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Arby's Sorry About Sign Barring Unruly Kids

Minnesota mom was not impressed

(Newser) - Arby's is apologizing after a Minnesota location posted a sign saying that only "well behaved children who can keep their food on their trays and their bottoms on their seats" were welcome. "If you can't do this, you will be asked to leave." Christine Hemsworth...

Arby's Latest Troll: Carrots Made From Meat

Forget plant-based meats, try meat-based plants

(Newser) - Arby's is once again trolling vegans and vegetarians , this time with "Marrots." What exactly are Marrots? Carrots made of meat, obviously. Marrots, and other "Megetables" that are planned to follow, are the fast food chain's official response to the increasing popularity of plant-based proteins like...

Sonic Is Getting a Familiar New Owner

It will be under same umbrella as Arby's, Buffalo Wild Wings

(Newser) - Inspire Brands, the private equity backed firm that owns Arby's, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Rusty Taco, has added another fast-food giant to its stable: Sonic, the retro-inspired hamburger drive-in chain. Faced with competition from McDonald's, Burger King, and the like, Sonic's sales have been suffering. Inspire bought...

Hunters Take Issue With Arby's Deer-Meat Sandwich

Venison sandwiches could be had for $7

(Newser) - After a year away, venison sandwiches were back on the menu at Arby's for one day last week, but not everyone was happy about it. Last year the fast-food chain introduced its "thick-cut venison steak with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce" in five states in an...

Arby's Venison Sandwich Is Inexplicably Popular

The Bambi burger sold out in minutes

(Newser) - America's desire for inexpensive, pre-cooked deer has been wildly underestimated. Arby's made its new Venison Sandwich available at four Minnesota locations last Friday; the sandwich was sold out at all of them by 11:15am, KARE reports. According to the Nation's Restaurant News , it was the same...

Arby's Throws Caution to the Wind, Offers Venison Sandwich

'You simply can't find this at other restaurant chains'

(Newser) - In what one executive calls the fast-food chain's "biggest stretch" yet—and what may be the biggest test of gastrointestinal bravery in recent memory—Arby's is offering a limited-time-only venison sandwich, reports. According to WZZM , the Arby's Bambi Burger* features a "thick-cut venison...

Cops: Woman's Getaway Vehicle Doesn't Work Well

Floridian accused of robbing Arby's, grabbing a cab

(Newser) - An alleged robber in Gainesville, Florida, managed to successfully get away from an Arby's restaurant, only to be foiled in part by her choice of getaway vehicle: a taxi cab. The Gainesville Sun reports that 20-year-old Keshunte Taylor is in custody after police say she robbed the restaurant at...

Arby's Bacon Thief Said He Was From the Future: Cops

Would-be Chuck Norris 'kicked crap out of' cars

(Newser) - If we were able to time-travel, our first pit stop in the past might aspire higher than fast food—but even time-travelers have to eat, and we bring you the case of Dante Rashad Anderson. The 36-year-old is being accused of robbery, assault and battery, and destruction of property after...

Arby's Is Going Vegetarian for One Day

Although, meat will still be available

(Newser) - It's difficult for a vegetarian to eat at Arby's—there's a lot of meat on the menu. So, in order "to give vegetarians a reason to visit Arby’s on Leap Day," an exec says in a press release , the fast food chain will offer...

Arby's Employee: Cop Incident Was Just a Joke

Chain offers free food to all area officers

(Newser) - The incident that caused a Florida police union to call for a boycott of Arby's was just a manager's bad joke, says the now-suspended employee involved—but he doesn't expect anybody to believe him because he's a black teenager and it's his word against that...

Police Union Says: Boycott Arby's

Cop says she was denied service

(Newser) - A Florida police union is calling for a national boycott of Arby's after one of the restaurant's employees allegedly refused to serve an officer this week, CBS Miami reports. According to Local 10 News , 19-year-old Kenneth Davenport failed to serve Sgt. Jennifer Martin, who was in uniform and...

Watch Arby's $460K Farewell to Frenemy Jon Stewart

Things are apparently still cool after all those jabs

(Newser) - Over the past 16 years, Jon Stewart has slammed Arby's almost as much as the New York Mets . But despite jabs that the fast-food chain is "a dare for your colon" and "shock and awe for your bowels," per Time , Arby's apparently doesn't hold...

Behold Arby's $10 'Meat Mountain'
Behold Arby's
$10 'Meat Mountain'

Behold Arby's $10 'Meat Mountain'

It features every meat the fast-food chain carries

(Newser) - You won't find it on the Arby’s menu, but if you want to sample the overwhelming-sounding "Meat Mountain," just hand an employee $10 and ask for it. You also have to be willing and able to consume a frightening amount of cheese and meat—every type...

Arby's Airs a 13-Hour Commercial

Setting a Guinness Record in the process

(Newser) - Norway's 8-hour TV program that featured nothing but wood burning is amateur hour compared to this: a 13-hour, 5 minute, 11-second commercial of brisket smoking. That spot, which aired Saturday, has set a Guinness World Record (the former record-holding commercial, by Nivea, was a measly hour), and the honor...

Cops: Arby's Burglar Gets Stuck in Ventilation Shaft

South Carolina man ends up in hospital instead of in the store

(Newser) - It probably seemed like the perfect plan on paper: Climb up on the roof of the local Arby's after it closed for the night, zip inside through the ventilation shaft, and then plunder the store's vast riches. Except police say a would-be burglar in South Carolina ended up...

Teen Finds Finger in Arby's Sandwich

Worker had apparently injured herself on meat slicer

(Newser) - Wendy's chili was proven to be finger-free , but it sounds like the same isn't true for Arby's roast beef. Michigan Live reports on the stomach-turning situation, in which a 14-year-old tasted something chewy in his sandwich on Friday. "I was like, 'that gots to be...

America's Unhealthiest Fast Food

Here's a preview of your post-health care reform sticker shock

(Newser) - Thanks to a fun little side clause in the health care reform bill, fast food restaurants are going to have to start posting nutrition information on their menus. The Daily Beast decided to offer a preview of the 40 most shock-inducing items:
  1. Wendy’s Triple Baconator: In a class by

Shh! Secret Restaurant Menus
 Shh! Secret Restaurant Menus 
mcgangbang, anyone?

Shh! Secret Restaurant Menus

Fast-food places have plenty of little-known options

(Newser) - In-N-Out Burger’s “secret menu” (veggie burgers, etc.) has gotten way too famous to really be considered a secret anymore—but Coupon Sherpa rounds up little-known items at other fast-food joints:
  • Chili’s: Though it’s not on the menu anymore, you can in fact still order the

How Arby's Lost Its Beefiness
 How Arby's Lost Its Beefiness 

How Arby's Lost Its Beefiness

Don't blame recession: fast-food chain just isn't trying

(Newser) - The recession has had its winners and losers, and when it comes to fast food, Arby's is bringing up the rear. Same-stores sales have been down for the last seven quarters, writes Daniel Gross for Slate, but the economy can't take the entire rap on this one: Arby's just doesn't...

Tough Times Push Chains to Try New Fare

McDonald's classy coffee, grilled KFC widen menus

(Newser) - Desperate times are driving chain restaurants to desperate measures—straying from their bread-and-butter dishes and diversifying the menu. KFC now sells grilled chicken, Domino’s offers subs, and McDonald’s dips into the world of espresso coffee, USA Today reports. “This is a defining moment for the industry,"...

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