtime ally, the Trump administration on Wednesday said Turkey is being kicked out of an American-led fighter aircraft program because it is buying a Russian air defense system that would aid Russian intelligence. The decision has significant implications for the cohesion of NATO, whose...

Turkey Just Got Special Delivery That Won't Make US Happy

First shipment of Russian S-400 missile defense system has arrived in Ankara

(Newser) - A special delivery arrived in Turkey's capital Friday: the first batch of equipment for a $2.5 billion Russian S-400 missile defense system. A source tells the TASS news agency that two more shipments are expected by the end of the summer and that Turkish missile operators are being...

US Warns Europe: You're Blocking Us Out

Washington complains about the EU's new defense plan

(Newser) - America is warning Europe to drop a project that would boost military cooperation between EU nations, the Financial Times reports. In a letter to Brussels, US Under Secretary of Defense Ellen Lord says the plan—which involves creating new military equipment, military hospitals, and a spy school—would "produce...

New Report Won't Help Trump on the Russia Narrative

'NYT' says he has repeatedly talked about leaving NATO, and Putin would love that

(Newser) - President Trump has made no secret of his disdain for NATO. Now, the New York Times reports that his displeasure has gone beyond making public criticisms. Quoting anonymous senior administration officials, the newspaper says Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to withdraw from the alliance. Trump's national security team...

On Way to Helsinki, Putin Violated NATO Airspace

Estonian military rep cites a 'long pattern' of such Russian violations

(Newser) - Two Russian military planes, including one carrying President Vladimir Putin to Helsinki, Finland, briefly entered NATO airspace without clearance on Monday, according to Estonia. Roland Murof, a spokesman for the Estonian military, says Putin's Ilyushin-96 airplane crossed 1.7 miles into Estonian territory near the island of Vaindloo over...

White House: Yes, Aide Was Irritated at NATO Breakfast

But it was all about the food, says Sarah Huckabee Sanders

(Newser) - While President Trump criticized Germany as "captive to Russia" during a NATO breakfast this week, multiple news outlets pointed out that chief of staff John Kelly didn't look like he was having a great time, reports USA Today . As the Washington Post notes, Kelly pursed his lips and...

Trump Says He's Now Happy With NATO, Takes 'Total Credit'

He says other nations agreed to increase spending, but France's Macron disagrees

(Newser) - The good news for those worried about the US commitment to NATO under President Trump is that Trump declared, "I believe in NATO" Thursday during a summit-ending press conference, reports the New York Times . The bad news is that, earlier, in a closed-door session with fellow leaders, he again...

Trump's Blast at Germany Calls Attention to Huge Pipeline

US worried proposed project would give Russia too much money, influence in Europe

(Newser) - President Trump came out swinging as expected Wednesday at the start of the NATO summit, but he went beyond his familiar criticism that nations such as Germany weren't spending enough on defense. Instead, he called attention to a proposed pipeline that would run gas under the Baltic Sea, from...

Trump Lights Into Germany at NATO Breakfast

He says country is 'controlled' by Russia; Angela Merkel isn't having it

(Newser) - In a combative start to his NATO visit, President Trump asserted Wednesday that a pipeline project has made Germany "totally controlled" by and "captive to Russia" and blasted NATO allies' defense spending, opening what was expected to be a fraught summit with a list of grievances involving American...

Trump Zings NATO, and EU Chief Zings Back
Trump Zings NATO, and 
EU Chief Zings Back

Trump Zings NATO, and EU Chief Zings Back

President leaving for Brussels on Tuesday

(Newser) - President Trump is leaving for his NATO summit in Brussels on Tuesday morning in an apparent good mood—and happy to take some preemptive shots at the world bloc. "Thank you to all of my great supporters, really big progress being made," Trump tweeted . "Economy is ROARING....

Trump Fires Off Warning Letters to NATO Allies

Ahead of summit, president complains others, especially, Germany, aren't contributing enough

(Newser) - President Trump heads to Belgium next week for a NATO summit, and he has set the tone in advance with what the New York Times calls "sharply worded" letters to leaders of other member nations. The gist: Trump asserts that they're not paying their fair share for defense,...

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