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Nokia Is Cutting Up to 14K Jobs
Nokia Announces Big Job Cuts

Nokia Announces Big Job Cuts

Up to 14K will be laid off amid 'market uncertainty' in the telecoms business

(Newser) - Telecom gear maker Nokia said Thursday that it's planning to cut up to 14,000 jobs worldwide, or 16% of its workforce, as part of a push to reduce costs following a plunge in third-quarter sales and profit. The Finnish company, one of the world's main suppliers of...

Nokia, No Longer in the Phone Biz, Gets New Logo

Mobile phones 'are not what Nokia is about'

(Newser) - Nokia, whose famously resilient cell phones dominated the market before the iPhone arrived on the scene, got out of the business a decade ago and it wants people to start associating its name with other products. The Finnish company, which is now focusing on selling 5G telecom equipment, has changed...

Introducing Nokia's 'Life-Proof,' 'Military Grade' Smartphone

The $550 XR20 launches next month

(Newser) - If you're hard on phones, you may want to check out Nokia's latest smartphone. The XR20 is "life-proof," the company claims, able to survive after being dropped six feet without a case; submerged in water as much as five feet deep for as long as an...

Nokia Gets 4G Lunar Contract
Nokia Gets 4G Lunar Contract

Nokia Gets 4G Lunar Contract

NASA wants a cellular network up there

(Newser) - To the moon, Alice! And call me when you get there. Yes, NASA is giving Nokia $14.1 million to install a cellular network on that big rock in the sky, Mashable reports. The idea is to deploy a 4G/LTE network—and later move to 5G—to "support lunar...

Nokia's New Phone Replaces the Selfie With the Bothie

Is the world ready?

(Newser) - If we're being honest, the selfie is passé. Today's discerning Instagrammers require a new way to document their every waking moment. Enter the Nokia 8 and its "bothie." Nokia's attempt to compete with Samsung and Apple in the high-end smartphone market hits stores in Europe...

Most Loved and Hated Telecom Companies in US

Sorry, Mediacom

(Newser) - Believe it or not, Comcast is not the most hated telecommunications company in the country. The American Customer Satisfaction Index, out Tuesday, ranks America's most loved and hated companies offering pay-TV, phone, and internet service, and though Comcast finds itself among the least loved companies, it's not the...

An Iconic Cell Phone Could Be Coming Back

New version of Nokia 3310 is rumored

(Newser) - Perhaps it isn't just flip phones that are making a comeback. HMD Global, the Finnish company that produces Nokia phones, reportedly hopes to make a splash in the tech world this month by reintroducing a model first presented in the Y2K era. VentureBeat reports the company plans to unveil...

Microsoft to Ax Up to 18K Jobs
 Microsoft to Ax Up to 18K Jobs 

Microsoft to Ax Up to 18K Jobs

That's up to 14% of its workforce

(Newser) - Microsoft has announced what will be the heftiest round of job cuts in its 39-year history: As many as 18,000 positions, or roughly 14% of its workforce, will go. The move follows the company's Nokia acquisition , which inflated its ranks to 127,104 workers. Re/code reports on the...

Nokia Introduces New Windows Tablet, Phablet

Phone offers 6-inch, 1080p display

(Newser) - With Apple preparing for its (possibly iPad-themed) event in San Francisco today, Nokia is making some noise of its own over in Abu Dhabi. The device maker has added several new gadgets to its lineup, including a Windows tablet and a big-screen phone, or phablet. The new Lumia 1520 phone...

Microsoft and Nokia: The Saddest Names in Tech Unite

How pundits are reacting, and how Microsoft is explaining itself

(Newser) - Why did Microsoft buy Nokia's phone business ? We now know Microsoft's answer: The computing giant released a 30-slide presentation today arguing that the move will improve Microsoft's margins on Windows phones, which will allow it to invest more in the platform, which will accelerate sales and...

Microsoft Buys Nokia's Phone Side for $7.2B

And it may have nabbed a new CEO in the process

(Newser) - Two firms largely left in the dust by the smartphone era are set to become one with Microsoft's $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia's cell phone business. "It's a bold step into the future," said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who plans to step down within...

Facebook Moves to Get Planet Earth Online

And using Facebook, presumably

(Newser) - Some 4 billion people on this planet do not have Internet access, so a group of tech giants has formed a partnership with the aim of finally connecting those unfortunates to the virtual world of cat GIFs and, ahem, witty news curation websites. Spearheaded by Facebook, the partnership, called Internet....

Facebook Phone Now Costs $1

AT&T's deep discounts don't bode well for HTC First and Facebook Home

(Newser) - Ouch. The "Facebook phone"—aka the HTC First phone running Facebook Home —is now selling for just 99 cents. AT&T was offering the phone for $99 on a two-year contract, but has now reduced the price to under a buck, Mashable reports. That's an absurd-sounding...

Nokia's $1.35B Job: Pioneer World's Strongest Material

Get ready for 'graphene revolution'

(Newser) - Computing's next big thing could be on its way. Nokia has received a $1.35 billion grant from the EU to develop graphene , the strongest material the world has ever seen. At one atom thick, it's 300 times stronger than steel, Tom's Hardware notes. Nokia says it...

Nokia Tries to Ban Most BlackBerries

After winning patent case in Swedish court

(Newser) - Nokia has asked a California judge for an order banning the sale of any BlackBerry phone with wireless LAN capabilities—which is basically all of them, ComputerWorld reports. A Swedish arbiter has ruled that RIM has breached its contract over the use of Nokia's wireless patents, Nokia announced today,...

Nokia Busted for Faked Ad
 Nokia Busted for Faked Ad 

Nokia Busted for Faked Ad

Video purportedly shot with phone actually shot with professional camera

(Newser) - Perhaps you have seen the stunning ad for the Nokia PureView camera, in which a man riding a bicycle takes a video of a woman riding beside him armed only with a Lumia 920 and, through the magic of Pureview's image stabilization technology, it looks perfect. Why, if you...

Samsung's New Line Rolls Dice on Windows

Phonemaker unveils new phone, tablet using Microsoft OS instead of Android

(Newser) - Samsung unveiled a slate of new products today, including some that (gasp!) don't run on Android. The electronics company showed off a new line of Windows 8-based products, including a 10.1-inch tablet and a 4.8-inch smartphone, the Wall Street Journal reports. "It's highly likely...

Nokia to Chop 1 in 5 Jobs
 Nokia to Chop 1 in 5 Jobs 

Nokia to Chop 1 in 5 Jobs its main mobile devices unit

(Newser) - Even rose-colored glasses can't make Nokia's situation look any brighter. The company today announced that it would cut another 10,000 jobs, which Reuters points out is one out of every five slots at its once-formidable global cellphone business. The news was accompanied by the warning that its...

Pick Up Your Phone; Your Tattoo Is Vibrating
Pick Up Your Phone,
Your Tattoo Is Vibrating
nokia files patent

Pick Up Your Phone, Your Tattoo Is Vibrating

Nokia eyes tattoo that vibrates as call alert

(Newser) - Hello, brave new world. Nokia may be working on an invention that would cause a tattoo to vibrate every time you get a call on your cell. The Finnish firm's filing with the US Patent Office describes tattooing, stamping, or spraying "ferromagnetic" material onto skin—or a fingernail—...

Nokia Posts $1.4B Loss in 4th Quarter

But sales of Windows smartphones are meeting expectations

(Newser) - Mobile phone maker Nokia Corp. today posted a fourth-quarter net loss of $1.4 billion as sales slumped 21% even as the company's first Windows smartphones hit markets in Europe and Asia. The loss compares with a profit of $981 million in the same period a year earlier. Nokia...

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