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Massive Impact Crater Is Almost as Old as the Dinosaurs
Dating of Impact Crater
Was Off by 55M Years
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Dating of Impact Crater Was Off by 55M Years

Crater under Greenland glacier likely formed 58M years ago: study

(Newser) - The 19-mile-wide impact crater hiding under a glacier in Greenland isn't just among the world’s largest . At 58 million years old, it's also among the most ancient, forming just 8 million years after the asteroid strike on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula wiped out the dinosaurs, according...

Arctic Forecast: Rainy With a Chance of Chaos
Arctic Forecast: Rainy
With a Chance of Chaos
new study

Arctic Forecast: Rainy With a Chance of Chaos

Shift to more rain than snow on track to happen decades earlier than expected

(Newser) - A weird thing happened at the summit of Greenland over the summer: It rained for the first time in recorded history. Now, a new study in Nature Communications delivers a clear message—get used to it. The study predicts that the Arctic is on a path to seeing more rain...

Scientists Stumble Upon World's Northernmost Island

They thought they were on Oodaaq Island, discovered they were further north

(Newser) - Scientists who thought they were on Oodaaq Island, an Arctic island off the coast of Greenland, checked their position and found they were actually 2,625 feet further north. That means they likely discovered the planet's northernmost island, the point of land closest to the North Pole, the BBC...

Tons of Rain Dumped on Greenland Ice Sheet

Temperatures at the summit rose above freezing for the third time in less than 10 years

(Newser) - Rain fell at Greenland's summit over the weekend—the first time in recorded history that precipitation there came in the form of rain rather than snow. Temperatures at the summit of the ice sheet, about two miles above sea level, rose above freezing for the fourth time in 32...

Blinken: US No Longer Wants to Buy Greenland

'I can confirm that's correct,' he said during brief visit to territory

(Newser) - Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Greenland Thursday—and confirmed that the US is no longer interested in buying the autonomous Danish territory. The Guardian reports that Blinken smiled when a reporter asked if the US had ruled out plans to buy Greenland. "I can confirm that’s correct,...

Why the World's Eyes Were Focused on Greenland's Vote

It 'could have major consequences for international interests in the Arctic'

(Newser) - "A row over rare-earth deposits could bring down Greenland's government," read an NPR headline on Tuesday. On Wednesday, "could" shifted to "did." The AP reports the country's main opposition party managed to get the most votes in a parliamentary election, ending the decades-long...

Huge Piece of Ice Cap Splits Off, Worrying Scientists

42-square-mile chunk breaks away in northeastern Arctic

(Newser) - An enormous chunk of Greenland's ice cap has broken off in the far northeastern Arctic, a development that scientists say is evidence of rapid climate change. The glacier section that broke off is 42.3 square miles, the AP reports. It came off of the fjord called Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden, which...

Ex-Official: Trump Wanted to Swap 'Dirty' Puerto Rico for Greenland

Taylor says he doesn't believe the president was joking

(Newser) - A former Department of Homeland Security official says he heard President Trump propose trading Puerto Rico for Greenland—and he doesn't believe the president was joking. In an interview with MSNBC 's Hallie Jackson Wednesday, Miles Taylor, former DHS chief of staff, was asked for the "most...

Climate Scientist Is Claimed by Ice Melt

Renowned Arctic expert Konrad Steffen dies after falling through ice

(Newser) - He was a renowned climate scientist who spent his life studying melting ice in the Arctic and warning the world about the consequences. And it was those very dangers that claimed the life of Konrad Steffen, reports USA Today . The 68-year-old fell through ice at his Swiss Camp in Greenland...

Vikings' Collapse Had a Lot to Do With Walruses
Vikings' Collapse Had a
Lot to Do With Walruses
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Vikings' Collapse Had a Lot to Do With Walruses

Decline in walrus ivory left Vikings with little to trade: researchers

(Newser) - The Vikings' disappearance from Greenland in the 15th century came not in an epic battle but with a decline in the walrus ivory trade, according to researchers, who may have cracked "one of history's big mysteries," per Newsweek . Walrus ivory was a hot commodity in medieval Europe....

From Bad to Worse for Greenland's Ice Sheet
Greenland Ice: They'll Have
to 'Invent New Upper Scenario'
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Greenland Ice: They'll Have to 'Invent New Upper Scenario'

It's melting 7 times faster than it did in the 1990s

(Newser) - Greenland's ice sheet is melting so fast that researchers will have to move the goalposts to estimate the impact on humans in the coming years. That's according to the Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-Comparison Exercise, a consortium of nearly 100 polar scientists who reviewed all satellite observations of...

Senator: We Shouldn't Give Up on Buying Greenland

Tom Cotton says Trump is 'crazy like a fox'

(Newser) - President Trump was widely derided for his attempt to buy Greenland, but Sen. Tom Cotton is keeping the faith—possibly because he is believed to be the one who gave Trump the idea in the first place . In a New York Times op-ed, the Republican argues that Trump is "...

This Might Be How the 'Buy Greenland' Controversy Started

Sen. Tom Cotton says he floated the idea months ago

(Newser) - Seems President Trump didn't come up with "let's buy Greenland" all on his own. Speaking at a Talk Business & Politics event in Arkansas, Sen. Tom Cotton said he looked into a possible purchase months ago and asked the Danish ambassador about it. "Obviously, the right...

Trump: 'I Am the Chosen One'
Trump: 'I Am the Chosen One'
the rundown

Trump: 'I Am the Chosen One'

The president also lands verbal blows outside the White House

(Newser) - President Trump got a little temperamental with reporters Wednesday and appeared to compare himself—however casually—with the savior in the Christian tradition, the Hill reports. The exchange outside the White House was fueled by criticism of his thoughts on the economy and gun control, his remarks about Jewish Democrats...

Trump Axes Denmark Trip After Greenland Idea Called 'Absurd'

He previously claimed state visit was unrelated

(Newser) - President Trump has called off a planned trip to Denmark because Prime Minster Mette Frederiksen has rejected the idea of selling him 98% of the kingdom's territory. After Trump confirmed that he had been considering a "large real estate deal" to make the semi-autonomous island part of the...

Conan Has One Goal in Visiting Greenland

He'll buy the country, or 'never step foot on American soil'

(Newser) - Greenland's not for sale? Conan O'Brien doesn't buy it. Well, actually, he hopes to. "As the elder statesman of late-night, what if I negotiated the deal?" O'Brien said during his Monday monologue , announcing an upcoming and very real visit to the country President Trump has...

Trump Shares His Thoughts on Trying to Buy Greenland

President says 'essentially it's a large real estate deal'

(Newser) - The report that President Trump was toying with the idea of trying to buy Greenland was confirmed as fact , not fiction, by White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Sunday. Then, straight from the horse's mouth: The Guardian reports Trump on Sunday told reporters "the concept came up,...

Top Trump Advisor Says Greenland Is Still in Play
Top Trump
Purchase Is
sunday talk shows

Top Trump Adviser: Greenland Purchase Is 'Developing'

Larry Kudlow talks to Dana Perino on 'Fox News Sunday'

(Newser) - Larry Kudlow kept the Greenland story alive on Fox News Sunday even though the island nation has said it's not for sale , reports NBC News . The White House economic advisor chuckled when host Dana Perino asked whether she could join him on a possible site survey to Greenland. "...

Greenland to US on Rumored 'Sale': It's a No From Us
Responds to 
Rumor Trump
Wants to Buy It

Greenland Responds to Rumor Trump Wants to Buy It

'We are open for business, but we're not for sale'

(Newser) - Yet another US president has had his dreams to scoop up Greenland quashed. Donald Trump joins Harry S. Truman and Andrew Johnson in being informed such a purchase is not going to happen after all, despite reports that Trump had indeed mulled the idea last spring at buying the semi-autonomous...

Report: President Trump Wants to Buy Greenland

'Do you think it would work?' he asked associates

(Newser) - President Trump has been talking about buying an island that could become America's biggest—and least populous—state, insiders say. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that the president has repeatedly asked advisers "with varying degrees of seriousness" about the possibility of buying Greenland from Denmark. One insider...

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