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Study Delves Into Why Sharks Bite Humans
Study Delves Into Why
Sharks Bite Humans
in case you missed it

Study Delves Into Why Sharks Bite Humans

'We just happen to look like their food'

(Newser) - Australian researchers say a GoPro and an underwater scooter have helped deepen our understanding of why great white sharks bite humans—namely, that in some cases it really is a case of mistaken identity. Their study, published in the Journal of The Royal Society Interface , involved using that camera and...

Calif. Surfer 'Still in Disbelief I'm Alive' After Shark Attack

Great white clamped down on Eric Steinley's left leg, damaging artery

(Newser) - Update: Two surgeries later, Eric Steinley is "still in disbelief that I'm alive" after coming face to face with a great white shark. The surfer says he was dragged underwater Sunday at California's Salmon Creek Beach when a great white confirmed to be at least 10 feet...

Tiger Sharks Are Pretty Brave During Hurricanes
Tiger Sharks
Are Pretty
Brave During
new study

Tiger Sharks Are Pretty Brave During Hurricanes

Other species flee, but one species seems to see opportunity

(Newser) - Researchers have found before that smaller types of sharks flee shallow water as a hurricane approaches. But it looks like one response doesn't fit all large sharks, a study published in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science indicates. Tiger sharks didn't go anywhere as Hurricane Mathew neared the Bahamas...

6 Years After Shark Attack, Man Who Lost Leg Allowed to Keep Tooth

Australian authorities decided to make an exception

(Newser) - Under South Australian state law, great white sharks are a protected species and it is illegal to possess any part of them—but authorities decided to make an exception for a surfer who argued that since a shark got his leg, he should be allowed to keep its tooth. Chris...

Man Explains What Great-White Attack Felt Like

Surfer had to paddle to shore then walk 1K feet for help

(Newser) - Dion Lynch says it felt like "being hit by a truck." ABC reports he was sitting on his board in the waters off Kangaroo Island, and turned to the left to see what had barreled into him—and saw the shark as it let go. It was a...

Off California Coast, It's a Shark Baby Boom

But people are 'not on the menu,' researcher says

(Newser) - Baby sharks are thriving off the coast of California, researchers say—and when they go hunt, they're a lot more interested in stingrays than people. Chris Lowe, director of the shark lab at California State University, Long Beach, says he's tagged 38 juvenile great white sharks so far...

Long-Lived Great White Given a Fitting Name

'Queen of the Ocean' is tagged and released off Nova Scotia

(Newser) - We may be losing our link to one great white shark, but we have another, much larger one to fascinate us in Katherine's place. Off the east coast of Canada, OCEARCH, the nonprofit that tracks marine life, has just tagged a female great white measuring just over 17 feet...

Shark That Killed Woman in Maine Was Great White

Researcher identified shark through tooth fragment

(Newser) - Authorities in Maine said Tuesday the shark that killed a woman in a rare attack off the state's coast was a great white, the same type of shark that served as the inspiration for the movie Jaws. The shark bite killed Julie Dimperio Holowach, 63, of New York City,...

Extremely Rare: Maine Swimmer Killed in Shark Attack

It may have been a great white, expert says

(Newser) - In what an expert says is a tragic first in Maine, a swimmer was killed in a shark attack Monday afternoon. The woman was swimming off Bailey Island in Harpswell when she was attacked; two kayakers brought her and another woman who was swimming with her to shore. The victim...

Teen Surfer Killed by a 'Really Big Great White'

Mani Hart-Deville, 15, lost his life in Australia on Saturday

(Newser) - A teen surfer died Saturday after a suspected shark attack left him with severe leg injuries, Australia's News Network reports. Seems 15-year-old Mani Hart-Deville was surfing in New South Wales, Australia, when the shark bit him and other surfers dragged the wounded boy to shore on Wooli Beach. "...

Cape Cod Warns About Getting Back in the Water

They say great white sharks are coming close to shore

(Newser) - Cape Cod's beaches and towns may be quieter because of the coronavirus pandemic, but officials are reminding visitors ahead of the July 4th holiday that the famous Massachusetts getaway remains a popular destination for other summertime travelers: great white sharks. Cape Cod National Seashore Chief Ranger Leslie Reynolds warned...

Shark Strikes Australia Again
Shark Kills
Aussie Surfer

Shark Kills Aussie Surfer

Great white kills 60-year-old in 3rd fatal attack this year

(Newser) - A great white shark attacked a 60-year-old Australian surfer Sunday morning, causing injuries to the man's left leg that proved fatal despite two men who fought off the shark and dragged the victim to shore for first aid, reports Sky News . The beach in South Kingscliff, New South Wales,...

Calif. Surfer Killed in Shark Attack
Shark Kills Calif. Surfer

Shark Kills Calif. Surfer

26-year-old man was within 100 yards of shore at Manresa State Beach

(Newser) - A surfer was killed in a shark attack off a Northern California beach, state park officials said Saturday. The 26-year-old man was surfing off Manresa State Beach on the northern end of Monterey Bay around 1:30pm when he was attacked by an unknown shark species, the California State Parks...

We May Never Hear From 'Diplomat for the Ocean' Again

Battery on transmitter for Katharine the great white shark is beyond expected life, emitting weak pings

(Newser) - Katharine, the great white shark with thousands of fans , has resurfaced for the first time in nearly a year. The 14-foot-long shark tagged as a juvenile off the coast of Cape Cod in August 2013 was last heard from off the coast of Charleston, SC, in May 2019 . The following...

One-Ton Great White Frolicking Off Florida Coast

Unama'ki, 2nd largest white shark tracked in NW Atlantic by nonprofit, started out in Nova Scotia

(Newser) - A giant she-shark has been working her way down the East Coast from Canada, and her latest sighting is in the waters off of Florida. CNN reports the 1-ton great white—named Unama'ki, a term used by the Mi'kmaq First Nations people to mean "land of the...

Great White Leaves Water to Steal Family's Catch

Shark takes fish off line in Cape Cod Bay

(Newser) - A family fishing in Cape Cod Bay had an up-close and personal encounter with a great white shark that leaped out of the water to snatch a fish they had caught right off the line. Doug Nelson, of Franklin, who caught the leaping shark on video on Saturday, told New...

Long Island Gets a First-Time Visitor

A Great White named Cabot drops by Long Island Sound

(Newser) - A 9-foot-long great white shark turned his nose into Long Island Sound en route from Delaware, marking a first for the ocean research group that tracks him. "Be advised! For the first time ever, we are tracking a white shark in the Long Island Sound," OCEARCH tweeted Monday...

Massive Great White Off SC Isn't Alone

Luna, Katharine among OCEARCH sharks pinging off East Coast

(Newser) - Think twice before dipping your toes off the Carolinas. OCEARCH is currently tracking at least eight great white sharks in that region, including a 15-foot female that's among the two largest sharks ever tagged by the nonprofit ocean research group. Luna—named for Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, where the shark...

This Might Be the Secret to Great Whites' Success
This Might Be Great White
Sharks' Biggest Advantage
in case you missed it

This Might Be Great White Sharks' Biggest Advantage

Decoded genome sheds light on how they heal their own wounds, stay healthy

(Newser) - Scientists for the first time have decoded the genome of the great white shark, and the results show that humans have much to learn from the long-lived creatures. The sharks' genes seem especially suited to healing their own wounds and warding off illness, reports Wired . "These include DNA sequences...

She Swam With One of Biggest Sharks Ever Seen

In fact, it might be THE biggest ever

(Newser) - Two shark researchers who came face to face with what could be one of the largest great whites ever recorded are using their encounter as an opportunity to push for legislation that would protect sharks in Hawaii. Ocean Ramsey, a shark researcher and conservationist, told the AP that she encountered...

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