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A 'Seminal Moment' for Biden?
A 'Seminal
for Biden?

A 'Seminal Moment' for Biden?

Columnists assess his bad week

(Newser) - Joe Biden had one of the worst days of his presidency on Thursday—the Supreme Court shot down his workplace vaccine mandate and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema torpedoed his plan to change the filibuster and allow voting rights legislation to pass. Related coverage, especially in op-eds, has been brutal:
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Obama: Nix the Filibuster, Pass Voting Rights Legislation

In first op-ed since leaving office, former president calls on Senate to 'do the right thing'

(Newser) - President Biden recently called for altering Senate rules if necessary to remove the obstacle of the filibuster so that voting rights legislation can be passed. Now, a big voice is joining in that same chorus. In what USA Today says is his first op-ed since leaving office in 2017, former...

Nation No Longer Has the Supreme Court It Deserves
The Supreme Court Was Us.
Not Anymore

The Supreme Court Was Us. Not Anymore

Linda Greenhouse writes that the justices' views are no longer the majority's

(Newser) - In 2008, Linda Greenhouse , a New York Times reporter who had covered the Supreme Court for almost 30 years, assessed the court's place in the nation in an essay . "The court is in Americans' collective hands," she wrote. "We shape it; it reflects us. At any...

Maxwell Verdict Is a Chance to End Enabling of Rich Predators

The next move is up to the rest of us, Deborah Tuerkheimer writes

(Newser) - Ghislaine Maxwell's conviction Wednesday was a milestone, Deborah Tuerkheimer writes in an opinion piece in the New York Times , a first during the #MeToo era. And while it demonstrates that those who enable criminals are subject to criminal prosecution themselves, it's only a step, she says. The nation'...

Tennis Legend on Abortion: It Let Me Choose My Future

'We must never roll back our hard-won reproductive rights,' Billie Jean King writes in 'NYT' op-ed

(Newser) - Wednesday was one of the biggest days in nearly 50 years for abortion rights, as the heavily right-leaning Supreme Court heard arguments in a Mississippi case that could upend Roe v. Wade. One big name has now weighed in, speaking from her own experience and insisting "we must never...

Your Kid Finished the Appalachian Trail? Be Quiet, Maybe

In 'Outside' essay, Krista Langlois explains why she doesn't like stories of young record-breakers

(Newser) - We've all seen the occasional headlines about kids who set mountain-climbing records or hike the entire Appalachian Trail , but Krista Langlois doesn't want to hear about such feats anymore. In her latest piece for Outside , she explains it's not that she's unimpressed by the youngsters' abilities,...

Sister Prejean: Let Inmate Have Final Human Touch

John Henry Ramirez deserves to have pastor present at Texas execution, she writes

(Newser) - Sister Helen Prejean, the Catholic nun made famous by the book and movie Dead Man Walking, is making a public appeal on behalf of a death row inmate in Texas. In a New York Times essay, Prejean argues that the state should grant the request of John Henry Ramirez that...

There's a 'Grand Misconception' About Drinking and Driving

Why is it legal to drink anything before driving, wonders Danny Cevallos

(Newser) - Henry Ruggs was allegedly driving 127mph , with at least twice the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration, before rear-ending a vehicle carrying a 23-year-old woman and her dog in Las Vegas on Tuesday, killing both . The former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver is charged with felony DUI resulting in death,...

Media's Facebook-Is-Evil Claims Don't Add Up
Claims Don't
Add Up

Media's Facebook-Is-Evil Claims Don't Add Up

Robby Soave at 'Reason' calls the Facebook Papers a 'nothingburger'

(Newser) - Facebook is taking a tremendous amount of flak this week thanks to the Facebook Papers—reporting from nearly 20 media outfits based on internal documents released by whistleblower Frances Haugen. The Washington Post has key takeaways here , but the upshot of coverage is that Facebook "prioritizes its business over...

An Expert on Retirement Retires Himself
A Retirement Researcher
Retires Himself

A Retirement Researcher Retires Himself

David Ekerdt was well prepared for the life shift, but even he is learning some things

(Newser) - For more than four decades, David Ekerdt studied aging and retirement. So you'd think that when Ekerdt retired himself from his post as a professor at the University of Kansas—as he did 18 months ago—he would be well prepared for the life change. But in an essay...

True-Crime Genre Is Out of Control
Genre Is
Out of Control

True-Crime Genre Is Out of Control

Emma Berquist, a crime victim herself, writes that podcasts are making women paranoid

(Newser) - The murder rate is way down over the last 20 years or so, and most people who do get killed are men. You wouldn't know from the voluminous true-crime podcast genre. Show after show, often hosted by women, offer grisly recaps of cases with female victims. All of which...

2 Republicans Make Unusual Request: Vote Democratic

Anti-Trump moderates say it's necessary for the good of the country

(Newser) - Not unusual: The New York Times is running an opinion piece urging people to vote Democratic in the upcoming midterms. The weird part: The piece is authored by two Republicans. Specifically, it's Christine Todd Whitman, the former governor of New Jersey who ran the EPA under George W. Bush,...

Uma Thurman Reveals Teen Abortion in Op-Ed

Actress, now 51, says she has 'no regrets,' slams Texas' 'discriminatory' abortion ban

(Newser) - As the DOJ's lawsuit against Texas' abortion ban moves through the courts, a big name is weighing in—and she's got a very personal story to bolster her perspective. In an op-ed for the Washington Post , actress Uma Thurman slams the law, calling it a "discriminatory tool"...

OnlyFans' Creators Are 'Violated,' Not Empowered
Call OnlyFans
What It Is—a 'Pimp'

Call OnlyFans What It Is—a 'Pimp'

Lawyer Catherine MacKinnon says creators on the site are 'violated,' not empowered

(Newser) - When OnlyFans announced a ban on explicit content , the ACLU warned it was stigmatizing sex work, "making workers less safe." The subscription site's decision to reverse the ban was therefore applauded on many fronts. But not by Catherine MacKinnon. "It is the sex industry that makes...

A Case for Ditching the Career to Embrace 'Lying Flat'

Cassady Rosenblum writes about the movement in essay for 'NYT'

(Newser) - "Work has become intolerable. Rest is resistance." That's the message of the "lying flat" movement that kicked off in China in April and is now starting to take hold globally as a pushback against the 24/7 hamster wheel of capitalism, detailed in Cassady Rosenblum's op-ed...

Malala Lays Out Plan on 'Critical Moment' in Afghanistan

Activist says women, girls need neighbors' help, more specific education guarantees from Taliban

(Newser) - After Afghanistan's capital fell to the Taliban on Sunday, the extremist group's final symbolic move to controlling the country, its members made a promise to all Afghan women and girls that they'd retain their right to an education and shouldn't fret. That vow has been met...

Time to Douse All the Campfires, Everyone
Love Campfires? Time
to Make a Sacrifice

Love Campfires? Time to Make a Sacrifice

In her 'Outside' essay, Heather Hansman advocates for canceling campfires to save our landscapes

(Newser) - The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its landmark climate report last week, and a dire report it was. For Heather Hansman, the "biggest takeaway" from that report is that time has run out and we can no longer be complacent—"anything we can do now ... will make...

What Both Sides Get Wrong About the Capitol Riot

'Wall Street Journal' editorial board criticizes Republicans and Democrats

(Newser) - The harrowing testimony of four officers on duty during the Capitol riot has prompted the conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal to weigh in, and the editorial has plenty of criticism for both Democrats and Republicans. It blasts two "false narratives" that have emerged, one pushed by...

The Case Against Working From Home
Employers Should Think Twice
About Remote Working

Employers Should Think Twice About Remote Working

'It can drain morale and diminish collegiality,' writes the partner in a law firm that stayed open

(Newser) - Much has been written about how the pandemic has upended work life, perhaps permanently . But while many employers have embraced the idea of remote working, not everybody is a fan. In a New York Times essay, one of the partners in a Houston law firm recounts how productivity tanked when...

Naomi Osaka: Here's How We Can Improve Things

Naomi Osaka:
Things Have
 Got to Change

Naomi Osaka: Things Have Got to Change

She suggests sick days for tennis players, press conference reforms

(Newser) - "In any other line of work, you would be forgiven for taking a personal day here and there." Not so in the highest ranks of tennis, as Naomi Osaka writes following her controversial exit at the French Open. In a Time essay, the Japanese-born star dealing with social...

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