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Parents on Freshman's Death: 'No One Has Said Anything'

Cornell's Antonio Tsialas found dead after leaving frat party

(Newser) - The full-page ad in Cornell's student newspaper offers a $10,000 reward—and a plea: Tell us how and why our son died. Freshman Antonio Tsialas, 18, was found dead in a gorge in Ithaca, NY, where a river plunges more than 150 feet over rock cliffs, on Oct....

Cynthia Nixon's Campaign Makes Spelling Gaffe

Email from her New York gubernatorial campaign misspells name of Ithaca repeatedly

(Newser) - The gubernatorial campaign of actress and activist Cynthia Nixon learned a hard lesson about New York state geography when it misspelled the name of the city of Ithaca repeatedly in an email to supporters. "Cynthia is coming to Ithica!" read the subject line of the email, per the...

New Gate Would Block Perilous Gorge, but Many Don't Want It

2 Cornell students died after crossing through Ezra's Tunnel, but locals say Ithaca gorge is iconic

(Newser) - Cornell University students have long wandered through a nearly 200-year-old tunnel that one nature official describes as "one of the most dangerous places in the entire Finger Lakes region," mainly to get to a popular (but illegal) swimming hole. Now, after two student drownings in seven years, the...

Women Have It Especially Rough in These 5 Cities

Gadsden, Ala., ranks worst: 24/7 Wall St.

(Newser) - Women earn about 80% of what men do nationwide. But in some US metropolitan areas, they earn as little as 53%. The gender pay gap is just one factor that went into determining the best and worst US metropolitan areas for women, per 24/7 Wall St . Also based on life...

These Are the Best College Towns in the US

Boulder takes the number-one spot

(Newser) - Trying to figure out where to go to college? Just like living in close proximity to tweed-clad-professorial types? The American Institute for Economic Research has ranked the top 20 college towns in the US based on things like youth unemployment, rent, arts and entertainment, diversity, bars and restaurants, and innovation....

NY Tourism Office: 'We Give Up,' Go to Florida
 NY Tourism Office: 
 'We Give Up,' 
 Go to Florida 

NY Tourism Office: 'We Give Up,' Go to Florida

Winter in upstate New York is 'ridiculously stupid'

(Newser) - Not even Ithaca's tourism office thinks you should visit Ithaca. Struggling through a vicious winter in New York state, workers at the office started offering unusual advice on Sunday night, the Miami Herald reports. "That's it. We surrender," says the office's website . "Due to...

Everybody Flocked to, Crashed It

Key West, what?

(Newser) - When the tourism board in Ithaca, NY, threw up its hands in despair and advised would-be tourists to the area to go instead to the Florida Keys , a funny thing happened: Everybody instead flocked to , crashing it by yesterday afternoon, reports the AP . Bruce Stoff of the Ithaca-Tompkins...

Tractor-Trailer Hits Restaurant; 1 Dead

Police not sure what happened yet in Ithaca

(Newser) - A tractor-trailer carrying cars slammed into a restaurant in Ithaca, NY, yesterday, killing one person and injuring seven others, reports the Ithaca Journal . The driver survived, and the investigation is continuing into what happened. A witness tells the newspaper that the truck didn't sound its horn as it came...

Mayor Turns His Parking Spot Into Park

Ithaca's Svante Myrick, 25, wasn't using it

(Newser) - The mayor of Ithaca, NY, gave up his car and started walking to work—but he still had his own reserved parking spot downtown. What to do? Svante Myrick, 25, the city's youngest mayor, decided to turn his "parking space into a park space," he wrote on...

Cornell Shocks Wisconsin, Gains Sweet 16
 Cornell Shocks 
 Gains Sweet 16 
ncaa tournament

Cornell Shocks Wisconsin, Gains Sweet 16

Big Red will face Kentucky; Ohio State outlasts Ga. Tech

(Newser) - Louis Dale scored 26 points, Ryan Wittman added 24, and No. 12 seed Cornell upset fourth-seeded Wisconsin, 87-69, today in Jacksonville, becoming the first Ivy League team since Penn in 1979 to advance to the round of 16.The Big Red (27-8) will play top-seeded Kentucky in the East Regional...

Suicide Guards Posted on Cornell Bridges

University takes action after 3 students leap to their death

(Newser) - Cornell University has placed guards on campus area bridges following the suicides of three students in less than a month. As searchers continued the hunt for the body of the latest victim, a junior at the New York Ivy League school, university officials also launched an aggressive mental health campaign,...

NY College Offers Freshmen $10K to Wait a Year

Ithaca finds novel solution to over-enrollment

(Newser) - Ithaca College faced flagging enrollment last year, so it loosened admissions criteria. But that backfired: The New York school admitted 250 students more than it can accommodate this year. Even after building a temporary dorm, the college still doesn’t have room for 31 of them, so it’s making...

Most Secure American Cities
Most Secure American Cities

Most Secure American Cities

From Corvallis, Ore., to Ithaca, NY, places to feel safe at home

(Newser) - There's no place like home, especially if home is nestled safely in one of the most secure places in America. The website breaks down the top 20 small towns, mid-size cities, and large metro areas: Population less than 150,000
  1. Corvallis, Ore.
  2. Harrisonburg, Va.
  3. Ithaca, NY

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