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Arizona to Prez: Do Your Job, Secure the Border

Guv fires back after Obama scolding

(Newser) - Did President Obama's slam against Arizona's immigration law make the governor quake in her boots? Hardly. "Do your job. Secure the border," Gov. Jan Brewer shot back at the president in a speech to a Republican group. Brewer pledged to "defend this law against every assault, including... More »

1,200 National Guard Troops Heading to Mexico Border

Obama trying to woo GOP on immigration reform

(Newser) - President Obama is trying to prove to skeptical Republicans that he's willing to get tough on border security. In exchange, he wants their help passing immigration reform this year. In a visit to Capitol Hill today, Obama told GOP lawmakers that he will deploy 1,200 National Guard troops to... More »

Can You Accidentally Hike Into Iran?

Yes, but it's not exactly easy, or safe

(Newser) - The plight of the three American hikers facing espionage charges in Iran might have you wondering: Is it really that easy to accidentally wander into Iran? The answer is yes, but only “if you’re reckless,” writes Juliet Lapidos for Slate’s Explainer column. The Iraqi Kurdistan area... More »

N. Korea to Reopen Border With South

Tourism and reunions with relatives in SK now possible

(Newser) - North Korea pledged today to reopen its borders with the south for tourism and family visits after reclusive leader Kim Jong-il met with the head of the South Korean Hyundai Group in Pyongyang, reports Reuters. Hyundai's Hyon Jong Un met the ailing Kim to secure the release of a detained... More »

New Passport Rules Burden Businesses on US Borders

Fewer traveling into US

(Newser) - Businesses on the US side of the Canadian border say they're struggling now that travelers must show a passport to get into the country. In June, when the new law went into effect, the 11 busiest border bridges saw 23% less traffic than last year, the Wall Street Journal reports.... More »

Texas Gov Compares Mexico to Gaza Strip

Trip to Israel is this third

(Newser) - On a trip to Israel this week, Texas Gov. Rick Perry compared Mexico with the Gaza Strip and said his state could learn from his hosts when it comes to security. "Just like it's important to Israelis to keep heavy security on their border with Gaza, it's important to... More »

Israelis Stymie Horse-Drawn Bomb Attempt

(Newser) - Explosives-laden horses were part of an attempt today by Palestinian militants to plant bombs in Israel, the BBC reports. Israel says it shot and killed four men—who where wearing explosive vests—and their explosive-laden horses after they first fired on a border post. The Israeli response to the men... More »

Militants Again Flow From Syria to Iraq

Border security troubled by funding cuts

(Newser) - For years, the threat of fighters entering Iraq through Syria seemed to have faded—but recent attacks show the al-Qaeda in Iraq pipeline is pumping again, the Washington Post reports. Soon after Iraqi elections, the number of militants entering via Syria had dropped to just a few, said an official.... More »

Shut Mexican Border: US Lawmaker

Massa says swine flu necessitates 'immediate' closure

(Newser) - A Democratic member of the House Homeland Security Committee has called for the US-Mexico border to be closed as the number of swine flu cases continues to mount, reports the Hill. Eric Massa of New York said that swine flu is "a serious threat to the health of the... More »

Obama Moves to Halt 'River' of Guns, Drugs to Mexico

Adds top cartels to 'drug kingpin' list

(Newser) - On the eve of an important meeting with Mexico’s president, President Obama yesterday imposed sanctions against the top Mexican drug cartels in a move intended to slow cross-border drugs and weapons trafficking, the Washington Post reports. After speeding up a process that normally takes a year, he added three... More »

Mexican Cartels Have Little Trouble Getting US Guns

Lax laws, difficult tracing system make smuggling easy

(Newser) - Thanks to lax gun laws that vary from state to state, smugglers providing arms to Mexican drug cartels can move vast quantities of weapons over the border for years without sparking suspicion. The subject may come up when President Obama visits Mexico tomorrow, but the political will to change US ... More »

Obama to Create Border Czar Post

(Newser) - A former Justice Department official has been picked to be the Southwest border czar—a new position created by the Obama administration to handle illegal immigration and border issues. The new Homeland Security Department post will be responsible for issues related to drug-cartel violence along the US-Mexico border and the... More »

Swiss-Italian Border Moves as Glaciers Melt

Alpine borderlines changing along with the climate

(Newser) - The rapid melting of Alpine glaciers has prompted Swiss and Italian authorities to redraw the border between the two nations, the Independent reports. Authorities believe the border will need to be moved by hundreds of feet in some places as glaciers have shifted and permafrost has disappeared, changing the course... More »

White House Adds Troops to Mexico Border Drug Fight

US will beef up presence on border

(Newser) - The Obama administration says it is sending more agents and equipment to the southwestern US border to combat Mexican drug cartels. Speaking at the White House today, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said officials were still considering whether to deploy the National Guard to the border. She plans to meet... More »

US Agents to Aid Mexican Cartel War

Admin could announce plan as early as this week

(Newser) - President Obama is shipping agents and equipment to the border to aid Mexico's war on violent drug cartels, the Washington Post reports. His plan, to be unveiled as early as this week, aims to stop the flow of weapons and cash from the US into Mexico. Law enforcement will also... More »

North Korea Seizes US Reporters

Guards cross Chinese border to detain pair reporting on refugee crisis

(Newser) - North Korean soldiers reportedly crossed the Chinese border to arrest two American journalists filming in the border zone, the BBC reports. The women were detained Tuesday along with their guide after ignoring warnings to stop filming, according to Korean media. North Korea—which regularly accuses journalists reporting on its refugee... More »

US Gun Dealers Arm Mexican Drug Wars

Softer American laws lead to cross-border flood of weapons

(Newser) - More than 6,000 Mexicans died in drug wars last year, and violence has surged recently as gangs battle the police and each other. But because of Mexico's strict gun laws, cartels have to get their weaponry from elsewhere: the United States. Ninety percent of guns recovered in Mexico originated... More »

Border Crackdown Can't Weed Out Mexican Cartels

Marijuana smugglers get creative, or turn to growing dope inside US

(Newser) - The Mexican marijuana trade is flourishing, and border-protection efforts do little to deter powerful cartels from working in the US, the New York Times reports. Smugglers drop ramps over border fences and drive across, or use a new tactic: planting the pot in the US. Cartels now function in 195... More »

Egypt on Gaza: Open Sympathy, Closed Border

Despite support for Palestinians, Egyptians don't want refugees

(Newser) - As Israel's military operation in Gaza continues, thousands of Palestinians have fled their homes and assembled at the Strip's southern border with Egypt. But except for a few severely wounded individuals, Egypt is not letting anyone through. It's not the first time, writes the Los Angeles Times, that national interest... More »

Mexican Border Arrests Hit 30-Year Low

Recession, enforcement keep Mexicans at home

(Newser) - The number of people trying to sneak into the US appears to be plummeting, thanks to tougher enforcement and the beleaguered US economy, USA Today reports. Just 705,000 people were caught trying to sneak in from Mexico in fiscal 2008, the lowest total since 1976. “We're definitely making... More »

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