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First-of-Its-Kind Amazon Store Is Missing One Key Thing

You won't find cashiers at the Amazon Go Grocery store opening in Seattle

(Newser) - Tuesday's likely to be a big day in Seattle's Capitol Hill district, where Reuters reports that the first Amazon Go Grocery store is opening, with just one thing missing: cashiers. Customers simply walk into the 10,400-square-foot site—smaller than the 40,000 square feet or so found... More »

Effort to 'Save Earth' Starts With a $10B Bezos Check

Under pressure, Amazon founder says he'll fund grants for scientists and nonprofits

(Newser) - Saying he wants to "preserve and protect the natural world," Amazon founder Jeff Bezos kicked off the Bezos Earth Fund with an Instagram post Monday. "I'm committing $10 billion to start," he wrote, saying he wants to work with scientists, nonprofits and activists to fight... More »

Bezos Gets an Earful on Brief Visit to India

Government officials and small business blast Amazon and Post

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos' surprise trip to India may not have gone quite the way he expected. He arrived to government criticism of Washington Post coverage, the launching of an antitrust investigation of Amazon, and protests from small-business owners—despite his announcement that his company was investing $1 billion to help neighborhood... More »

Amazon to File for Restraining Order in Microsoft-DOD Deal

Former says latter was only awarded $10B contract after 'behind-the-scenes attacks' from Trump

(Newser) - Amazon has long been suspicious that it lost out to Microsoft on a lucrative $10 billion cloud computing deal with the US military only because of President Trump's intervention, and now Jeff Bezos' behemoth has taken its latest step to stymie the latter from proceeding with that project. CNN... More »

Amazon Order Is Real Stinker, Mom Says

New Jersey woman claims diapers came pre-enjoyed

(Newser) - Think you get crappy deals? A New Jersey woman claims she ordered diapers on Amazon and received a nasty surprise inside, ABC News reports. Nassly Sales says she ordered the two boxes this week on Amazon's Warehouse section, which offers return-item and open-box discounts. "I picked up the... More »

Video Shows Amazon Driver Stealing UPS Package at Home

Two were delivered and one was taken

(Newser) - An Amazon delivery driver stole a package that was delivered earlier by UPS at a Pennsylvania home, police said. A woman in Wilkes-Barre reported a package being stolen from her home Monday, the AP reports. Surveillance footage showed a UPS driver dropping off a package at the house. Later that... More »

Lawsuit Says Ring Cameras Spied on, Harassed Owners

Class-action filing says Amazon didn't do enough to protect security system from hackers

(Newser) - An 8-year-old girl was in her room when a Ring security camera began talking to her, saying "I'm your best friend. I'm Santa Claus." An outside camera told children playing basketball in their driveway to come closer. A voice from another Ring camera's two-way speaker... More »

Rely on 'Amazon's Choice' Badges? Not So Fast

The Wall Street Journal doesn't like what it sees

(Newser) - Those "Amazon's Choice" badges do look nice—but don't take them all at face value, the Wall Street Journal warns. The paper's investigation of about 54,000 Amazon listings found various head-scratchers, like badges on seemingly unsafe items or products in violation of Amazon policies, like... More »

Young Children Ask Alexa for Toys. Guess Who Pays

Parents find out the hard way that you don't need to spell to order

(Newser) - Children too young to spell are finding Alexa to be more efficient than Santa Claus: They're asking her to find the items on their wish lists and tapping "buy" on their parents' devices. That means moms and dads now have to find ways to block the little hackers.... More »

Amazon to New York: We're Coming After All

Amazon plans to house 1,500 employees there by 2021

(Newser) - Amazon has signed a lease for a new office space in Manhattan that will house more than 1,500 employees, less than a year after pulling out of a deal for a larger headquarters in the borough of Queens after politicians and activists objected to nearly $3 billion in incentives,... More »

Amazon Yanks Auschwitz- Themed Christmas Decor

Plus a bottle opener and 'Jewish Death' mouse pad

(Newser) - If you find an Auschwitz-themed bottle opener or Christmas ornament to be in completely bad taste, you're not the only one. Per the Guardian , the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum spent much of the weekend blasting Amazon online for offering Christmas decorations and other products featuring images of the Nazi... More »

On Cyber Monday, a 'Threat' Has Emerged Against Amazon

Target, Walmart, other retailers could suck share on what's set to be biggest online shopping day yet

(Newser) - Nearly 70 million Americans will be plopped in front of their computers or phones today, and not just because they're back to the grind after the long holiday weekend. It's Cyber Monday, an online extension of the Black Friday sales that have gone on for years, and Reuters... More »

Why One State 'Scuttled' Worker's Horrible Death

Phillip Lee Terry died in Indiana in 2017

(Newser) - Phillip Lee Terry's death was needless and gruesome. Now Indiana officials are accused of crippling a probe into the tragedy while trying to get Amazon to open its second headquarters in the state, Vice reports. John Stallone, a former state safety inspector, is the whistleblower who triggered the story.... More »

Alexa Gets Emotional

Amazon lets developers use 'happy/excited' and 'disappointed/empathetic' tones

(Newser) - If you thought HAL 9000 got emotional , check out Alexa—who now has three levels of excitement and three of disappointment added to her somewhat robotic voice, GeekWire reports. On Tuesday, Amazon said developers can have Alexa reply to US users in "happy/excited" or "disappointed/empathetic" intonations. "For... More »

Republicans Issue Cryptic Remark Over Trump Jr's New Book

'Triggered' is No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list, but is that legit?

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr's book Triggered is No. 1 nationwide—but what's the little dagger symbol beside it on the New York Times bestseller list? That indicates bulk purchases improved its ranking, and sure enough, the Republican National Committee paid a bookseller chain $94,800 the week before Triggered ... More »

Amazon's $1.5M in Seattle Races May Have Backfired

Company drew criticism for spending to support business-friendly candidates

(Newser) - Amazon poured $1.5 million into an effort to overhaul Seattle's City Council this year. It didn't deliver. Though many votes remain to be counted, early returns suggest the online retail giant and other business interests will have fewer obvious allies on the council than at any time... More »

Amazon Worker Dies After Collapsing on Floor Unnoticed

Warehouse employee was sent back to shift after complaining of chest pains

(Newser) - An Amazon employee who collapsed after a heart attack lay on the warehouse floor for 20 minutes before receiving help. Billy Foister, 48, had gone to the fulfillment center's medical clinic a week before with chest pains, told he was just dehydrated, and sent back to work, the Guardian... More »

Nearly 2K Whole Foods Workers May Lose Benefits

Employees will have to work 30 hours for health care coverage

(Newser) - Whole Foods, the grocery chain owned by Amazon, is cutting health care benefits for its part-time workers, a move that could leave about 1,900 of its employees without medical coverage. Starting next year, Whole Foods employees have to work at least 30 hours a week to qualify for its... More »

FedEx Cuts Ties With Amazon

It will no longer make ground deliveries, had already terminated air deliveries

(Newser) - FedEx is severing ties with Amazon as the online retailer builds out its own delivery fleet and becomes more of a threat, the AP reports. The announcement Wednesday that FedEx would no longer make ground deliveries for Amazon comes two months after the delivery company said it was terminating its... More »

Dirt-Filled Boxes Enable $370K Amazon Scam: Report

James Gilbert Kwarteng is accused of sending the online retailer returns in dirt-filled boxes

(Newser) - Talk about audacious: A man in Spain is accused of scamming Amazon out of $370,000 by returning items in dirt-filled boxes, Fox Business reports. According to Spanish newspapers, 22-year-old James Gilbert Kwarteng weighed the refilled boxes to match the product weight and received his refunds. The boxes apparently went... More »

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