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Want to Cross Paths With the Rich? Head to IHOP
Want to Cross Paths With
the Rich? Head to IHOP

Want to Cross Paths With the Rich? Head to IHOP

Chain restaurants are where those of diverse socioeconomic statuses may get to interact

(Newser) - If you were asked to come up with venues that represent a true melting pot of the rich, poor, and everyone in between interacting, you might think of the likes of churches, parks, and post offices. But the Messenger reports on a new study out of MIT and California's...

Man Goes on Job Interview, Caps It Off by Saving a Baby

Good Samaritan Ron Nessman jumped into action to save little boy in Hesperia, California

(Newser) - Ron Nessman used to be a big-rig driver—until his girlfriend died, sending him into a spiral of depression and homelessness that's lasted eight years. However, for the past three months, Nessman has been living with his sister in California's San Bernardino County, trying to get back on...

Applebee's Workers Walk Out After 'Atrocious' Email Leaks

Exec at franchise firm said rising gas prices would turn the labor market in their favor

(Newser) - An Applebee's franchise exec who said inflation could be great for business if it made employees desperate enough to work longer hours and accept lower wages is now out of a job. The email from Wayne Pankratz, who worked at a franchise group that runs dozens of restaurants, caused...

Big Changes Afoot for IHOP, Applebee's

Parent company closing some locations, opening new ones elsewhere

(Newser) - Fans of IHOP and Applebee's, take note: It's possible your hometown location will be closing, though it's also possible one will opening there soon. Parent company DineEquity announced a plan to close as many as 160 of the restaurants and to open up to 125 new ones,...

Restaurant Worker Finds $32K, Restores Faith in Humanity

It was a California man's life savings—and he got it back from Applebee's

(Newser) - A California woman and her mom are thankful for an eagle-eyed (and honest) Applebee's worker after they left a pouch with $32,000 behind at the restaurant. Erica Gonzalez tells WXIA that she and her mom had taken her dad's entire life savings to the bank to be...

Pay $375 to Attend NYE Party ... at Applebee's

Oh, but if you're a kid under 12 it only costs $250

(Newser) - It's come to this, America: Two New York City Applebee's are charging $375 for the privilege of attending their 4-hour New Year's Eve party. This from the restaurant chain that, MarketWatch reminds us, is known for its two-for-$20 dinner deals. The "night to remember," being...

Waitress Gets Handed Her Own Stolen ID
 Waitress Gets Handed 
 Her Own Stolen ID 

Waitress Gets Handed Her Own Stolen ID

Brianna Priddy played it cool, then called cops

(Newser) - When a waitress asks for your ID, you may not want to hand her ... her own stolen ID. That's what recently happened at an Applebee's in Colorado, KDVR reports. Brianna Priddy's wallet was stolen last month, and she was shocked when a customer handed her her own...

Drunk Driver Sues Friend, 2 Restaurants

New Mexico man killed two teen sisters after drinking

(Newser) - A repeat drunken driver convicted in a crash that killed two teenagers is suing his drinking buddy and two Santa Fe restaurants that served him alcohol. James Ruiz filed suit in New Mexico District Court this week, seeking monetary damages from the friend he was out drinking with as well...

Pastor Sorry After Tip Snub Costs Waitress Her Job

Applebee's fires server who posted receipt online

(Newser) - A St. Louis pastor tells the Smoking Gun she is "heartbroken" over the brouhaha that erupted online this week over a tip she refused to leave. It was a "lapse in my character and judgment," Alois Bell says of the incident that resulted in an Applebee's...

Let's Stop Overprotecting Our Kids

 Let's Stop 
 Our Kids 

Let's Stop Overprotecting Our Kids

America overreacts to silly threats: Lenore Skenazy

(Newser) - Remember earlier this year when Applebee's accidentally served alcohol to a toddler ? Lenore Skenazy does, along with what she sees as the ridiculous overreaction of both the national media and the restaurant chain. It was "as if serving toddlers stiff drinks had been company-wide policy," she...

Deadliest New Fast Food Menu Items: TGI Fridays, Applebees, California Pizza Kitchen
 Worst New Fast Food Items 

Worst New Fast Food Items

Menus at Denny's, Olive Garden, and TGI Fridays each feature diet traps

(Newser) - Happy Meals may come with fruit now , but that doesn't mean gut-busters have been wiped from menus. And while Applebee's Provolone-Stuffed Meatballs dish is the stuff of legend, the Daily Beast also ferrets out a few surprises on its list of worst new fast food:
  • California Pizza Kitchen'

Eight Worst Belt -Busting Menu Items

Funny how vast portions of carbs and fat pack calories

(Newser) - Anyone who has tenuously clung to a diet knows calorie counting can turn into calorie binging at a restaurant, but choose one of these items and you'll really have fallen off the wagon, ABC News reports. The Center for Science in the Public Interest released its list of eight...

Movie Theaters Take Their Concessions Menu Gourmet
 Movie Theaters Go Gourmet 

Movie Theaters Go Gourmet

Provide wait service for meals in your seats

(Newser) - Dinner and a movie? How about dinner at the movies? Many moviegoers aren’t stopping at the concession stand before the show begins, theaters find, so they’re trying a new tactic: serving full-fledged meals at viewers’ seats. At an AMC in Kansas City, for instance, viewers can reserve luxury...

Applebee's Serves Margarita ... to Toddler

Mom says 15-month-old started 'saying hi and bye to the walls'

(Newser) - A family outing to an Applebee's near Detroit on Friday night took a turn for the weird after a 15-month-old was served a margarita in his sippy cup. The boy's mother, who thought the toddler was drinking apple juice, soon noticed him acting strangely. "He was saying hi and...

America's 10 Most Noxious Eats
 America's 10 Most Noxious Eats 

America's 10 Most Noxious Eats

(Newser) - From fries drenched in salad dressing to cheeseburgers mashed between glazed donuts, Americans are not known for always possessing the most refined palettes. Minyanville takes a look at some of the worst offenders.
  • The KFC Famous Bowl, described as tasting like “your nephew’s half-eaten dinner plate”, mixes fried

IHOP Gets a Taste of Applebee's
IHOP Gets a Taste of Applebee's

IHOP Gets a Taste of Applebee's

(Newser) - Breakfast giant International House of Pancakes is acquiring the bar-and-grill chain Applebee's for $1.9B, or $25.50 a share—4.6% higher than Friday's closing price. IHOP will turn most of Applebee's 508 restaurants into franchises at a rate of 40 per quarter beginning in 2008, a move that...

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