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Joss Whedon Responds to Accusations of Misconduct

Filmmaker says Gal Gadot, with her imperfect English, misunderstood him

(Newser) - When Joss Whedon and Gal Gadot were arguing about whether to cut a scene from the 2017 film Justice League, the filmmaker said the disagreement might have to be resolved by tying one of them to railroad tracks. The actress says the threat was directed at her. In an interview...

Gal Gadot: Yeah, 'Imagine' Video Was 'in Poor Taste'

Actress says her 2020 pandemic project should not have seen the light of day

(Newser) - For all the critics out there of Gal Gadot's "Imagine" video in the early days of the pandemic, the actress has a message: She agrees. "It was in poor taste," the Wonder Woman star tells InStyle . Back in March 2020, Gadot summoned some of her celebrity...

Star Turns Off Comments After Tweet Backlash

Gal Gadot had posted a call for Mideast peace, saying, 'My heart breaks'

(Newser) - Gal Gadot, movie star and Israeli military veteran, turned off comments after tweeting a plea Wednesday about the Israel-Hamas conflict that struck some as one-sided. "Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation," she posted . "Our neighbors deserve the same. I pray for the victims...

2 Big Pieces of News for Wonder Woman Fans

'1984' installment makes $16.7M in its opening weekend, and a 3rd installment is on

(Newser) - Despite the COVID-19 pandemic having shuttered an estimated 65% of North American movie theaters, Wonder Woman 1984 scored a decent box office win: $16.7 million in its US opening weekend after debuting Christmas Day. That's a pandemic record, USA Today reports, and Variety calls the number "robust...

Wonder Woman Evokes Another Superhero
Wonder Woman
Evokes Another

Wonder Woman Evokes Another Superhero

Installment set in 1984 is a slight step back but still fun, Brian Truitt writes

(Newser) - The latest Wonder Woman film is a more lighthearted, campy version, Brian Truitt writes in USA Today , possibly because the Reagan years in Washington weren't quite as intense as the depths of World War I. But the franchise isn't at the height of its powers, he says, finding...

Wonder Woman Team Has a Big, New Subject

Gal Gadot will play Cleopatra, and Patty Jenkins will direct

(Newser) - They made history together with Wonder Woman. Now, actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins are collaborating on another huge project: a biopic of Cleopatra. Gadot will play the title role, which will no doubt invite inevitable comparisons to Elizabeth Taylor's 1963 portrayal of the Egyptian queen, per the...

Gal Gadot Tried to Cheer Us Up About Virus. It Flopped

Most online commenters didn't seem to care for her celebrity-studded cover of John Lennon's 'Imagine'

(Newser) - Gal Gadot obviously meant well—but her attempt to instill some hope amid the coronavirus outbreak isn't going over quite as planned. The Telegraph notes that the Wonder Woman star gathered a bunch of celebrities together to make a cover of John Lennon's "Imagine" to "lift...

Gal Gadot Not Happy With Netanyahu's Israel Comments

She comes to defense of fellow Israeli celebrity who called for equal rights for Arab Israelis

(Newser) - Gal Gadot is going all Wonder Woman on Israel's prime minister. As NBC News explains, the issue started with Israeli model and actor Rotem Sela calling for equal rights for Israel's Arab minority. Benjamin Netanyahu responded by taking to Instagram to address the "slightly confused people" who...

Wonder Woman Surprises Virginia Children's Hospital

Gal Gadot turned up in costume while filming sequel

(Newser) - Gal Gadot may not have actual superpowers but she definitely has a big heart. The Wonder Woman star, who is filming sequel Wonder Woman 1984 in Washington, DC, and northern Virginia, surprised kids at a Virginia children's hospital by turning up in costume, the Daily Dot reports. "The...

Gal Gadot Might Walk Away From Wonder Woman 2

Sources say she won't tolerate Brett Ratner connection

(Newser) - Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot is ready to walk away from the role that made her famous if Brett Ratner remains involved in any way, insiders tell Page Six . Multiple women have accused Ratner of sexual misconduct , and Hollywood sources say Gadot is refusing to sign up for Wonder Woman ...

19 People Allege Sexual Misconduct Against CW Showrunner

And more on the latest accusations in Hollywood

(Newser) - Supergirl and Arrow showrunner Andrew Kreisberg has been suspended amid accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching from 19 former and current employees, the AP reports. Warner Bros. Television Group confirmed the suspension and investigation Saturday. The company says in a statement it "takes all allegations of misconduct...

SNL Bows to Vegas, Petty
SNL Opens on Somber Note

SNL Opens on Somber Note

Jason Aldean bumps the usual cold open with tribute, performance of 'I Won't Back Down'

(Newser) - Country star Jason Aldean took the stage on Saturday Night Live, reports the AP, paying tribute to the victims of the Las Vegas massacre and to the late rocker Tom Petty. "Launching into a solid, countrified cover of Tom Petty’s 'I Won’t Back Down,' Aldean...

Alleged Superhero Pay Gap Has Internet Up in Arms

Henry Cavill likely wasn't paid $13.7M more than Gal Gadot, despite report

(Newser) - Elle dropped a Hollywood bombshell Tuesday: Gal Gadot made a piddly $300,000 for Wonder Woman while Henry Cavill got a staggering $14 million for Man of Steel. This striking example of the gender pay gap sent shock waves through Twitter despite being, in the words of one inside...

Wonder Woman Is the Best Superhero Film in a While
Wonder Woman Gets It Right

Wonder Woman Gets It Right

Gal Gadot wows for DC Comics: critics

(Newser) - When an American pilot falls out of the sky onto an island inhabited by female warriors, an Amazonian princess gets pulled into World War I, convinced she can stop it. It helps that she has badass fighting skills. Oh, and superpowers. Here's what critics are saying about DC Comics'...

Country Bans Wonder Woman Over Israeli Star

Lebanon cites boycott of Israeli exports

(Newser) - Wonder Woman is expected to have a massive opening weekend, but not in Lebanon: The country has officially banned the superhero movie because star Gal Gadot is an Israeli who carried out mandatory military service, the New York Times reports. Lebanon is officially at war with Israel and boycotts the...

Diet Product's Wonder Woman Cross Promotion Draws Ire

Do Amazonian warriors need to 'think thin?'

(Newser) - "'Think thin' is not a slogan we need associated with a fierce warrior," the Mary Sue states. Ahead of Wonder Woman's release in theaters next month, the superhero film has entered into a promotional partnership with thinkThin, maker of diet products. Unsurprisingly, people see some problems...

Israel: Land of Milk and Honeys
Israel: Land of Milk and Honeys

Israel: Land of Milk and Honeys

Maxim flap exposes Jerusalem's risque pitch

(Newser) - As if it didn't have anything else to do, the Israeli parliament is embroiled in a flap over an American skin mag. Maxim is about to publish an article on "the Women of the Israel Defense Force," featuring the Hebrew hotties in stages of undress some back home...

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