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Bush's Gravestone Bears a Simple Inscription

41st president was buried Thursday after a Navy hymn

(Newser) - Texas A&M says the private, graveside service for George HW Bush's family members has ended and the former president has been buried. Thursday evening's ceremony concludes days of funeral activities honoring the 41st president, the AP reports. After lying in state at the US Capitol and a... More »

Texas A&M Halts 'White Pride' Rally

Its organizer is now threatening to sue over First Amendment violation

(Newser) - Texas A&M has canceled a "White Lives Matter" event that was billed by its organizer as "Today Charlottesville, Tomorrow Texas A&M." While stressing its commitment to the First Amendment, the university on Monday announced that the Sept. 11 event will not go ahead because its... More »

'Deeply Concerned' Rick Perry Pens Op-Ed About Student Election

US energy secretary accuses Texas A&M of rigging election for gay student

(Newser) - Rick Perry, new US energy secretary, is "deeply concerned" about something. But don't worry, it's not America's aging nuclear stockpile but the results of a student election in Texas. CNN reports that after the winner of Texas A&M's election for student body president was... More »

Cops: Woman Hits Police Car While Taking 'Topless Selfie'

The Texas A&M freshman also allegedly had an open bottle of wine in her SUV

(Newser) - A Texas A&M student was arrested Wednesday after she allegedly crashed into a police car while taking a "topless selfie" for her boyfriend, KAGS reports. According to the Eagle , the cruiser was parked in the street with its emergency lights flashing when it was rear-ended by an SUV.... More »

Johnny Manziel Is Going Back to College

Off-field incidents derailed NFL career

(Newser) - Former Cleveland quarterback Johnny Manziel has re-enrolled at Texas A&M after his NFL career was derailed by a series of off-field incidents that included a domestic violence charge still pending in court, the AP reports. A school spokesman confirmed Manziel's enrollment Monday, saying he couldn't provide other... More »

Argument Over Beer Pong Rules Ends in Teen's Death

Witness says disagreement led to fight, then gunshots in Texas

(Newser) - A 19-year-old woman in Texas lost her life over a dispute about beer pong, a witness tells the Eagle of College Station. The fatal shooting of Lacie LaRose took place last month at a graduation party, when about two dozen people were playing beer pong in a garage about 1am.... More »

University Steps in After Professor Flunks an Entire Class

Texas A&M teacher describes kids cheating and swearing at him

(Newser) - A professor at Texas A&M says he'd had enough of the cheating, lying, and verbal abuse going on in his "Strategic Management" class—so he decided to fail everyone, Click2Houston.com reports. "I was dealing with cheating, dealing with individuals swearing at me both in and... More »

UT Fears ... Flower Sabotage

Texas A&M maroon is infiltrating campus' bluebonnets

(Newser) - There's a devious plot afoot, or, as the Houston Chronicle cheekily puts it, "a scandal of potentially epic proportions." The University of Texas in Austin has noticed some maroon bluebonnets popping up in flowerbeds beneath the UT Tower, a place where only traditional bluebonnets (that is, blue... More »

Animals Move Alike —via 'Magic Formula'

Birds, fish, and other creatures use the same basic mechanics, says study

(Newser) - When it comes to movement, human engineering has much to learn from Mother Nature, says a new study in Nature Communications . Researchers found that animals of all kinds use the same essential mechanics to move whether on land, air, or water, reports the Houston Chronicle , which likens it to a... More »

Texas Shipwreck Yields 'CSI Adventure'

Mystery wreck may have been bound for Texas fight for independence

(Newser) - Insights into Texas' War for Independence may have just bubbled up from 4,300 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. A mystery shipwreck 150 miles off the coast of Galveston—found carrying muskets, swords, and cannons—may have been transporting weapons and soldiers to help in the... More »

Texas A&M Bill Threatens Funds for Gay Group

Student senate passes measure allowing students to opt out on religious grounds

(Newser) - If the Texas A&M student senate has its way, the university's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Resource Center could soon find itself lacking funds. The senate last night passed the Religious Funding Exemption Bill, which allows students to opt out of paying student fees that fund university services... More »

Homicides Up 7% in 'Stand Your Ground' States

Analysis found no deterrence of crime

(Newser) - Whatever the merits of "Stand Your Ground" laws, they appear to increase homicides by at least 7%, reports NPR . It cites a Texas A&M study of the 23 states that have enacted "Stand Your Ground" laws since 2005. Researchers looked at the homicide rate in those states... More »

Texas Shooter Was Crazy as Hell: Stepdad

Thomas Caffall called 'ticking time bomb,' gun fanatic

(Newser) - The gunman who killed two people near the Texas A&M campus before he was fatally shot by police yesterday was a gun fanatic who was battling mental illness. Thomas Caffall's stepdad called the gunman a "ticking time bomb." He was "crazy as hell," Richard... More »

Gunman, 2 Others Dead in Texas Shooting

Police officer and civilian were killed in gunfight

(Newser) - A gunman, a police officer, and a male civilian are dead in a shooting this afternoon near Texas A&M University, reports KHOU . Police say Thomas Cafall, 35, gunned down 41-year-old constable Brian Bachmann while the officer tried to serve an eviction notice at a small house in College Station,... More »

Perry's Job Program Claims Wildly Inflated

Wall Street Journal looks at the numbers and isn't impressed

(Newser) - Rick Perry often boasts of his $440 million Texas Enterprise Fund, which he says has created more than 59,000 jobs. But the program’s estimates often appear wildly exaggerated, the Wall Street Journal reports. A $50 million grant to Texas A&M for a new Genomic Institute, for example,... More »

Rick Perry Was a C Student

Huffington Post grabs his college transcripts

(Newser) - Rick Perry’s not even in the presidential race yet, but it looks like someone’s already doing opposition research. An unnamed source passed Perry’s Texas A&M transcripts to the Huffington Post , and the details ain’t pretty: Perry received mostly Cs and Ds, including a C in... More »

Colleges With Lowest Graduation Rates

Golden Gate University tops list at 10%

(Newser) - Graduation rates at US institutions of higher learning have dropped 33% since 2002, a Chronicle of Higher Education study finds, and the recession may be to blame. The Huffington Post lists the 12 colleges with the lowest graduation rates:
  • Golden Gate University, San Francisco: 10%
  • Alliant International University, San Diego:
... More »

Employers Like State School Grads, Not Ivy Leaguers

Survey says big companies prefer those from non-elite schools

(Newser) - Move over Harvard; when it comes to hiring entry-level employees, most businesses prefer to recruit from state schools, according to a new survey. The Wall Street Journal polled 479 of the country’s largest companies and asked where they did their recruiting. Of the top 25 schools they named, 19... More »

Obama, Bush 41 Tout Public Service

(Newser) - A bipartisan call for public service got a warm reception today at Texas A&M, where George HW Bush welcomed President Obama and 44 hailed 41 as "an inspiration to us all." At a forum celebrating the 20th anniversary of the former president's Points of Light Institute, Obama—... More »

Green Spaces Make You Healthier

People who live near vegetation suffer fewer diseases

(Newser) - People who live close to parks or other “green spaces” are likely to be healthier, a new study suggests. Dutch researchers scoured the health records of 345,000 people, comparing their health status to the amount of green space in the surrounding area, from a half-mile to 2-mile radius.... More »

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