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Report: Kim Wants to 'Gird for a War'

North Korean leader is said to have fired his top general, wants more weapons and military drills

(Newser) - Looks like Kim Jong Un is cleaning house and boosting his war prep. First, Gen. Pak Su Il, the nation's top general, was "dismissed" after about seven months on the job, per a KCNA report cited by Reuters . Pak, who served as chief of the General Staff, is...

Ukraine's Latest Move 'Is the Big Test'

Counteroffensive against Russia ramps up in southeastern Ukraine, though fight won't be easy

(Newser) - Things just ramped up in southeastern Ukraine. That's where the nation's forces are now launching a major push to repel Russian invaders as part of its counteroffensive, which began in early June. Pentagon officials tell the New York Times that the action is centering on the Zaporizhzhia region,...

Putin's Ceasefire Has Begun. No One Seems to Be Listening

Artillery fire continues, apparently from both sides, after Putin's holiday mandate went into effect Friday

(Newser) - Usually for a truce to work, even a temporary one, both sides have to be in agreement. Russian President Vladimir Putin is finding that out as a 36-hour ceasefire in the Ukraine war he called didn't get off to a great start on Friday, right as it began. The...

Putin Tells Russians War Is Taking Longer Than Expected

But he claims Russia hasn't 'gone mad' on nuclear weapons, wouldn't use them recklessly

(Newser) - The Russian-led war in Ukraine is closing in on 10 months, but Russians shouldn't expect what their president calls the "special military operation" to end anytime soon. "This can be a long process," Vladimir Putin acknowledged Wednesday in a televised meeting with loyalists of the invasion...

Fighting Could Stall in a Bloody Stalemate: Analysts

Analysts see offensive going nowhere while Russia keeps attacking Ukraine cities and civilians

(Newser) - With the Russian battle plan a failure but Ukraine unable to defeat the invasion, the fighting in Ukraine could be nearing a stalemate, analysts say. Ukraine won the first round, the Institute for the Study of War said Saturday—frustrating Russia's "airborne and mechanized operations to seize Kyiv,...

Ukrainian Hands Soldier Seeds So Flowers Can Grow From Corpse

Brave citizens are resisting Russian aggression, despite deadly risk

(Newser) - She stood just a few feet from two Russian soldiers holding guns. If the Ukrainian woman was intimidated, it didn't show. "You're occupants, you're fascists!" the unnamed woman shouted in their faces, according to the Independent's translation of the viral video shared on Twitter...

Report Finds Toll, Possible Causes of Military Suicides

Greater funding of programs hasn't helped, Cost of War Project says

(Newser) - More than four times as many US active military personnel and veterans involved in 21st century wars have died by suicide than were killed in fighting, a new report says. The report from Cost of War Project, run by Brown University and Boston University, listed a series of possible causes,...

US Commander Names America's 'Biggest Enemy'

Gen. Mark Milley warns that a 'great-power war' would be a 'disaster'

(Newser) - America's military priority in the coming years? China, China, and China—or so says the top US military commander. Speaking at a Wall Street Journal summit Tuesday, Army Gen. Mark Milley said China is aiming to equal America's military might by 2035 and be ready to win a...

Pompeo: This Deal May End 20 Years of Conflict

As the 'New York Times' takes heat for a Taliban op-ed

(Newser) - A seven-day "reduction in violence" begins Friday in Afghanistan between US troops and the Taliban, a move the BBC notes is meant to lead to a more permanent ceasefire. "After decades of conflict, we have come to an understanding with the Taliban," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo...

Saudis Issue a Warning
Saudis Issue
a Warning

Saudis Issue a Warning

A top minister addresses Iran

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia does not want war but will not hesitate to defend itself against Iran, a top Saudi diplomat said Sunday, after the kingdom's energy sector was targeted this past week amid heightened tensions in the Persian Gulf, the AP reports. On Sunday night, a rocket was fired into...

Trump Issues Another Veto
Trump Issues
Another Veto

Trump Issues Another Veto

He won't stop funding Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen

(Newser) - President Donald Trump on Tuesday vetoed a bill passed by Congress to end US military assistance in Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen, the AP reports. In a break with the president, Congress voted for the first time earlier this month to invoke the War Powers Resolution to try to...

Officials: There Won't Be Coffee in a National Crisis

Switzerland is having it removed from the national stockpile

(Newser) - Pity the Swiss: If there's a national emergency, they won't be having coffee. Swiss officials decided last week that coffee will no longer be held in stockpiles in case of an epidemic, natural disaster, war, or other major crisis, USA Today reports. The government report concluded that while...

Every Home in Sweden to Get Pamphlet on War Preparedness
Sweden Telling All Its People
How to Prepare for War
in case you missed it

Sweden Telling All Its People How to Prepare for War

'If Sweden is attacked by another country, we will never give up'

(Newser) - What would you do if you couldn't flush your toilet, access an ATM, turn on your heat, easily buy food, or go online? Those living in Sweden should soon be able to answer those questions. The government will next week send a 20-page pamphlet to each of the country'...

US Spends More on War Than Next 7 Nations Combined

China is a distant 2nd

(Newser) - A "near-constant state of war" is just one of the reasons the US spends more than any other country in the world on its military—by a long shot. If the next seven major military spenders combined their funds, they still wouldn't measure up, according to a list...

South Korea's President: 'There Will Be No War'

President Moon Jae-in says he has 'firm agreement' with Trump

(Newser) - Concerned about a possible war on the Korean peninsula? Don't be—it won't happen, says South Korea, which claims President Trump won't strike North Korea without its say-so. "No matter what options the United States and President Trump want to use, they have promised to have...

One Grossly Overlooked Fact: US Is Now Fighting 5 Wars

Silence is deafening, complains op-ed

(Newser) - Even though it's an election year, one vital issue has been all but ignored: "The United States is waging war in at least five countries simultaneously: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia," writes Damon Linker at the Week . Blame for the silence goes all around. Republicans want...

Deal Will End 52-Year War, but Hurdles Remain
Deal Will End 52-Year War,
but Hurdles Remain
the rundown

Deal Will End 52-Year War, but Hurdles Remain

FARC, Colombian government made major announcement Wednesday

(Newser) - Its 52-year span makes it the Americas' "longest-running war," reports the New York Times , and after four years of negotiations, it will come to an end, at least assuming all goes according to plan. Colombia's government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or the FARC, on...

This Time It's 'Total War' in Anonymous vs. Trump

Hacking group reboots 'OpTrump,' vows to 'dismantle' mogul's POTUS campaign

(Newser) - Anonymous gave Donald Trump an unwanted Christmas present in December by taking his Trump Tower website offline in response to his comments that he'd ban Muslims from entering the United States. Now the hacktivists have him in their sights once more, but this time they're taking it up...

Here's What 4.5K Years of War Looks Like

Interactive map has 12K battles represented

(Newser) - Researchers have used data harvested from Wikipedia and DBpedia to create a map of all the wars—at least those that have been documented—since 2500 BC. That's 12,703 battles, Sputnik News reports. Variously colored dots on the map represent battles from different time periods. Clicking on a...

Easter Island May Not Have Collapsed Due to War After All

Obsidian artifacts were likely just general tools, not weapons

(Newser) - The ancient civilization of Rapa Nui, more commonly called Easter Island and a part of modern-day Chile, has long been thought to have been brought to its knees before Europeans arrived by violent infighting as precious resources ran out. But now anthropologists from Binghamton University in New York are publishing...

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