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Pompeo's NPR Feud Continues With a 'Perfect Message'

Secretary of state says barring reporter from trip after dust-up with another reporter is appropriate

(Newser) - After Mike Pompeo berated NPR journalist Mary Louise Kelly last month in an expletive-filled rant for turning a discussion about Iran to Ukraine and ex-US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, the State Department took an apparent retaliatory step against one of Kelly's colleagues: Michele Kelemen was barred from the press pool... More »

Here's What NPR Host Has to Say About Pompeo

Mary Louise Kelly defends press freedom after spat with secretary of state

(Newser) - NPR journalist Mary Louise Kelly says she was just doing her job when she asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about Ukraine , only to be accused of violating "the basic rules of journalism and decency." "Journalists don't sit down with senior government officials in the service... More »

NPR-Pompeo Brouhaha Rolls On

Journalist Michele Kelemen removed from upcoming Pompeo trip in retaliation

(Newser) - An NPR reporter has been blocked from Mike Pompeo's upcoming trip abroad following the secretary of state's testy exchange with another NPR journalist. The State Department Correspondents' Association confirmed NPR correspondent Michele Kelemen would not travel with Pompeo to the UK, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, saying the... More »

Emails Refute Pompeo's Version of Testy NPR Interview

They show Mary Louise Kelly never agreed to take any topics off the table

(Newser) - Mike Pompeo says journalist Mary Louise Kelly "lied" to him regarding his Friday interview on NPR's All Things Considered, which ended with an expletive-filled tirade after Kelly asked the secretary of state about Ukraine. But emails appear to support Kelly's side of things. While Pompeo said during... More »

Pompeo: NPR Host 'Lied to Me'

The Secretary of State reacts to story about his expletive-filled rant

(Newser) - Mike Pompeo lashed out at an NPR host and "the media" Saturday after making a testy appearance on All Things Considered, USA Today reports. The Secretary of State accused the host, Mary Louise Kelly, of lying to him, though he didn't deny unloading on her afterward in an... More »

Journalist: Pompeo Flipped Out When I Asked About Ukraine

Mary Louise Kelly says secretary of state 'used the F-word' many times

(Newser) - Mike Pompeo apparently went off on an expletive-filled rant after an NPR interview didn't go the way he'd planned. Mary Louise Kelly sat down with the secretary of state on All Things Considered Friday for an interview that started off discussing Iran (full transcript here ). Things took... More »

She Had a Routine Throat Swab. The Bill Was $28K

NPR looks at a particularly outrageous medical bill of a Brooklyn woman

(Newser) - NPR puts the focus on crazy medical bills in its "Bill of the Month" feature, and the latest is a doozy. A Brooklyn woman felt a cold coming on ahead of her vacation and went to the doctor to make sure it wasn't strep. She had a... More »

Adam Driver Walks Out of NPR Interview

Actor apparently really hates to hear himself

(Newser) - The Houston Chronicle is calling it: "2019 was the year of Adam Driver," writes Wei-Huan Chen, noting the Marine-turned-actor "is starring in the best domestic drama of the year (Marriage Story), the best political docudrama of the year (The Report), and likely the most popular film of... More »

NPR's 40-Year-Old Morning Theme Music Is Gone

'Morning Edition' debuts updated version

(Newser) - Anyone who puts NPR on in the morning is surely familiar with the Morning Edition theme music, because it hasn't changed since the show's debut in 1979. Until Monday, that is, when the show revealed updated music for the first time in 40 years. You can hear its... More »

'Signature Voice of NPR' Dead at 84

Carl Kasell died of complications from Alzheimer's disease

(Newser) - Newscaster Carl Kasell, a signature voice of NPR who brought his gravitas to Morning Edition and later his wit to Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me! has died, the AP reports. He was 84. NPR said Kasell died Tuesday from complications from Alzheimer's disease in Potomac, Maryland. He retired... More »

NPR's Top Editor Resigns in Sex Misconduct Scandal

2 women say incidents happened while he was at 'NYT'; one woman is a current NPR employee

(Newser) - In the wake of Harvey Weinstein news , NPR's news chief is the latest to come under fire for alleged past sexual misconduct—and he's now stepped down from his post. Michael Oreskes, 63, resigned Wednesday, per the AP , after two women told the Washington Post about incidents in... More »

Accidental NPR Post Has People Clamoring for 'Ramona'

Turns out, Ramona is a baby, not a cat

(Newser) - Monday was a grim day to be reading the news, but an accidental post on NPR's Facebook account turned out to be a big exception. It's deleted now, but the Daily Dot recounts: “Ramona is given new toy: Smiles, examines for 20 seconds, discards," it began.... More »

Declaration of Independence Riles Some Trump Supporters

NPR tweeted the entire document, which confused some

(Newser) - NPR marked the Fourth of July by tweeting the entire Declaration of Independence, but it seems some Twitter users didn't recognize what they were reading. The AP reports the broadcaster tweeted out the words of the declaration line-by-line Tuesday. Some of the founders' criticisms of King George III were... More »

A Healthy Baby, a Tragic Twist for Her Mom

Lauren Bloomstein died from childbirth complications, and her US case isn't unusual

(Newser) - Pregnant at 33, New Jersey's Lauren Bloomstein was excited to soon welcome her first baby into the world. But in a joint effort by ProPublica and NPR , Nina Martin and Renee Montagne document how things went terribly wrong on Oct. 1, 2011—the day Bloomstein's daughter, Hailey Anne,... More »

From 'Politicized Prisoner' to Inmate Hero

NPR details the story of Martin Sostre, whose prison activism is legendary

(Newser) - Reporter Joseph Shapiro first met Martin Sostre after New York's governor granted the inmate clemency in 1976. The prisoner's story sparked a lifelong interest in prison activism for Shapiro, who documents for NPR his search for the long-disappeared Sostre. Shapiro dives into the early life of the self-described... More »

2016 Is 'the Worst'? That's a First-World Problem

Seriously, was everything really that bad? Sam Sanders gives his take on NPR

(Newser) - With the bookends of David Bowie dying and the deaths of Carrie Fisher and mom Debbie Reynolds —and Prince, George Michael, Brexit, and a contentious US election in between—Sam Sanders admits he, like many others, has taken to calling 2016 "the worst." But Sanders writes for... More »

NPR Photographer Killed in Afghanistan

He's first non-military US journalist killed in 15-year war

(Newser) - NPR is mourning veteran photojournalist David Gilkey, who has become the first American journalist outside the military to be killed in almost 15 years of US involvement in Afghanistan. Gilkey, 50, was killed alongside 38-year-old Afghan interpreter Zabihullah Tamanna when their vehicle was hit by shellfire as they traveled in... More »

'Take Your Kid to Work Day' Causes Dead Air at NPR

'Junior journalist' got to the control panel

(Newser) - In a development nobody could possibly have seen coming, "Take Your Child to Work Day" briefly caused chaos at NPR on Thursday when a group of kids got near a control panel. In an email seen by Gawker , an engineer explains that some stations had more than a minute... More »

'Lady, You Better Get a Gun': How the Anita Hill Story Broke

Clarence Thomas' 1991 scandal proved frightening for NPR's Nina Totenberg

(Newser) - Conservatives are already critcizing HBO's upcoming Confirmation, a film debuting Saturday that documents the sexual harassment claims that rocked Clarence Thomas' 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Nina Totenberg, the NPR reporter who first broke the story of accuser Anita Hill , now reveals in a podcast that although she'... More »

Beloved NPR Reporter Dead at Age 66

Craig Windham died of a pulmonary embolism in North Carolina

(Newser) - NPR has lost one of its most familiar voices. Craig Windham, an award-winning reporter who anchored newscasts and covered a variety of subjects, died Sunday of a pulmonary embolism at age 66, NPR reports. He apparently had ongoing health issues and was visiting North Carolina to see his brother when... More »

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