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Get Paid $100K to Throw Pool Parties All Summer

Swimply is looking for a CPO: chief pools officer

(Newser) - Wishing your summer could be one giant pool party? Imagine we told you it could—and that you'd get paid handsomely for it. For one lucky person, that prospect will become reality when they're hired for the CPO (chief pools officer) position now being advertised by private pool...

California Bear Decides to Cool Off
California Bear
Decides to Cool Off

California Bear Decides to Cool Off

Burbank cops get called to respond to a bear chilling in a swimming pool

(Newser) - Apparently, recalcitrant teenagers sneaking out after dark aren't the only pool-hoppers. In something of an answer to "how hot is it?," it was unbearable enough for a California black bear to break into a Burbank home and have himself a dip in the pool, reports CNN . With...

Gym Class Turns Tragic: 'This Death Has Rocked This School'

Alaina Dildine drowned while swimming laps at her Indiana high school, with lifeguard on deck

(Newser) - A 15-year-old high school student in Indiana apparently drowned Tuesday while swimming laps in gym class. The girl, identified on GoFundMe as Alaina Dildine, was with other students in the swimming pool at Whiteland Community High School when she went underwater near a divider, Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation Superintendent Patrick...

Berlin: All Poolgoers Can Drop Their Swimsuit Tops

German capital says that women can go topless, just like the guys

(Newser) - Hate those pesky swimsuit tan lines you get while sunbathing? If you're planning an upcoming vacation in Berlin, you won't have to worry about that, if you're not too modest. That's because authorities in the German capital announced Thursday that they support the concept of "...

Boys 'Shouldn't Have Been Able to Physically Do What They Did'

10-year-old twins credited with saving dad Brad Hassig from drowning using CPR they saw in films

(Newser) - Ten-year-old twins Bridon and Christian Hassig had never tried CPR themselves, but they knew what it looked like, based on scenes from movies including Hook and The Sandlot. That came in extremely handy on June 14, when their father—the only adult at their home in Mountain Brook, Ala.—...

First, 'Loud Noises on Their Lanai.' Then, a Surprise Visitor

Alligator breaks through screen, takes dip in family's pool in Charlotte County, Fla.

(Newser) - May is National Water Safety Month, and Florida's Charlotte County Sheriff's Office has its own tip to contribute. "Always check your pool before diving in!" it noted in a Tuesday Facebook post , along with photos showing why it was issuing such a warning. Authorities report that...

School's Swim Team Finds Surprise Competitor in Pool

3-foot-long alligator was discovered swimming at Montverde Academy in central Florida

(Newser) - Members of a Florida prep school's swim team encountered a surprise interloper when they showed up for practice on Friday. ClickOrlando.com reports the swimmers found a 3-foot-long alligator in the eight-lane, 25-meter competition pool at Montverde Academy , located in central Florida, halting the team's practice. Per a...

Toddlers Wander Into Neighbor's Pool, Drown

2 boys were being watched by their grandmother a few houses away in Belle Glade, Fla.

(Newser) - Two young boys drowned Wednesday in Florida after they wandered away from their grandmother and into a neighbor's pool. The boys, aged 2 and 3, were under the care of their grandmother at a Belle Glade house she regularly cleans, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office....

Chlorinating Your Pool Might Be Tough This Summer

Louisiana factory fire partially to blame for shortage

(Newser) - A major shortage of chlorine has come just in time for pool season. Per CNN , a chemical plant fire in Louisiana caused by Hurricane Laura has caused a dip in supply of the tablets commonly used to keep pools clear and free of algae. The fire left just two domestic...

Man Pleads Guilty After Unusual Find in Swimming Pool

Man from Dutchess County, NY, convicted for having 7 live sandbar sharks in his basement

(Newser) - When Georgia cops pulled Joshua Seguine over in 2017 for driving without a license, they likely didn't expect what they found in the back of his truck: five small live sharks in a tank, which Seguine admitted he was transporting to his home in Dutchess County, NY, where he...

Tip Leads to Pool Party With Hundreds of People, Zero Masks

Party got broken up on Saturday

(Newser) - The photos are very 2019: A pool packed with young bodies and littered with empty cans, with nary a mask in sight (see them here ). Except they were taken by South Carolina's Columbia Fire Department on Saturday as they broke up a pool party that the State reports...

3 Family Members Found Dead in NJ Pool Drowned

They had moved into the home just 20 days prior

(Newser) - Three members of a New Jersey family who were found dead in a backyard pool on Monday afternoon drowned, per the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. A neighbor called 911 after hearing screams, and NJ.com reports Bharat Patel, 62, his 33-year old daughter-in-law, Nisha Patel, and her 8-year-old daughter...

3 Family Members Die in Backyard Swimming Pool

8-year-old, her mother and grandfather are found dead in East Brunswick, NJ

(Newser) - A neighbor heard screaming and phoned 911, and the scene police came upon in East Brunswick, New Jersey, on Monday afternoon was grim: three family members dead in a backyard pool, reports NJ.com . The victims have been described as an 8-year-old girl, her 32-year-old mother, and the girl's...

3 Family Members Die in Resort Swimming Pool

They were visiting a resort in Spain

(Newser) - Three family members died Tuesday while vacationing at a Spanish holiday resort—all in the same swimming pool, the New York Times reports. The resort, Costa del Sol, says a 9-year-old British girl, her British father, and a 16-year-old American family member were found unresponsive in the pool. Authorities say...

Stuck Deer Gets Ironic Help
Stuck Deer Gets Ironic Help

Stuck Deer Gets Ironic Help

A hunter gives her a leg up out of an empty pool in Germany

(Newser) - With a little help from a hunter, firefighters have freed a deer that got stuck in an empty swimming pool in a German town, reports the AP . The fire service in Wetter an der Ruhr, in western Germany, said it was alerted to the animal's plight on Monday. Five...

Car Crashes Health Club Pool
This Happened Again

This Happened Again

Swimmers get minor injuries when vehicle goes through health club window

(Newser) - Police say a car smashed through the window of a health club in Ohio and landed in its swimming pool, injuring one person who was in the water. Authorities in the Dayton suburb of Centerville say the person in the pool and the driver were taken to a hospital Monday,...

Cops: Mom Caught Driving With Kids in Rooftop Pool

Jennifer Janus Yeager's arrest makes a splash in Illinois

(Newser) - She might've used rope. Instead, an Illinois mother thought it was a good idea to secure an inflatable pool on the roof of her SUV by having her two daughters sit inside of it, according to Dixon police. Jennifer Janus Yeager was arrested Tuesday on two counts of endangering...

Number of People Getting Sick in Their Pools Is Rising: CDC

Parasites from fecal matter are more prevalent, thanks to people with diarrhea: CDC

(Newser) - Summer is here, meaning pool season is here, meaning ... hello, parasite overlords? Per USA Today , the CDC reports that each year, between June and August, there's a marked increase in the number of sicknesses from the cryptosporidium, or crypto, parasite found in "treated recreational waters." And from...

Couple Wins $1M in Case of Locker Voyeurism

David Alan Frick, 55, reportedly admitted to secretly recording women

(Newser) - The cost of secretly recording women in a Washington state locker room: $1 million in damages. So a judge ruled this week after a couple sued the city of Bellingham and the city employee who admitted to making the videos in 2015 at the Arne Hanna Aquatic Center, the Bellingham ...

A Toddler Drowned in a Day Care Pool. Her Twin Just Died

Tragedy in Tennessee at unlicensed child-care facility

(Newser) - A Tennessee toddler drowned in a day care's swimming pool Friday, and now her twin brother has also succumbed to his injuries, per the Knoxville News Sentinel . The little boy, identified by People as Elijah Orejuela, died Sunday after two days on life support; his sister, Elyssa Orejuela, died...

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