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CDC Reports 'Huge Decline' in Life Expectancy

It's down by a full year, according to data from the first half of 2020

(Newser) - Life expectancy in the United States dropped a staggering one year during the first half of 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic caused its first wave of deaths, health officials are reporting. Minorities suffered the biggest impact, with Black Americans losing nearly three years and Hispanics nearly two years, according to...

Life Expectancy Has Dived, With Huge Racial Disparities

2020 has seen the biggest US life expectancy drop in decades, researchers say

(Newser) - The pandemic cut the average life expectancy of Americans by more than a year in 2020, the largest single-year decline in more than 40 years, according to a study released Thursday. The study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says that based on provisional estimates of...

CDC: COVID Could Kill 92K in the Next 3 Weeks

1 in 3 LA County residents has been infected

(Newser) - While the start of mass vaccinations means that the end of the pandemic could be on the horizon, some brutal months lie ahead, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Thursday. Some 38,000 Americans died from COVID-19 in the first two weeks of 2021—almost 10% of the...

US Life Expectancy Rises for First Time in 4 Years

Cancer, overdose deaths fell in 2018

(Newser) - Life expectancy in the United States is up for the first time in four years. The increase is small—just a month—but marks at least a temporary halt to a downward trend. The rise is due to lower death rates for cancer and drug overdoses, the AP reports. "...

Johnson's Role in Brexit Predicted 22 Years Ago

Too bad flying cars are still a ways off

(Newser) - We're nearly a fifth of the way into the 21st century with no flying cars in sight. That's one prediction for the year 2020 that's gone by the wayside. But other predictions—from Brexit to fitness trackers to self-driving cars—turned out to be right on the...

'Bleak' New Report on Life Expectancy Is Out

More Americans are dying young

(Newser) - The Journal of the American Medical Association is out with a new report on US life expectancy and mortality rates that LiveScience calls "alarming" and the Washington Post calls "strikingly bleak": It found, among other things, that the highest relative jump in death rates from 2010 to 2017,...

2 Hours a Week in Nature May Pay Benefits
Here's How Long
You Should
Spend in Nature

Here's How Long You Should Spend in Nature

2 hours a week appears to bring health benefits, say researchers

(Newser) - If you've noticed you feel better after spending time communing with Mother Nature, you're not imagining it, say researchers—and there's a sweet spot in terms of what amount of time confers the most benefits. Figure about two hours a week. Time spent outside has been tied...

New US Life Expectancy Statistics Are 'Sobering'

Life expectancy has fallen for a 3rd year in a row

(Newser) - In 1918, the double whammy of World War I and the worldwide flu pandemic drove down American life expectancy for a third year in a row. A century later, another triple-year decline has been recorded—and this time, suicide and drug overdoses are major causes. According to the Centers for...

This Country Will Overtake Japan in Life Expectancy

Spain predicted to sit atop the rankings by 2040

(Newser) - A new study looking at how life expectancy around the world will have changed by 2040 holds bad news for the US: Of all the high-income countries, the US will take the biggest drop, falling from 43rd place in 2016 to 64th place; the average US life expectancy in 2040...

Man in Charge of US Mortality Stats Is 'Really Alarmed'

Life expectancy drops for second year in a row

(Newser) - Robert Anderson, mortality statistics chief at the National Center for Health Statistics says he's "not prone to dramatic statements"—but he thinks we should be "really alarmed" by the finding that Americans' life expectancy has gone down for the second year in a row. The average...

The Cities in Every State Where Americans Live the Shortest

Starting with 73.9 years in Gadsden, Alabama

(Newser) - In 2015, life expectancy in the US was 78.8 years. But it varied widely for Americans living in different states—and even in different cities within the same state. Now 24/7 Wall St. has cataloged the city in every state with the lowest life expectancy—from 73.9 years...

Young HIV Patients Enjoy Near-Normal Lifespan
HIV Doesn't
Shorten Lifespans
the Way It Used To

HIV Doesn't Shorten Lifespans the Way It Used To

Researchers credit new antiretroviral drugs

(Newser) - The average American born in 2015 is expected to live to 78.8 years of age . HIV patients aren't far behind. A Lancet study finds a 20-year-old who begins treatment for HIV today can live to an estimated 78 years due in part to advances in antiretroviral therapy, reports...

Your Zip Code May Shave 20 Years Off Your Life
Your Zip Code May Shave
20 Years Off Your Life
the rundown

Your Zip Code May Shave 20 Years Off Your Life

New study finds a growing gap in life expectancy in the US

(Newser) - People in high-income areas tend to live longer than those in low-income areas. While that's not so surprising, the resulting difference in lifespans within the US might be: In some counties, people live to about age 87, while in others the figure is only 67, according to a study...

States With Longest, Shortest Life Expectancy

It's Hawaii on one end, Mississippi on the other

(Newser) - Some states fare better than others when it comes to the ultimate bottom line: life expectancy. Here are the worst performers, per an analysis at 24/7 Wall St :
  1. Mississippi, 74.8 years
  2. Alabama, 75. 4 years (tie)
  3. West Virginia, 75.4 years (tie)
  4. Louisiana, 75.8 years (tie)
  5. Oklahoma, 75.

South Korean Women on Brink of Longevity Milestone
South Korean
Women on Brink of
Longevity Milestone

South Korean Women on Brink of Longevity Milestone

The US, meanwhile, could 'fall further behind'

(Newser) - Life expectancy is expected to climb dramatically in most developed countries by 2030—just not in the United States. Using 21 mathematical models, scientists at Imperial College London and the WHO predict females born in the US in 2030 will live an average of 83 years compared to 81 in...

Taste for Beer May Be Saving Lives of Russian Men

Brief booze crackdown in 1980s got young men to shift away from vodka

(Newser) - Russian men have an unfortunate tradition of drinking themselves to an early death. As bleak as the number are—life expectancy for Russian men was 65 in 2012, compared with 76 in the US and 74 for China, notes Quartz —researchers have spotted improvement of late. And oddly, they...

American Lives Just Got a Month Shorter

US life expectancy falls for first time in 22 years

(Newser) - More than a month was slashed from an average American life in 2015, according to National Center for Health Statistics data. A person born in the US in 2015 can expect to live 78.8 years, compared to 78.9 years in 2014. Life expectancy also fell from 76.5...

Blacks Closing Gap on Whites in Life Expectancy

It was 3.4 years in 2014, smallest in history

(Newser) - The life expectancy gap between blacks and whites is now the smallest in history, falling from seven years in 1990 to 3.4 years in 2014. According to 2014 data, African-Americans have a life expectancy of 75.6 years, while whites average 79 years, reports the New York Times . "...

White Americans Dying Earlier Due to Drugs, Alcohol, Suicide

Life expectancy in whites hadn't dropped in decades

(Newser) - White Americans are living shorter lives for the first time in decades, according to a federal study released Wednesday. The New York Times reports white life expectancy dropped from 78.9 years in 2013 to 78.8 years in 2014, and the likely reasons are troubling. "For the age...

America's Poor Live Longer in 'Unexpected' Places

Stanford researchers analyze over 1B records

(Newser) - A new study says America's wealthy live longer than its poor, which is hardly surprising. But it also says low-income people live longer in certain places—like affluent cities including New York and San Francisco, NPR reports. Why isn't clear, but lead study author Raj Chetty of Stanford...

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