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Hawaii Supreme Court Quotes The Wire in Gun Rights Ruling

'The thing about the old days, they the old days' was first heard on the HBO show

(Newser) - "What's past is past" was the underlying message, sort of, of a ruling this week from Hawaii's Supreme Court, though its decision cited a different famous quote from a popular TV series to get its point across. CBS News and the AP report that the state's...

Most Notable Quotes of 2019 Have Been Chosen

At the top of the list: one from the July 25 Trump-Zelensky call

(Newser) - Activist Greta Thunberg and actress Emma Watson have two of the 10 most notable quotes of 2019, according to a librarian at Yale Law School. But it's the line at the center of the impeachment inquiry—"I would like you to do us a favor, though"—from...

What Karl Lagerfeld Thought About Tattoos, the Middletons

Legendary fashion designer has died

(Newser) - Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who died Tuesday , was almost as famous for his biting and often controversial quips as he was for his fashion designs. Here are a few of his memorable quotes, per the AP :
  • On style: "If you come and ask me, 'I want to be

Year's Most Notable Quote Comes From Rudy Giuliani
Year's Most Notable Quote
Comes From Rudy Giuliani
in case you missed it

Year's Most Notable Quote Comes From Rudy Giuliani

Yale ranks his 'the truth isn't the truth' line as No. 1 for 2018

(Newser) - Yale Law School is out with its annual list of the year's 10 most notable quotes, and it is not President Trump but one of his attorneys, Rudy Giuliani, that has the No. 1 spot. "The truth isn't the truth." Giuliani uttered it to NBC's...

Zsa Zsa Gabor's Best Quotes
Zsa Zsa Gabor's Best Quotes

Zsa Zsa Gabor's Best Quotes

'I'm a great housekeeper. Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house'

(Newser) - "A girl must marry for love, and keep on marrying until she finds it," oft-married actress and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor once said. A selection of other great quotes from Gabor, who has died at the age of 99 , and whose sayings summed up her flamboyant attitude to...

UVa Staff, Students to President: Stop Quoting Jefferson

Teresa Sullivan was trying to unite community after election, but quote backfired

(Newser) - "Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today" was one of Thomas Jefferson's "canons of conduct," and so faculty and students at the college he founded, the University of Virginia, wasted little time in responding to an email from the school's president that...

Muhammad Ali's Greatest Quotes

The 'Louisville Lip' knew just what to say

(Newser) - Muhammad Ali, who died Friday at age 74 , wasn't known as the Louisville Lip for nothing. The man whose quick hands and feet stunned opponents inside the ring—and won him three heavyweight-boxing championships—showed just as much verbal dexterity for the microphones. Some of his best quotes, per...

Most Notable Quotes of 2015
 Most Notable Quotes of 2015 

Most Notable Quotes of 2015

It's littered with presidential candidates

(Newser) - Pope Francis' comments that human activity is mostly to blame for global warming top a list of the most notable quotes of 2015, as compiled by a Yale Law School librarian who also included several sound bites from the US presidential campaign. Fred Shapiro, an associate librarian at the law...

'It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over:' Yogi Berra's Greatest Lines

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it"

(Newser) - Yogi Berra was one of the greatest catchers of all time, but the New York Yankees legend, who has died at age 90 , was almost as famous for his hilarious "Yogi-isms." Some of his more widely quoted words of wisdom:
  • On his approach to at-bats: "You can'

2014's Most Notable Quote: 'I Can't Breathe!'

Many on Yale's annual list have to do with race

(Newser) - "I can't breathe!"—the exclamation made by Eric Garner while in a police chokehold—was chosen as the most notable quote of the year in an annual list released by a Yale University librarian. It was one of several quotes chosen for the list that reflect...

Meaning Behind 9/11 Memorial Quote Is Jarring
Meaning Behind 9/11 Memorial Quote Is Jarring
in case you missed it

Meaning Behind 9/11 Memorial Quote Is Jarring

It refers to pair of Trojan soldiers who killed many

(Newser) - The words, with no context beyond location, seem appropriate enough: "No day shall erase you from the memory of time. Virgil." So reads a 60-foot-long inscription appearing along a wall at the soon-to-open National September 11 Memorial Museum. Behind the wall sit the 8,000 human remains that...

Quote of the Year Is Occupy Wall Street's 'We Are the 99%'
 And the Quote of the Year Is... 

And the Quote of the Year Is...

'We are the 99%' ... plus 9 more memorable utterances

(Newser) - It's been a good year for quotes inspiring, inept, and inscrutable. A Yale librarian has compiled his annual list of the year's 10 key quotations, and topping this year's selection is Occupy Wall Street's rallying cry: "We are the 99%." The runners-up:
  1. Lines from

These 'Cheery, Pithy' Quotes Are Fake
 These 'Cheery, Pithy' 
 Quotes Are Fake 

These 'Cheery, Pithy' Quotes Are Fake

And they muddle the true message of great leaders: Brian Morton

(Newser) - Perhaps you live by the words of Henry David Thoreau: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” Or Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If so, Brian Morton has bad news for you: Neither...

The Top 10 Quotes of 2010
The Top 10
Quotes of 2010

The Top 10 Quotes of 2010

We're not witches, either

(Newser) - Remember when Christine O'Donnell solemnly looked into our eyes and declared, "I'm not a witch"? That little gem has topped (well, tied for tops) 2010's list of most memorable quotes, according to the Yale Book of Quotations. Giving O'Donnell a run for her money was Tony Hayward's "...

Movie Quotes: Where Have Classic One-Liner Film Quotations Gone?

 What Happened 
 to the Movie 
'luke ... i am your father'

What Happened to the Movie One-Liner?

The great, repeatable lines have fallen off since the '90s

(Newser) - Think about it: When was the last time you, and everyone you know, went around quoting an unforgettable line from a movie? We all remember the classics—“Go ahead, make my day”; “You talking to me?”; “Hasta la vista, baby”—but such one-liners have fizzled out...

Doh! Oval Office Rug Gets Quote's Author Wrong

It's attributed to MLK, but he borrowed the words

(Newser) - The new rug in President Obama's Oval Office includes famous quotations, including this from Martin Luther King Jr.: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." The only problem, reports the Washington Post , is that King borrowed the words (and made no secret...

High School Prints Yearbook With Hitler Quote

Dictator's words slip past school authorities

(Newser) - The administrators of a Pennsylvania high school are red in the face after letting a Hitler quote slip into the 2010 yearbook, CBS News reports. Sprinkled among many others throughout the book is this: "And in the last analysis, success is what matters." It's displayed with Hitler's name...

Vince Lombardi Biopic Will Be Best Sports Flick 'Ever'

If famed Packers coach's quotes don't do it, De Niro surely will

(Newser) - The upcoming movie starring Robert De Niro as Vince Lombardi will undoubtedly be the “greatest sports movie ever,” Julian Sancton writes. The famed Green Bay Packers coach was an inexhaustible source of quotable remarks, and a top-notch sports flick must have at least one memorable line, he writes...

Famous Movie Misquotations
 Famous Movie 

Famous Movie Misquotations

'Play it again, Sam' and 'Greed is good' aren't quite right

(Newser) - Fred Shapiro rounds up famous quotations from movies that for one reason or another—compression, clarity, cadence, to name a few—are altered in our collective memory. A sampling from the On Language column in the New York Times Sunday magazine:
  • "Greed is good." (Wall Street). Orginal: "

20 Best Homer Simpson Quotes
 20 Best Homer Simpson Quotes 
No. 1: 'D'OH!'

20 Best Homer Simpson Quotes

(Newser) - In honor of tonight's 20th-anniversary celebration of The Simpsons, Washington Post comics columnist Michael Cavna offers his list of the top 20 Homer Simpson quotes. Of course, No. 1 is "D'oh!" Selected other gems:
  • "Oh, everything looks bad if you remember it."
  • "I'm going to

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