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Singer Tori Kelly Collapses in 'Really Serious' Health Crisis

Doctors found blood clots around singer's vital organs, sources say

(Newser) - Singer Tori Kelly was out to dinner with friends Sunday night in downtown Los Angeles when she experienced a rapid heartbeat and then lost consciousness, sources tell TMZ . Kelly was "out for a while," one source says, adding that her friends drove her to Cedars-Sinai because it's...

She Became a Bride and a Widow Within an Hour

Nebraska groom suffers fatal blood clot after leaving Omaha church

(Newser) - Johnnie Mae had suffered two recent losses, including that of her father, when she stood in front of friends and family and committed to the love of her life on Monday. But within the hour, her groom was dead, too. As Mae and new husband Toraze Davis of Omaha, Nebraska,...

For Some, Popular Zero-Calorie Sweetener Could Be Deadly
'Sweetheart of
the Food Industry'
Linked to Blood Clots

'Sweetheart of the Food Industry' Linked to Blood Clots

Experts advise against sugar substitute erythritol, especially if you have cardiovascular issues

(Newser) - Experts are warning against consuming a zero-calorie sweetener used in stevia and keto diet products as new research shows it may increase one's risk of blood clots and other cardiovascular problems. The study of 1,157 volunteers undergoing cardiac risk assessment, published Monday in Nature Medicine , found those with...

Al Roker Says He Had Blood Clots

Send Al Roker
Back to Hospital

'Complications' Send Al Roker Back to Hospital

'Today' meteorologist, treated for blood clots last week, has been readmitted, per Hoda Kotb

(Newser) - Al Roker seemed to be making a decent recovery after being hospitalized for blood clots. On Thanksgiving Day, the Today weatherman posted a series of Instagram updates showing him leaving the hospital, just in time to celebrate the holiday with his family. On Thursday morning, colleague Hoda Kotb announced on...

The FDA Has Just Approved a Drug That Costs $3.5M a Dose

Hemgenix is a one-time treatment for the blood-clotting disorder hemophilia

(Newser) - US health regulators on Tuesday approved the first gene therapy for hemophilia, a $3.5 million one-time treatment for the blood-clotting disorder. The FDA cleared Hemgenix: It's an IV treatment for adults with hemophilia B, the less common form of the genetic disorder, reports the AP . Currently, patients receive...

Vaccine Researchers: We've Unlocked Blood Clot Mystery

Delivery of adenovirus vector vaccines can trigger mutant proteins: study

(Newser) - German scientists say they've figured out why certain coronavirus vaccines trigger rare and potentially deadly blood clots. Experts urge caution because the theory—that the issue lies with how the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson "adenovirus vector" vaccines are delivered—isn't proven or peer-reviewed, and there are...

More Blood Clot Cases Possibly Linked to J&J Vaccine
More Bad News for J&J Vax 

More Bad News for J&J Vax

CDC is now aware of 28 cases, three of which were fatal

(Newser) - The number of people who've experienced a rare blood clotting disorder after receiving the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine is now up to 28, the CDC announced Wednesday. Previously, 15 cases had been confirmed, all of them in women. The new cases include six men, the New York Times...

UK Agency: Those Under 30 Can Avoid AstraZeneca

Says those 18 to 30 should be offered an alternative vaccine

(Newser) - The European Union drug regulator said Wednesday that it found a "possible link" between the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine and a rare clotting disorder but declined to impose any new age restrictions, saying the benefits of the shot still outweigh risks. Its UK counterpart, however, said it would offer adults...

Soccer's 'Golden Boy' Exits Sudden Brain Surgery

Diego Maradona recovering well as of Tuesday night

(Newser) - Fans of Diego Maradona can breath a sigh of relief following news that the Argentinian soccer legend has successfully undergone surgery to remove a blood clot on his brain. The 60-year-old "Golden Boy" was hospitalized with dehydration, depression, and anemia in La Plata on Monday before an MRI revealed...

Autopsy: Blood Clot Killed Brother of Lori Vallow

Case remains active, detectives say

(Newser) - A pulmonary blood clot killed the brother of an Idaho woman who's facing charges in the disappearance of her children—a case that attracted worldwide attention with revelations of her doomsday beliefs and connection to three mysterious deaths. Autopsy and toxicology reports were released Friday for Alex Cox, who...

Astronaut's Scary Rare Event, 200-Plus Miles Above Earth

Astronaut was found to have potentially dangerous blood clot, sending doctors scrambling

(Newser) - If "venous thrombosis" sounds menacing, that's because it can be—but even more so if you're an astronaut hovering more than 200 miles above the Earth at the International Space Station. Gizmodo reports on just that frightening scenario, as documented in a new paper in the New ...

Serena Williams Gave Birth, Then 'Everything Went Bad'

She spent week in hospital due to blood clots

(Newser) - Serena Williams won't be defending her Australian Open title next week, for good reason. She's still bouncing back from complications from childbirth, which left her bedridden for six weeks, she tells Vogue . Williams, who appears on the February cover of the mag, says "everything went bad" a...

Jeopardy! on Hold After Trebek Has Brain Surgery

Host is recuperating from procedure in December

(Newser) - Alex Trebek has a "slight medical problem," in his words—but it's serious enough that Jeopardy! is now on hiatus. NBC News reports the 77-year-old game show host underwent brain surgery to remove blood clots on Dec. 16 at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and is now...

Here's What Killed Garry Shandling
Here's What Killed
Garry Shandling

Here's What Killed Garry Shandling

Blood clot in his heart, officials reveal

(Newser) - Garry Shandling died from a blood clot in his heart, coroner's officials said Tuesday, more than seven months after the comedian's unexpected death. A report by Los Angeles' coroner's officials released Tuesday states the fatal clot occurred after the comedian developed blood clots in his legs, a...

Mexico Reports: Teen Dies From Girlfriend's Hickey

A blood clot reportedly traveled to his brain in a matter of hours

(Newser) - A teen boy appears to be the second known case of a hickey causing a stroke and the first of that love bite being lethal. Julio Macias Gonzalez, who was just 17, began convulsing during dinner with his family in Mexico City the day after spending the night with his...

Man Dies in 'Freak Accident' After 'Sucker Punch'

His fiancée calls it a 'freak accident'

(Newser) - A 32-year-old father of two is dead after a "sucker punch" to the head ruptured a blood clot on his brain that no one was aware of, his family tells WHO . Fiancée Lindsey Engquist calls it a "freak accident." According to the New York Daily News...

Mom Goes Into Hospital to Give Birth, Leaves Without Legs

Placenta condition leads to double amputation

(Newser) - A UK mom of seven delivered her eighth healthy child at the hospital in December, but a medical glitch caused the woman to lose both legs as a result. Per the Torquay Herald Express , 31-year-old Ella Clarke had a potentially dangerous placenta condition during pregnancy common with women who've...

Plane Passenger Says Lack of Legroom Almost Killed Him
Flier Says Lack of Legroom Almost Killed Him
in case you missed it

Flier Says Lack of Legroom Almost Killed Him

The fit but tall traveler developed deep vein thrombosis on a cramped 10-hour flight

(Newser) - An Air Canada passenger says a cramped 10-hour flight from Chile to Toronto in January has taken a serious toll on his otherwise impeccable health, and he wants the airline to "take a good hard look at what they're doing," he tells the CBC . Colin Savage, a...

Mom of 5 Dies 10 Days After Birthing Triplets

Cassia Rott died just after returning home from hospital

(Newser) - A Kansas woman has died from a blood clot just 10 days after the premature birth of her triplets, leaving behind a husband and two older children. Cassia Rott died the day she came home from the hospital to see her two older daughters, Chloe, 7, and Tenley, 2, for...

Horror Movies Are Literally Bloodcurdling

Study shows fear causes release of blood-clotting protein

(Newser) - People have been using the term "bloodcurdling" to describe feelings of intense fear for centuries. Now, a new study has found that being scared can, indeed, cause your blood to thicken, NBC News reports. Dutch researchers found that a frightening situation—in this case, watching a horror movie—can...

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