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To Save One Kind of Owl, Death to 450K Others

FWS plans to cull 450K barred owls so that the spotted owl can compete for habitat

(Newser) - To save the imperiled spotted owl from potential extinction, US wildlife officials are embracing a contentious plan to deploy trained shooters into dense West Coast forests to kill almost a half-million barred owls that are crowding out their smaller cousins. The US Fish and Wildlife Service strategy released Wednesday is...

A Year Later, It's Still a Mystery Who Freed Central Park Zoo Owl
Central Park Zoo's
Flaco Is Dead

Central Park Zoo's Flaco Is Dead

RIP to owl that became a Manhattan mascot after escaping from zoo in 2023

(Newser) - New Yorkers are mourning "one of the city's most beloved celebrities" this weekend, per the AP . Officials from the Wildlife Conservation Society, which runs the Central Park Zoo, says that Flaco, the 13-year-old Eurasian eagle-owl that escaped the zoo in February 2023, has died after apparently slamming into...

Saving One Type of Owl May Require Shooting Another

Cull on barred owls could keep spotted owl from going extinct in Northwest, says federal agency

(Newser) - Despite pushback over its experimental killing of thousands of barred owls, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed shooting many, many more: about 400,000 over 30 years. It's all in an effort to save another owl species at risk of extinction. Populations of the northern spotted owl...

Family's Carbon Monoxide Leak Has Unexpected Cause

Their chimney was blocked by ... an owl

(Newser) - An Ohio family evacuated from their home due to high levels of carbon monoxide probably never would have guessed the cause: an owl had gotten stuck in their chimney, blocking it. One of the Hamilton County Dog Wardens came to rescue the owl after it was discovered; it was evaluated...

'Bird' Heard in Home's Walls Was Something Else Entirely

Animal rescue called off after UK resident discovered creature was a stuffed 'Harry Potter' toy

(Newser) - It can be quite distressing to discover there's a wild animal trapped in the walls of your house, as one UK resident thought had happened in their case. Per UPI , a call was recently made to Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue about a bird in such a predicament in a North...

This Odd Stowaway Lived on Cruise Ship for Weeks

A Florida wildlife official captured the bird after Royal Caribbean ship docked

(Newser) - In late January, a burrowing owl caused headaches for Florida Fish and Wildlife officials when it decided to stow away for two weeks on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The small owl , named for its habit of nesting and roosting underground in locations like golf courses, is well-adapted to living...

Flaco Wins: Officials Give Up Their Effort to Recapture Owl

The Eurasian eagle-owl escaped from New York's Central Park Zoo 2 weeks ago

(Newser) - For two weeks, an owl that escaped from New York's Central Park Zoo has flown from treetop to treetop, eluding capture and amassing legions of fans worried about its ability to survive alone in the big city. Would Flaco, a majestic Eurasian eagle-owl, go hungry because he hadn't...

This Owl Had Quite the Morning on Tuesday

After being circled by crows, rescuers saved injured bird from middle of icy Indiana lake

(Newser) - A wounded great horned owl is recuperating after being rescued earlier this week from an icy Indiana lake. The Times of Northwest Indiana reports that the groundskeeper at Hidden Lake Park in Merrillville first spotted the owl Tuesday morning trying to get off the ground, a swarm of crows circling...

Rare Snowy Owl Captivates DC
Rare Snowy Owl
Captivates DC

Rare Snowy Owl Captivates DC

Visitor is a 'piece of the Arctic in downtown'

(Newser) - A snowy owl apparently touring iconic buildings of the nation's capital is captivating birdwatchers who manage to get a glimpse of the rare, resplendent visitor from the Arctic. Far from its summer breeding grounds in Canada, the snowy owl was first seen on January 3, the day a winter...

'Adorable' Owl Didn't Need People Anymore

Tuesday night release was a success

(Newser) - A tiny owl is back in the wild after an eventful two weeks that included a trip to Manhattan and a sojourn in a wildlife center where she was given all the mice she could eat. Rocky, an adult female saw-whet owl, was found in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree...

The 'Adorable Owl' Is Dining Before Release

The Saw-whet owl was rightly dubbed Rockefeller

(Newser) - A tiny owl that was found dehydrated and hungry in the branches of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is eating its way back to good health and is set to be released back into the wild Saturday. The adult male Saw-whet owl was dubbed Rockefeller after it was discovered Monday...

Adorable Owl Rescued From Less-Adorable Rockefeller Tree

Speaking of the tree, it should look fine once a bit of time passes

(Newser) - The sad-looking Rockefeller Center Christmas tree will look much better once all its branches settle back into place, the experts assure us —and in the meantime, there's a much better-looking one-time inhabitant of the tree you can focus your attention on. A teeny-tiny owl was rescued after three...

Owl Is Well After Dramatic Rescue
Owl Is Well After
Dramatic Rescue

Owl Is Well After Dramatic Rescue

Hooting was heard from bottom of well at old castle

(Newser) - All's well that ends well—and a young owl is well after the end of its ordeal in a well in a ruined 12th-century castle in Germany. Authorities in Bad Segeberg say a 3.5-hour rescue operation involving around 20 people was launched Saturday after hoots of distress were...

Thousands of Owls Killed in Controversial US Experiment

The federal government has been trying to save the northern spotted owl for decades

(Newser) - As he stood amid the thick old-growth forests in the coastal range of Oregon, Dave Wiens was nervous. Before he trained to shoot his first barred owl, he had never fired a gun. He eyed the big female owl, her feathers streaked brown and white, perched on a branch at...

Driver Thought 'Dazed' Owl Was Injured. Apparently, It Wasn't

Game and Fish had to get involved to help trapped motorist in Arizona

(Newser) - "Don't risk getting hurt aiding injured wildlife" was the gentle warning posted on Twitter on Tuesday by Arizona's Game and Fish Department, a warning prompted by an incident this week between a kindhearted motorist and a stubborn owl. The Arizona Republic expands on the story, which involved...

Mechanic Finds Friendly Owl During Oil Change

They've named it Shazam

(Newser) - A routine oil change has turned into an unusual owl sighting for a car owner in New Hampshire Friday. The police department in Salem says a mechanic popped the hood of a car and found an Eastern Screech owl sitting on the engine. The department said the car owner had...

Owls in Canada Are Attacking Dogs
Owls in Canada
Are Attacking Dogs

Owls in Canada Are Attacking Dogs

Last week, two pooches lost eyes

(Newser) - Advice for small dogs in Canada who spot an owl: Run and hide, quickly. The CBC reports on an unusual spate of attacks in the Edmonton area, the last two of which resulted in dogs losing an eye. In those cases, involving a Shih Tzu mix and a Havanese, the...

Harry Potter Mania Is Putting Wild Owls at Risk in Asia

Demand for pet 'Hedwigs' has spiked illegal trade

(Newser) - Families looking to bring the magic of Harry Potter into their homes are causing major problems among wild owls in Asia. A paper chronicling this phenomenon as the “Harry Potter effect” traces the rise in the illegal owl trade since the boy wizard’s film debut, reports the Guardian ...

No Joke: New Signs at Park Warn of Angry Owls

Oregon takes Rachel Maddow's suggestion to heart

(Newser) - MSNBC host Rachel Maddow inspired Oregon's capital to post new warning signs in a park where four runners reported attacks from an angry owl likely defending its nest against perceived threats. One jogger, a surgeon, said the owl hit him twice in Bush's Pasture Park in Salem, and...

Jogger's Scalp Punctured by Owl

Ron Jaecks thought it was a mugger, or an aneurysm

(Newser) - Ron Jaecks thought he was being attacked by a person, or possibly that he was having a stroke or an aneurysm. But the truth turned out to be much stranger. The Oregon man was jogging in a local park around 5:15am Tuesday when his stocking cap was pulled off...

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