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Dubai Leader Loses Custody Battle Over 'Exorbitant' Abuse

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum isn't allowed direct contact with kids, either, per UK judge

(Newser) - First Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was ordered to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to his ex, in what was said to be the largest divorce settlement the UK has ever seen. Now, another victory for Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, the half sister of King Abdullah II...

Ex-Governor of Missouri Urged to Quit Senate Race After Abuse Allegations

Ex-wife accuses Eric Greitens of 'coercive and unstable behavior'

(Newser) - Eric Greitens, who resigned as Missouri governor amid multiple scandals in 2018, was urged to end his campaign for US Senate on Monday after another scandal surfaced. In court papers, Sheena Greitens, the Republican candidate's former wife, accused him of being physically abusive toward her and their children, the...

They Suffer More Concussions Than Soldiers, Football Players
It's Not
Football Players
Most at Risk
for CTE

It's Not Football Players Most at Risk for CTE

'NYT Magazine' explores 'hidden epidemic' of brain injuries to women survivors of domestic abuse

(Newser) - By now, most people are aware of the dangers of brain injuries suffered by football players who receive regular blows to the head over years. The same holds true for soldiers of war in regard to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. But in a harrowing account in the New York ...

Trevor Bauer Won't Play This Season
LA Prosecutors Won't
Charge Trevor Bauer

LA Prosecutors Won't Charge Trevor Bauer

Dodgers pitcher denies sexual abuse allegations

(Newser) - Update: Los Angeles prosecutors on Tuesday decided not to charge Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer for allegedly beating and sexually abusing a San Diego woman he met through social media. Prosecutors were unable to prove the San Diego woman’s accusations beyond a reasonable doubt, the Los Angeles County district attorney'...

Pope Francis Has Bold Words About Domestic Violence

Calls it 'almost Satanic'

(Newser) - Pope Francis didn't mince words when discussing domestic violence against women during a TV program that aired Sunday night, calling it "almost satanic." In what the BBC calls "some of his strongest language yet on the issue," Francis put it like so: "The problem...

Man Cut Off Wife's Hands, and Court Tells Russia to Pay

European Court of Human Rights weighed in on Tuesday

(Newser) - A woman suffered an unthinkable crime committed by her husband, and now Russia will pay, quite literally. Margarita Gracheva was kidnapped by her then-husband in December 2017; he took her into a forest, struck her at least 40 times with an ax, and cut off her hands, per the CBC...

Trump-Backed Senate Candidate Loses Custody, Suspends Campaign

Sean Parnell's estranged wife won custody battle

(Newser) - Update: Sean Parnell has suspended his campaign for a seat in the US Senate. The Trump-endorsed Pennsylvania 40-year-old made the announcement Monday after he lost his bitter custody battle. The judge in the case granted sole legal custody and primary physical custody of Parnell's three children to his estranged...

Stephanie Grisham's Ex-Boyfriend Sues Her

GOP hopeful Max Miller says she's defaming him with abuse allegations

(Newser) - Stephanie Grisham's White House memoir offers an unflattering look not just at the Trumps , but at a former boyfriend—and now Max Miller, a Republican former White House aide running for Congress in Ohio , is suing Grisham. Miller and Grisham had a romantic relationship, and in her book, which...

Captive Rescued After Leaving Notes in Public Restrooms

Victim was allegedly held against her will for months, beaten, sexually assaulted

(Newser) - A man accused of raping and beating a woman while holding her captive for months in Pennsylvania was arrested this week after the woman asked for help in notes left in public bathrooms. In the first note, found stuck to a mirror inside a Walmart bathroom in Carnegie, Pa., on...

Woman Who Killed Abusive Husband Collapses in Court
She Could've Gotten
Life. What Prosecutors
Sought Made Her Faint
in case you missed it

She Could've Gotten Life. What Prosecutors Sought Made Her Faint

Frenchwoman Valerie Bacot collapses in court on Friday

(Newser) - A Frenchwoman on trial for murdering her abusive husband , who was her abusive stepfather before he forced her to marry him, collapsed in court Friday after hearing how long prosecutors were asking for her to spend in prison. Valerie Bacot, now 40, could have seen life in prison after admitting...

Woman To Lose Foot After 2 Frigid Nights in National Park
'She Looked
Like a Zombie'

'She Looked Like a Zombie'

Woman survives two frigid nights in a national park

(Newser) - “How she survived, I have no idea.” That’s what a North Dakota sheriff had to say about a 19-year-old woman who emerged alive after two frigid nights in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Authorities say the woman was a passenger in a truck that her boyfriend, Clancey...

FKA Twigs: 'It's a Miracle I Came Out Alive'

She opens up about abusive Shia LaBeouf relationship

(Newser) - FKA Twigs says her relationship with Shia LaBeouf left her with severe PTSD and a sexually transmitted disease—and she feels she was lucky she didn't end up dead. "It's a miracle I came out alive," the British singer says in an Elle interview. Twigs, aka...

FKA Twigs: Abusive Shia LaBeouf Gave Me PTSD

Singer says it took months to 'gather enough of myself' to leave him

(Newser) - FKA Twigs says her boyfriend, actor Shia LaBeouf, had just strangled her in public in front of unmoving witnesses when she typed a search into Google. "Free women's abuse helpline USA." Twigs, aka Tahliah Barnett, called the first number that appeared and suddenly went from "a...

Former Pro Baseball Player 'Flatly Denies' Abuse Claims

MLB is investigating allegations against Omar Vizquel

(Newser) - The wife of Omar Vizquel has accused the former professional baseball player of multiple incidents of domestic abuse, ESPN reports. Major League Baseball is investigating the allegations made by 36-year-old Blanca Vizquel, per USA Today . Omar Vizquel’s attorney tells the Athletic that the star shortstop "flatly denies any...

Dad's Killing Fuels Vicious Culture War
Dad's Killing Fuels
Vicious Culture War

Dad's Killing Fuels Vicious Culture War

Mikhail Khachaturyan's murder is a hot topic in Russia

(Newser) - Bloody and hobbled, Mikhail Khachaturyan stumbled onto the landing of his Moscow apartment—where one of his teenage daughters stabbed him fatally in the heart. At least that's how prosecutors describe the final moments of a man whose murder has refocused attention on domestic violence and sparked a culture-war...

Dr. Pepper Plays a Role in 2 Sad, Strange Cases

Chad Kinnaird, 39, is arrested for pointing a gun at his son's head

(Newser) - A Louisiana man is in hot water for allegedly putting a loaded gun to his son's head—because the boy drank their last Dr. Pepper, KATC reports. Chad Kinnaird, 39, was arrested Wednesday after the apparent incident in West Monroe. According to authorities, Kinnaird had been drinking and got...

Quick-Thinking Daughter Makes Fake Pizza Call to 911

That allows officers to arrive and stop an alleged domestic abuse incident

(Newser) - A quick-thinking daughter in Oregon, Ohio, teamed up with a quick-thinking 911 dispatcher to stop an alleged domestic abuse incident. The woman called police and pretended to order a pizza, reports ABC 12 . The real reason for the call: A man was beating her mother, and the caller didn't...

Woman Charged in College Boyfriend's Suicide
Woman Charged in 
College Boyfriend's Suicide
the rundown

Woman Charged in College Boyfriend's Suicide

Alexander Urtula jumped to his death the morning of his Boston College graduation

(Newser) - Alexander Urtula was due to graduate from Boston College at 10am on May 20. But by 8:30 that morning, he was dead by suicide. Now, his girlfriend has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with his death. The New York Times reports the 22-year-old biology major jumped from...

Cops: Suspecting Infidelity, She Brought Out the Nerf Guns

Louisiana woman charged with domestic abuse child endangerment

(Newser) - A woman is facing charges after turning Nerf guns on the husband she accused of cheating, according to Louisiana police. Anh Thi Pham allegedly brandished the plastic toys with foam darts before chasing her husband out of their West Monroe home and down the road on Monday night, reports KTVE...

Glass Broke, She Blacked Out —But Didn't Know the Truth

Georgia woman Nicole Gordon had terrible headaches, and for good reason

(Newser) - Doctors found out why Nicole Gordon suffered from severe headaches: She had a bullet lodged in her skull. Now her ex-boyfriend, Jerrontae Cain, has been sentenced to 25 years in Georgia after shooting her and not telling her about it, CNN reports. The Fulton County District Attorney's office says...

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