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GOP's Cruz Tries to Silence Own Birthers

Ted Cruz releases birth certificate and, you guessed it, he's Canadian

(Newser) - In an effort to silence the whispers about his presidential eligibility, Ted Cruz released his birth certificate yesterday, and sure enough, he's Canadian. The Texas senator gave the certificate to the Dallas Morning News , which reveals that Cruz was born to an American mother and Cuban father in Canada....

Dianne Feinstein's 2012 Opponent: 'Birther Queen'?

Orly Taitz may take second place in today's primaries

(Newser) - Birthers are making headlines again. First Donald Trump endorses Mitt Romney; now the so-called "Birther Queen" has a shot at being Dianne Feinstein's opponent in California's Senate race. Orly Taitz , who has made her case about President Obama's birthplace on national TV, could well be the...

Birther Queen Running for Senate

Orly Taitz thinks she has a good shot in California

(Newser) - Orly Taitz, aka the "Birther Queen," has already lost one California election ... but she’s not letting that stop her. The dentist, lawyer, and preeminent Obama birth certificate doubter is running for US Senate. The Republican hopes to win her party’s nomination and then unseat California’s...

GOP Staffers Meet With 'Birther Queen'

Orly Taitz says top aides receptive to her concerns

(Newser) - Even a birth certificate can’t stop the Birther Queen. Orly Taitz, who literally made a name for herself in the heyday of Birtherism, is still pushing her message—and it seems that top GOP congressional aides are listening. She tells Justin Elliott of Salon that she headed to Washington...

Surprise! ‘Birther Queen’ Not Convinced

Father's race should be 'Negro,' not 'African,' claims Orly Taitz

(Newser) - Looks like "birther queen" Orly Taitz isn't ready to give up that title just yet. The release of President Obama's long-form birth certificate is "a step in the right direction," she tells TMZ , but she has spotted a big problem with the document: The race...

Birther Queen Orly Taitz Loses Primary in Landslide

Ex-NFL player Damon Dunn beats her 3-to-1

(Newser) - Breathe easy, California: Orly Taitz is not going to be your next secretary of state. Several political experts had actually believed the so-called “birther queen” had a shot at winning yesterday’s Republican primary for the job, according to the Huffington Post , but when the dust cleared, ex-NFL player...

California GOP Holds Breath Over Birther Queen Primary

Orly Taitz may end up on same ticket as Meg Whitman

(Newser) - "Birther Queen" Orly Taitz has been tossed out of courts, press conferences, and even Tea Parties, but she's still on the California ballot, and Republicans fear she might actually win the GOP primary for secretary of state. Taitz—who has filed repeated court cases alleging President Obama was born...

Birther Queen Booted From Tea Party Rally

Candidates refuse to appear with 'crazy' Orly Taitz

(Newser) - The "mother" of the birther movement challenging President Obama's citizenship has been disinvited from a major California Tea Party event. An invitation to Orly Taitz to attend a Tax Day rally tomorrow was rescinded after complaints from Republican candidates planning to appear. The action signaled a significant Tea Party—...

Birther Taitz Gets on Calif. Ballot

Obama doubter wants to be top elections official

(Newser) - Orly Taitz, the lawyer whose efforts to have Barack Obama declared ineligible to be president because he was born abroad, is a candidate for statewide office in her native California. The “birther” queen qualified to run for secretary of state, California’s top elections job, the Orange County Register...

Birther Queen Appeals to UN for Protection

Orly Taitz cites vandalism, assassination attempt

(Newser) - Prominent "birther" Orly Taitz has appealed to the United Nations to protect her from persecution during her quest to prove that President Obama isn't qualified to hold office, claiming he was born in Africa. The California lawyer, dentist, and real estate agent "has applied for urgent action under...

Birther Queen Taitz: Take Up Arms vs. Obama

Organize armed militias against 'Kenyan, Indonesian communist usurper'

(Newser) - In taking to court her contention that Barack Obama can’t be president because he’s foreign-born, Orly Taitz has been on the receiving end of much judicial scorn, and big fines. But her latest suggestion could land her in hotter water: She writes today that Americans should “bare...

Orly Taitz Helper Has Scotland Yard Training
Orly Taitz Helper Has Scotland Yard Training

Orly Taitz Helper Has Scotland Yard Training

Former British detective puts his skills to use for birthers

(Newser) - Orly Taitz isn’t the only influential foreign-born “birther” trying to prove that Barack Obama is himself foreign-born. Meet Neil Sankey, a former British detective and naturalized American citizen who is using his Scotland Yard skills to look for dirt on the president's origins. Taitz, for one, says he's...

Judge Fines Orly Taitz $20K
 Judge Fines Orly Taitz $20K 

Judge Fines Orly Taitz $20K

Birther queen's misuse of court is 'breathtaking'

(Newser) - US District Judge Clay Land has had it with Orly Taitz. He slapped the birther leader with a $20,000 fine today for her constant stream of frivolous lawsuits and motions. In a scathing 43-page order, Land writes that Taitz willfully misused the court, and “as an attorney, she...

Orly Taitz Keeps the Faith in Obama Quest

She's a top birther, and her dental business is bustling

(Newser) - Say what you will about Orly Taitz, but she appears to be a successful dentist. The Washington Post drops in on America’s top birther (a word Taitz, incidentally, dislikes) to find her office bustling, and their interview is constantly being interrupted by calls from dentists eager to fill a...

Birthers Now Have a Late-Night Infomercial, Too

(Newser) - The birther movement may have just jumped the shark. A group pushing the case that President Obama is no citizen is now making its case in late-night infomercials across the country. For $30, you can get a bumper sticker reading "Got a Birth Certificate?" But wait, there's more: A...

Judge Tosses 'Frivolous' Birther Lawsuit

Peeved judge tells Orly Taitz not to waste his time with any similar suits

(Newser) - Leading "birther" Orly Taitz had a lawsuit chucked out of court yesterday and the judge threatened her with sanctions if she brings another “frivolous” suit to the same court, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reports. Taitz—representing a soldier seeking to avoid deployment to Iraq by challenging President Obama's legitimacy—...

Birther Queen Has Some Bees in Her Bonnet
Birther Queen Has Some Bees in Her Bonnet

Birther Queen Has Some Bees in Her Bonnet

Taitz shares theories on Obama (he's gay), conspiracies, flu shots

(Newser) - President Obama or one of his operatives has tried to kill birther leader Orly Taitz many times—according to Taitz. The lawyer/dentist/real estate agent gives Gabriel Winant of Salon an earful of accusations, including:
  • Obama may have had his gay lovers killed. Taitz says a few homosexuals from Obama’s

Birther Boss Tantrum Gets YouTube Remix

And yes, it's pretty funny

(Newser) - Orly Taitz has so many YouTube-friendly elements going for her: She’s the leader of a fringe movement, she has the bizarre career combo of dentist/lawyer—oh, and she’s “insane” and went “berserk” on MSNBC earlier this week while discussing the birther movement, writes the Cajun Boy...

Birther Boss Is This Year's August Nutjob

Birther boss Orly Taitz gets undue mainstream coverage

(Newser) - With its chronic deficiency of serious news, this is the month when, each year, the crazies—call them “August personalities”—get a chance to shine, writes Meghan Daum in the Los Angeles Times. “August personalities tend to have both an ax to grind and a chip on...

Lou Dobbs' Kenyan Birth Certificate Surfaces

(Newser) - Lou Dobbs has some explaining to do. Newser has obtained a shocking document proving Dobbs was actually born in Kenya. And by obtained, we mean whipped it up on KenyanBirthCertificateGenerator.com. You, too, can create Kenyan birth certificates for just about anyone by way of this site—just like the...

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