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Ex-Jags Employee Ordered to Repay More Than $21M

Amit Patel sentenced to 6.5 years for stealing from virtual credit card system

(Newser) - Former Jacksonville Jaguars employee Amit Patel has been sentenced to six-and-a-half years in federal prison after pleading guilty to stealing more than $22 million from the team. Patel, who could have faced up to 30 years, was also ordered to repay more than $21 million, CNN reports. Prosecutors said Patel,...

Someone Really, Really, Really Wanted These Stanley Products

Police say California woman stuffed 65 of much-coveted drinking vessels into car without paying

(Newser) - Stanley drinking vessels are the hot fad at the moment, but someone may have become a bit too obsessed. Police in Roseville, California, last week announced that an arrest was made after workers at a local retail store spotted a woman leaving the establishment with a shopping cart crammed with...

NCAA Investigates Michigan Football for Alleged Rule Breach

Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh denies any involvement or knowledge of allegations

(Newser) - The NCAA is investigating the University of Michigan's football team, amid allegations of rule violations related to sign stealing. Yahoo Sports first reported Thursday on accusations against the Wolverines, with the Big Ten Conference confirming it had received notification Wednesday on them, said to involve alleged violations of one...

New Trouble for Ex-CIA Worker in Biggest Classified Info Theft

Joshua Schulte now also convicted of possessing child sexual abuse images

(Newser) - A former CIA software engineer already convicted in the biggest theft of classified information in CIA history was convicted Wednesday on charges of possessing child sexual abuse images, the AP reports. A jury returned its verdict in Manhattan federal court against Joshua Schulte after prosecutors presented proof that Schulte had...

Scholarship Cash Used to Pay for Exec's Dating Sites: Prosecutors

Mary Wickersham is also accused of using pageant scholarship funds for maid services, meals out

(Newser) - The Miss Florida Scholarship Program was designed to distribute funds to young women coming up through the beauty pageant world, but prosecutors say that for Mary Wickersham, an ex-executive director for the nonprofit, it was a personal piggy bank used to buy an array of goods and services for herself....

Woman Stole $680K, Blew It on Gambling App With No Payout

Heart of Vegas doesn't pay out real money

(Newser) - You've heard variations of this one before: A person steals money to fuel a gambling addiction. What's unusual in the case of Rachel Naomi Perri is that she blew the hundreds of thousands of dollars she admitted to stealing from her employer on a gambling app that doesn'...

Kevin Hart's Personal Shopper Charged With Stealing From Star

Dylan Jason Syer accused of spending $1M on himself

(Newser) - Kevin Hart's former personal shopper apparently thought "personal" applied to himself. Dylan Jason Syer of Long Island City, NY, is facing up to 25 years in prison after allegedly stealing more than $1 million from the actor, the BBC reports. Syer, who ran the personal shopper business Sire...

DA: Doctor Stole Vial of COVID Vaccine for Personal Use

Texas health officials say Dr. Hasan Gokal gave doses to friends, family

(Newser) - Plenty of people want to make sure their loved ones get vaccinated against COVID-19, but one Texas doctor may have gone too far. The Dallas Morning News reports that 48-year-old Dr. Hasan Gokal is now out of a job and facing criminal charges after he allegedly swiped a vial of...

He Just Bought a Private Island. Cops Say He Stole From Kmart

Andrew Lippi faces grand theft charges, accused of stealing $300 worth of items

(Newser) - Andrew Lippi owns a resort that's been used in MTV's Real World and a private island in the Florida Keys that he purchased for $8 million last week. He was also just accused of trying to steal about $300 worth of items from Kmart. ABC News and the...

Pumpkin Theft Prompts Bizarre Police Lineup

St. Louis residents can claim their stolen fruit

(Newser) - Police who caught three teenagers orange-handed with 48 stolen pumpkins—and one gourd—are asking residents of a St. Louis suburb to view a "pumpkin lineup" online to see if their Halloween squash are among those recovered, reports the AP . The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports pumpkins began vanishing last...

Granddaughter of Holocaust Survivors Lifts Auschwitz Items
Granddaughter of Holocaust
Survivors Lifts Auschwitz Items
in case you missed it

Granddaughter of Holocaust Survivors Lifts Auschwitz Items

For a college art project

(Newser) - People shouldn't need signage telling them not to take what they want out of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, but the Polish museum has them up anyway, the Guardian notes. Yet even those signs didn't stop an Israeli college student, whose own grandparents were Holocaust survivors, from lifting...

Woman Develops 'Temporary Kleptomania' After Surgery

Brazilian went in for a tummy tuck and boob job, came out with a desire to steal

(Newser) - A woman who went under the knife for a little nip-and-tuck in 2013 ended up with a case of pocket-and-run as well. Per Live Science , the 40-year-old Brazilian had cosmetic surgery on her stomach, arms, and breasts, but just a few days after the procedure, she started having "recurring...

Boy, 9, Arrested in Gum-Stealing Incident

Idaho kid allegedly blows off court date because he supposedly couldn't get there

(Newser) - Here's something to chew on: a 9-year-old who was arrested in Idaho for stealing a pack of gum. Or rather, for skipping the court date at which he would have had to face up to his alleged candy-themed crime, the AP reports. Scott Haug, the police chief in Post...

Calif. Man Pretended He Was Disney Heir: Police

Cops say Stephen Urquidez even had bogus W-2 forms

(Newser) - He might have claimed to be from the happiest place on Earth, but police say Stephen Urquidez was living in his own little bogus world. The California man was arrested Tuesday on burglary charges, and the story is an odd one: Police say Urquidez went by the name "Stephen...

TSA Steals From Travelers All the Time: Ex-Agent

Pythias Brown: It 'was very commonplace. Very.'

(Newser) - A former TSA screener has advice for America's travelers: Watch your bags. Pythias Brown, who just served three years for stealing from people's luggage, says such thieving is typical. "It was so easy," he tells the Daily News . "One day I walked out of there...

'Tis the Season to ... Pinch $1.84B Worth of Stuff?

Retail theft in 4 weeks before Christmas expected to be 6% higher than 2010

(Newser) - In the four weeks before Christmas, shoppers will steal an estimated $1.84 billion in merchandise—a 6% spike over the same timeframe last year, according to a survey of retailers around the globe. The bump in shoplifting may be explained by dipping wages and high unemployment, reports the AP...

Hacker Steals $500K From NYC Socialite

Cyber-thief got into her email, impersonated her

(Newser) - A billionaire Manhattan socialite got swindled out of about $550,000 last week after a hacker broke into her email account, reports the New York Post . The online bandit got access to personal information about Candia Fisher, a member of the Fisher Brothers real estate clan, and used it to...

Mass. Mailman Steals 30K DVDs
 Mass. Mailman Steals 30K DVDs 

Mass. Mailman Steals 30K DVDs

Yearlong 2007 crime was noticed when, well, DVDs started disappearing en masse

(Newser) - A former Massachusetts postal worker has pleaded guilty to stealing 30,000 Netflix DVDs that passed through the Springfield post office, the Republican reports. Investigators got wise to the crime—which spanned all of 2007—when the company noticed it was losing up to a 100 DVDs a week in...

Alleged Beer Thief Won't Go to Jail Before Finishing Drink

Now faces charges of shoplifting and battery

(Newser) - A Florida man who wanted to go to jail for "three hots and a cot" walked into a store, grabbed a beer, and told the clerk to "call the law" because he had no money. All went according to plan until the deputy who responded tried to...

Shoplifting Couple Raided After Appearance on Dr. Phil

(Newser) - A couple that revealed their thieving ways to TV psychologist Dr. Phil appear to have received a federal investigation in return, the North County Times reports. The California couple appeared on Dr. Phil’s show in November and were shown on a 3-day shoplifting road trip with their children. Last...

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