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In-N-Out Has Never Closed a Location—Until Now

Company says 'frequency and severity' of crimes is forcing it to close Oakland restaurant

(Newser) - In-N-Out Burger says that while it has relocated several restaurants over the years, what it is doing in Oakland is a sad first in its 75-year history. The California chain says it is permanently closing the "busy and profitable" restaurant because of crime concerns, NBC News reports. "We...

In-N-Out Burger to Workers: No Masks Without Doc's Note

Chain's new guidelines, however, won't apply in California, where most stores are located

(Newser) - In-N-Out Burger's latest controversial COVID-adjacent move involves face masks, which employees of the chain will soon be barred from wearing in five states, unless they have a doctor's note. A company memo leaked on Twitter says the new mask guidelines are meant to "emphasize the importance of...

In-N-Out Makes 'Life-Changing Decision' to Head East

In-N-Out Burger is expanding into Tennessee—the farthest east the chain has gone

(Newser) - In-N-Out Burger hasn't made its way across the pond, though Prince Harry is now a new fan . But the iconic restaurant chain based in California is slowly working its way east, now announcing a plan to open sites in Tennessee. Per a statement from company owner and President Lynsi...

In-N-Out Slams 'Invasive' Closure of 2nd Bay Area Site

Health officials shutter Pleasant Hill eatery, alleging workers didn't check customers' vax status

(Newser) - Update: A second In-N-Out Burger location in the Bay Area has been temporarily closed after workers allegedly didn't follow local COVID protocols by checking customers' vaccination status. Contra Costa County officials say this particular In-N-Out, located in Pleasant Hill, has already been hit with four citations and fines totaling...

Coloradoans Spent 14 Hours in Line for an In-N-Out Burger

Suffice it to say, grand opening was a hit

(Newser) - Never underestimate the appeal of a burger from In-N-Out Burger. Two new locations of the chain opened in Colorado Friday, and police reported people were quite literally spending their entire day in line to get the state's first taste of the popular chain. Aurora Police tweeted this about the...

In-N-Out Burger Sighting: Ghislaine Maxwell?

The 'New York Post' has photos

(Newser) - Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell isn't tucked away in a Massachusetts mansion after all. Instead, the New York Post says it found the woman accused in lawsuits of aiding Epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring "hiding in plain sight in the least likely place imaginable—a fast-food joint...

In-N-Out's Billionaire Prez: I Was 'Over' by Age 22

Lynsi Snyder overcame struggles to get where she is

(Newser) - For many West Coasters, In-N-Out is the burger chain—hard to find in big cities but revered for its low prices and fresh ingredients. Now meet Lynsi Snyder, a 36-year-old who has battled drug and alcohol use, sports Bible-verse tattoos, and is married to a race-car driver. The kicker: She...

In-N-Out Donation Causes Political Hubbub in California

But calls for a boycott over money to GOP seem to be fizzling

(Newser) - Californians love their In-N-Out burgers, and a Democratic leader's attempt to drum up support for a boycott isn't exactly taking off. The brouhaha started when journalist Gabe Schneider tweeted a state filing showing that the chain had donated $25,000 to the GOP, reports USA Today . That prompted...

In-N-Out Burger Files Legal Action Against YouTube Prankster

He claimed to be CEO, demanded food

(Newser) - In-N-Out Burger isn't laughing about a YouTube prankster who claimed to be the company's CEO making a surprise visit. The burger chain has gone to court to seek a restraining order against prankster Cody Roeder, whose videos appeared on his popular "Trollmunchies" YouTube channel, the OC Register...

Managers at One Fast-Food Chain Pull Down $160K a Year
Managers at In-N-Out Get
Shockingly Huge Paycheck

Managers at In-N-Out Get Shockingly Huge Paycheck

'In-N-Out is just eons above everybody else'

(Newser) - In-N-Out is famous for its secret menu, but perhaps the fast-food chain's most shocking secret is the six-figure salaries its managers are pulling down. The California Sun reports managers at In-N-Out make more than $160,000 a year on average. That's more than the average software engineer, lawyer,...

The Best Companies to Work for in 2018

According to Glassdoor

(Newser) - Glassdoor has ranked the 100 best large companies and 50 best small and medium companies to work for in 2018 using employee feedback collected between Nov. 1, 2016 and Oct. 22, 2017. Here are the top 10 in each category:

10 Best Fast-Food Chains in US
10 Best Fast-Food Chains in US

10 Best Fast-Food Chains in US

Nary a Burger King or Dairy Queen to be found

(Newser) - McDonald's and Subway may be the fast-food kings in America, but are they the best fast-food options in the states? Not even close, according to a Business Insider ranking of the 25 best fast-food restaurants in the US. With the help of Restaurant Business' 2016 data, Business Insider looked...

Mysterious Burger Heiress Is Now a Billionaire

Lynsi Snyder receives the remaining portion of her In-N-Out shares

(Newser) - Lynsi Snyder, the mysterious heiress to the In-N-Out Burger fortune, turned 35 years old Friday—which means she's now a billionaire. Per the trust put in place by her grandparents, the founders of the California-based chain, Snyder has been receiving stakes in the company for the past 10 years;...

Mysterious Burger Heiress Gets Extremely Candid

Lynsi Snyder reveals painful details of her past in new interview

(Newser) - Lynsi Snyder, the 34-year-old billionaire heiress and president of the In-N-Out burger chain, is frequently described as "reclusive," "private," even " mysterious ." But in a new, nearly 10-minute video interview with I Am Second , Snyder gets surprisingly candid about her past. Snyder, granddaughter of the...

Man Stops for Food in Middle of Police Chase

Fleeing the law is hungry work, apparently

(Newser) - A night on the lam can really work up an appetite. The AP reports a hungry Arizona man stopped at In-N-Out in the middle of a police chase Wednesday night. Officers tried to pull over 35-year-old Joshua Adkins around 10:30pm for an outstanding warrant, but police say he refused...

Tens of Thousands Demand In-N-Out Serve Veggie Burgers

Vegetarians are tired of just fries at popular chain

(Newser) - It already has animal style, so why not vegetable style? Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition demanding the California-based In-N-Out burger chain add a veggie option, USA Today reports. According to the petition , which has received more than 30,000 signatures, vegetarians eating at In-N-Out...

In-N-Out Sues Startup Over Burger Deliveries

It wants DoorDash out of the In-N-Out business

(Newser) - Popular chain In-N-Out is suing a California startup to make sure customers actually have to put on pants if they want their burger and fries. Eater reports In-N-Out filed a lawsuit against DoorDash, which lets customers order food from hundreds of restaurants through its website and app, on Nov. 6...

Man Accused of International In-N-Out Burger Scheme

Prosecutors say Craig Stevens peddled fake franchises

(Newser) - Craig Stevens allegedly had what sounded like a great offer: Purchase an In-N-Out Burger franchise and bring the fast-food chain to the Middle East. That would be pretty major, considering a slim five US states are home to In-N-Out Burger locations. The only problem? The company has "adamantly" refused...

Widower's Dinner Date: Photo of Late Wife

Man in viral photos is happy to talk to anyone who asks about love of his life

(Newser) - Determined not to forget his true love after her death five years ago, an elderly man has been bringing along a photo of her during his outings to a California burger joint. Multiple patrons have spotted the widower at an In-N-Out Burger, seated with a photo of his deceased wife...

America's Worst Burgers Found At...

McDonald's, per 'Consumer Reports' subscribers

(Newser) - Love biting a McDonald's burger? Then you're likely not a Consumer Reports subscriber. Some 32,405 subscribers weighed in on their experiences at 65 fast-food and fast-casual chains, and they handed McDonald's the title of worst-tasting burger (on a scale of 1 to 10, the chain's...

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