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Legend of Zelda Is Getting Its Time on the Silver Screen

Nintendo hopes for the same kind of success as with 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie'

(Newser) - Link is about to leap from the Nintendo Switch screen to the big screen. Sony Pictures and Nintendo will team up to make a live-action film based on the beloved videogame franchise The Legend of Zelda, first released in 1986 and starring the elf-like hero Link, Deadline reports. Wes Ball...

Voice of Nintendo's Mario Is Retiring

Charles Martinet will now be a 'Mario ambassador'

(Newser) - The original voice of Mario is retiring. Charles Martinet, who's voiced the Nintendo character for nearly three decades, dating back to 1994, is "stepping back from recording character voices for our games," Nintendo announced Monday, per Deadline . The 67-year-old American voice actor, who reportedly based the voice...

Cops: Alleged Robber Used 'Gun' Many Will Recognize

Officials say David Joseph Dalesandro held up convenience store with Nintendo 'Duck Hunt' pistol

(Newser) - An armed robbery this week at a South Carolina convenience store apparently wasn't as "armed" as the clerk thought. CNN reports on the Tuesday incident at a Kwik Stop in the small town of Sharon, where a man donning a hoodie, wig, and mask entered the store around...

The Safe Was Gone, as Were the 120 'Cherries' Inside It
The Safe Was Gone,
as Were the 120
'Cherries' Inside It
in case you missed it

The Safe Was Gone, as Were the 120 'Cherries' Inside It

Inside the 2019 theft of an incredibly rare collection of video games

(Newser) - As Jason Brassard sped at 100mph toward Trade-N-Games before sunrise on August 16, 2019, he braced himself for what he would find at his video game store outside St. Louis. He had been alerted that the store's alarm system had activated. PlayStation 4s and all the latest games were...

Animal Crossing Interior Designers Offered $50 an Hour

Consultants will visit other player's islands in lockdown hit

(Newser) - Know any interior designers struggling for work? A hit video game could be the answer. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the latest in Nintendo's Animal Crossing series, players move to a desert island and build a home in a world of cutesy animals. British luxury homeware brand Olivia's...

Super Mario Bros. Game Sells for $100K

Sealed cartridge is from 1985 test launch

(Newser) - A copy of the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System game Super Mario Bros. has sold for a stunning $100,150 at auction, believed to be a record for a single game. But gamers hoping their own copy of the hugely popular game could be worth a fortune are likely to be...

Nintendo Caught Off Guard by Popularity of the Switch

The company is projecting a seven-year high in operating profits

(Newser) - Nintendo thought its new Switch console would do well; it had no idea it would do this well. Time reports Nintendo sold 2.74 million Switches in March after launching March 3. The video game company only expected to sell 2 million, which is one reason the Switch is still...

Super Mario Run Is 'One for the Ages'
Super Mario Run Is
'One for the Ages'
The Rundown

Super Mario Run Is 'One for the Ages'

It's the Mario you love, on a smartphone

(Newser) - It's-a me, mobile Mario. Super Mario Run, Nintendo's first-ever stab at a smartphone game, was released Thursday for all iOS devices. A one-time app store purchase of $9.99 gets gamers six worlds, 24 levels, three game modes, and multiple playable characters. Here's what people are saying...

Who's Not Making Much Off of Pokemon Go: Nintendo

Investors dump stock when they realize Nintendo doesn't make game, company suffers $6.7B loss

(Newser) - With the smashing success of Pokemon Go , one would think Nintendo must be happier than a Jigglypuff . But in a statement Friday, the company says that even though its share price initially spiked, it's not going to reap great financial rewards from the game and that the impact on...

Nintendo Goes for 80s Kids' Wallets With NES Classic Edition

No more blowing into old cartridges you found on Craigslist

(Newser) - Nintendo, drunk on the nostalgic success of Pokemon Go this week, is now setting its sights on 80s kids. The video-game company announced the NES Classic Edition on Thursday, Mashable reports. The mini version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System will be released this November and come preloaded with 30...

Nintendo Chief Dies at 55
 Nintendo Chief Dies at 55 

Nintendo Chief Dies at 55

Satoru Iwata oversaw successes like the Wii

(Newser) - It's "Game Over" far too soon for Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. The 55-year-old has died due to a bile duct growth, the company announced in a brief statement . Iwata, who started out as a programmer at Nintendo subsidiary HAL Laboratory in the '80s and worked on games...

Report: Netflix Making a Legend of Zelda Live-Action Show

Nintendo has generally avoided TV, movies

(Newser) - Nintendo isn't exactly known for a love of TV and movies—one reason might be the disaster that was 1993's Super Mario Bros. movie. But the Wall Street Journal reports, via a "person familiar with the matter," that the video-game company is planning a new show,...

Researchers Making Mario Think for Himself

He can 'learn' to collect coins, jump on bad guys

(Newser) - Before you know it, your video games could be playing themselves. Researchers in Germany are working on giving Nintendo's best-known character a form of artificial intelligence, the Verge reports. Their goal is a "Living and Conversing Mario Agent" that can act on commands given not with a gamepad...

Nintendo's Way Behind on Gay Rights
 Way Behind 
 on Gay Rights 

Nintendo's Way Behind on Gay Rights

Critics weigh in as company apologizes for game's straight-only relationships

(Newser) - A Nintendo game's failure to allow gay relationships is prompting a hard look at the video game industry, which critics say is stuck in the past. Studies show that players can form powerful bonds with their in-game avatars, and these virtual relationships are tied to self-esteem, writes Mark Griffiths...

Nintendo: The Wii U Bombed
 Nintendo: The Wii U Bombed 

Nintendo: The Wii U Bombed

Company slashes sales forecast almost 70%

(Newser) - Nintendo's console business might be on its last life. The company today slashed its Wii U sales forecast for the year ending in March by a staggering 70%, anticipating sales of just 2.8 million units, Reuters reports. It also halved its projection for Wii U game sales to...

'Full Screen Mario' Must Come Down

 'Full Screen Mario' 
 Must Come Down 

'Full Screen Mario' Must Come Down

Nintendo shouldn't have to hand over its mascot: Ryan Vogt

(Newser) - Ryan Vogt will be the first to admit that Full Screen Mario, a perfect re-creation of Nintendo's iconic Super Mario Bros. created by a college student and playable for free online, is "amazing." That doesn't mean it should remain available, however. In fact, the game "...

Ace Who Brought You Nintendo Dead at 85

Hiroshi Yamauchi turned company into videogame powerhouse

(Newser) - Hiroshi Yamauchi, who ran Nintendo for more than 50 years and led the Japanese company's transition from traditional playing-card maker to videogame giant, has died. He was 85. Kyoto-based Nintendo says Yamauchi, who owned the Seattle Mariners before selling it to Nintendo's US unit in 2004, died today...

Nintendo Will Lose Money on Every Wii U Sold

Company joins Sony, Microsoft in giving up some profit

(Newser) - Nintendo will be selling its upcoming Wii U console at a loss, the company revealed yesterday, as it cut its profit forecast. Nintendo is expecting the move to pay off in the long run, through sales of additional hardware, and future cuts in its production costs, the BBC explains. "...

Wii U Hits in November for $299
 Wii U Hits in November for $299 

Wii U Hits in November for $299

It won't come with any of the old Wii's accessories

(Newser) - Nintendo's new Wii U console will hit stores in the US on Nov. 18 for as low as $299, the company announced today. For that price, you'll get just the console, its unique gamepad controller, a charger, and an HDMI cable, Mashable reports. Upgrade to the $349 "...

Vast Video Game Collection Sells for $1.2M

 Vast Video Game 
 Collection Sells 
 for $1.2M 
in case you missed it

Vast Video Game Collection Sells for $1.2M

7K games includes complete sets for Sega, Nintendo

(Newser) - A 7,000-strong collection of video games—which includes every game ever made for the Sega, Nintendo, and NEC consoles, all factory sealed—sold on eBay for $1.2 million, reports the LA Times . "Andre," a 32-year-old based in Paris, has been selling video game collections online for...

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