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Porn, Video Games Causing 'Masculinity Crisis': Shrink

Phillip Zimbardo says men are suffering 'new form of addiction'

(Newser) - Video games, pornography, and social isolation are an unhealthy mix for today's young men, according to a leading psychologist. Phillip Zimbardo, a professor emeritus at Stanford University, makes his warnings in his new book, Man (Dis)Connected—which includes the results of an in-depth study of 20,000 young men,...

Nearly Half of Young Men Report 'Sexual Coercion'
Nearly Half of Young Men Report 'Sexual Coercion'

Nearly Half of Young Men Report 'Sexual Coercion'

43% had unwanted sexual experience

(Newser) - A huge proportion of young men say they have ended up submitting to unwanted sexual advances—and 95% of the time, a female they knew was the aggressor, according to new research. The study found that 43% of high school or college-age men reported being coerced into unwanted sexual behavior,...

More Young Women Want to Earn the Big Bucks
 More Young Women 
 Want to Earn the Big Bucks 
survey says

More Young Women Want to Earn the Big Bucks

Even more so than young men, says Pew survey

(Newser) - Among today's young people, more young women are eager to rake in cash than are their male counterparts. Some two-thirds of 18- to 34-year-old women say a successful, high-paying job is "one of the most important things" or "very important" to them, a Pew report finds, compared...

Young Men Face Soaring Unemployment
Now Is an Awful Time to Be
a Young Man in America
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Now Is an Awful Time to Be a Young Man in America

Some 14.4% of 25- to 34-year-olds jobless; many living at home

(Newser) - Few Americans were immune to the recession, but the plight of young men continues to be particularly dire. The unemployment rate for male high-school grads ages 25 to 34 is 14.4%, far above the 9% national average; the figure also marks a huge jump from the 6.1% jobless...

Young Grow Poorer While Old Get Richer

Recession socks Americans born after 1955

(Newser) - Young and middle-aged people, particularly men, saw their incomes plummet from 2000 to 2008, leaving many age groups at 30-year nadirs, new Census data show. The recession has exacerbated the problem, widening the gap between young and old at an unprecedented rate, USA Today reports. Worst hit were those in...

China's One-Child Policy Leads to Nation of Angry Men

Huge gender imbalance spurs skyrocketing crime rate

(Newser) - China’s got a big problem, one of its own making. The nation's one-child policy, now 30 years old, has resulted in a land of angry, testosterone-filled young men unable to find wives, writes Mara Hvistendahl in the New Republic. Finally worried about the world's biggest gender imbalance and its...

Hello Kitty to Purr for Young Men, Too

Company will make girl-friendly product line palatable for teen boys

(Newser) - Will boys really say “Hello Kitty”? The company behind the sugary-sweet product line thinks so. Japan’s Sanrio Co. says it will plaster the cuddly cat on T-shirts, bags, watches, and other products for males. “We think Hello Kitty is accepted by young men as a design...

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